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What has the Pentagon done to deserve a big spending boost?


OK. So the plan is to “significantly boost” the Pentagon budget, also pay out $1 trillion or so to upgrade infrastructure and cut everything else. Wow.

Exactly what is it about this Pentagon budget that gives it such priority over health and education and environmental protection and tax relief?

What has the Pentagon done for you lately? In 2003, the Pentagon attacked Iraq for us … we are expected to believe “by mistake.” The Pentagon has been thrashing around in Afghanistan since 2002 and has accomplished precisely nothing except the ruination of many lives. In 2011, the Pentagon behind NATO obliterated the richest society in Africa, namely Libya, which has largely become a hellhole.

More recently, the Pentagon has been running after the new villain, namely ISIS, like for the past four years or so, and is also helping the Saudi ruling family bomb the crap out of Yemen. Our “government” has recently informed us that we now have “special forces” deployed in 135 different countries.

We elected the candidate who insisted he had been opposed to the Iraq War, who was now opposed to warring in Syria for the sake of regime change and who was opposed to warring with Russia, either in Ukraine or Syria (or here). So why would the Pentagon budget (widely known to be ridden with waste and fraud) now need a “significant boost”?

Essentially there is no one in politics or in mainstream media who questions all this. The silence is deafening. And where does this lead? Soon.

Barry Kissin


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