Survivors of Kabul Army Hospital Attack Describe Insider Attack–Entire Staff Missing, Power Cut-Off Preceding the Event

“the so-called caliphate’s Khorasan province released an image of the jihadis. The photo can be seen above.”–LWJ

[Non-Taliban Terrorists Now Attacking Kabul Army Hospital, Across the Street From US Embassy ; IS or Taliban? Hospital raid leaves Kabul stupefied]

Surviving doctor suspects insider’s hand in hospital raid



KABUL (Pajhwok): A doctor who survived yesterday’s attack on a military hospital in Kabul said on Thursday the hospital’s electricity was disconnected moments before the assault, suspecting inside support.

The doctor, who declined to be identified, told Pajhwok Afghan News the attack involving five gunmen on the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital lasted seven hours and came to an end with the killing of all the attackers.

The death toll from the Islamic State-claimed attack has risen to 49 with another 70 wounded.

Interior Ministry spokesman Sadiq Sadeqi on Thursday said the Afghan intelligence had not yet identified the group behind the attack, but had launched investigation in this regard.

The surviving doctor at the 400-bed hospital said they were busy attending patients when all of a sudden there was a big blast, shattering the widow glasses.

“We thought it was a powerful earthquake. It was a powerful blast. When a colleague went outside to know what happened, he came back quickly running and shouting we are attacked, but no one believed him.”

The doctor said the attackers had inside support. He said most of the hospital staff including senior and junior officials were absent from duty the day the attack happened.

He said the hospital electricity was suspended moments before the attack in order to insure CCTV cameras installed in the hospital did not record the attack. The electricity was restored after half an hour, he said.

“Security guards manning the hospital gate were instantly killed in the blast. The attackers dressed in white lab coats and with bags in their hands entered the hospital via the new building,” the doctor said.

He believed the attackers carried arms, ammunition and food in the bags because they resisted the security forces for several hours.

“Inside the hospital, only a watchman is deputed at the first gate to keep watch. We don’t have armed guards inside the hospital and that was why the attackers easily got inside and did their job.”

“The attackers first entered the second floor and killed doctors and patients there, then went upstairs to the third and fourth floor.”

He said most of the casualties occurred on the second floor. The dead and wounded included doctors, patients and other hospital staff.

“They were killing everyone coming their way; they were spraying with bullets doctors, nurses, patients and their relatives.”

Some patients and their attendees jumped off the second and third floors of the hospital building, breaking their limbs.

“It was like a doomsday. All were terrified, no one could help the other, people were running in all directions, and everyone looked at others with suspicion because the attackers were dressed like doctors.”

The doctor said female doctors and other staff members were in bad condition and male doctors tried to shift the female colleagues to a safe place and they did so.

Three hospital workers fearlessly went to the second and third floor and brought down the injured, saving many lives, the doctor said.

“But when the attackers spotted the three and attacked them with hand grenades, the three workers moved to safety and survived.”

The doctor said it seemed the attackers had enough information about the hospital building.

Three blasts took place inside the hospital during the attack, leaving a number of people dead and wounded, he said. He said helicopter-borne special forces killed all the attackers after a two-hour firefight.