IMU…Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan…Tohir Yuldashev/Juma Namangoniy

Who is he, Namangani?


The current fighting in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and their mercenaries (the Taliban in Afghanistan, representatives of Arab, Chechen and so on.) – This is the second attempt to break through the fighting on the territory of the Ferghana Valley. The first, unsuccessful, was made last fall in the Batken region. Then the head of Islamic terrorists was Abduvali Yuldashev, in a night of fighting, he was killed. This year the militias led Jumabai Khodzhiev – one of the most influential leaders of the IMU. Who is he? Why was the implacable enemy of democracy in Uzbekistan? Jumabai Khodzhiev better known as Namangani. He served in the airborne troops in Afghanistan, was discharged in 1989 Back home, quickly gained a reputation as a “tough” guy. At the beginning of the 1990s. He became a member of “Tovba” ( “Repentance”), the Islamic militant group. Since its inception, the group its purpose was to create in the Fergana Valley Islamic state, living under Sharia law. Members of the group were taught the theory of jihad in its limited sense – just as the armed struggle against the “infidels”. Members of the “Tovb” were committed a criminal offense. Financing of the organization, its weapons were provided at the expense of the stolen funds. Already in 1992, the group went underground, its activists have preferred to leave the country and to conduct subversive activities against Uzbekistan from neighboring territories.

Escapes in Tajikistan and Jumabai Hodge, wanted by law enforcement bodies of Uzbekistan for committing a number of criminal offenses – from robberies and looting before the assassinations. In Tajikistan, he joined the fighting against the central government troops and the Islamists became a close associate of the organizer and chief leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Tahir Yuldashev.

In February 1993 Jumabai again falls in Afghanistan, but now with the so-called Tajik government in exile headed by Said Abdullo Nuri and Akbar Turajonzoda. These opposition leaders appointed him “emir” of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan revival (IDVU) and deputy chairman of the Islamic Revival Movement of Tajikistan (MIRT).

While in Afghanistan, Khodzhiev are trained in mujahideen camps in the provinces of Takhar and Kunduz. Later, he will visit the Iranian Mashhad and Pakistan Peshawar. It is here and there is a final “polishing” Namanganiy image as a fighter for the triumph of ideological faith. He acquires extensive connections among the spiritual authority of the country in which he was able to attend, but are not limited to: establish contacts with them and representatives of the intelligence services of these states.

Back in Tajikistan, Namangani organize their training camps of militants in the Karategin Valley. By 1997, he already controls significant territory in Tajikistan.

Today Namangani – one of the most prominent figures in the IMU. Influence in Tajikistan among the participants of the United Tajik Opposition, on the side where he fought during the civil war in the country. It is considered a friend and perhaps a relative of Mirza Ziyoev – a recent authoritative field commander Jago – late to get in a coalition government as head of the Tajik Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Namangani called a master of guerrilla warfare tactics and sabotage operations. His battle groups are well-equipped, have on their arms not only almost all types of small arms, but also a few units and BMP armored personnel carriers, as well as rocket launchers “Grad”.

The main base Namanganiy located in Tajikistan, near the Kyrgyz-Tajik border – in Yasmanskom Gorge Jirgatal district and village Hoit Tojikobod area. Jeep, which he used during an operation in Batkente had Alma-Ata rooms.

Namangani and his men directly involved in narkotranzit from Afghanistan-Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan. This forced residents participated in controlled areas Namanganiy Jirgatal. One of the smuggling routes of the area passes through Chon-Alai place Karamyk that IMU fighters mastered three times. In addition to illegal drug trafficking, Namanganiy actively involved in the smuggling of weapons, ammunition, as well as gold and precious stones mined in Afghanistan and Tajikistan Jirgatal area. This allowed him to acquire houses in Afghanistan and Pakistan, particularly in Kabul, Kunduz, Taloqan, Tavildara and Peshawar.

As evidenced by some subordinates Namanganiy in his unit there are a number of unique constraints – such as, for example, the rejection of proper names and replacing them in circulation previously assigned to the personal number, the slightest violation of the established rules threatens death. Strictly prohibited and unauthorized contacts with civilians or militants of other warlords. For actions that can be regarded as a betrayal Namanganiy death threatens not only the offender, but to all his friends.

Sometimes among his subordinates Juma boasts of huge sums, which he directed from abroad. But even his fighters say that commitment Namanganiy terrorist methods is explained by no means a fanatical loyalty to the idea of jihad – it works for a lot of money and at the behest of foreign intelligence services. Some consider him an agent of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence services.