What If We Froze The Pentagon Budget For One Year…Would It Hurt Or Help Humanity?

What if We Took $54 Billion From the Pentagon, Instead?


President Trump has released some details of his budget proposal, and his priorities are crystal clear: he would take $54 billion away from human development and needs – a greater than 10% cut – and give it to the military.

But imagine if we instead did the reverse: what if we took $54 billion from the military, and gave it to human needs?

It’s not as crazy as it sounds.  Cutting the military budget by $54 billion would still mean:

  • A larger military budget than we had from 1987-2002: through four presidents, the end of the Cold War, the first Gulf War, and the dawn and death of grunge rock.
  • A military budget larger than the average during the presidency of notorious military champion Ronald Reagan.
  • And, it would still give us a military budget larger than the next six countries combined (China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United Kingdom, India, and France).

And there are perfectly reasonable ways to cut military spending. The Pentagon itself identified $25 billion per year in wasteful bureaucratic spending. The F-35 – which will cost over a trillion dollars and has never been used – isn’t doing anyone any good.  And so on.

So, what about that $54 billion? What should we do with it?

Here are 8 things we could do with $54 billion instead:

  1. Cover 12 million people under the Affordable Care Act .
  2. Resettle 2.7 million refugees in the U.S. – enough for 32 years’ worth under the stepped-up Obama resettlement rate.
  3. Create nearly one million infrastructure jobs.
  4. Pay the salaries for half the elementary school teachers in the United States.
  5. Send 1.6 million students to college for a four-year degree – for free.
  6. Insure 15 million adults through Medicaid.
  7. Fund Meals on Wheels (threatened with cuts in Trump’s budget) for 7,180 years.
  8. Fund the entire Environmental Protection Agency (at current levels) for 6.6 years.

Any one of those would make our country stronger. We might be dreaming, but it’s a dream worth having.


2 thoughts on “What If We Froze The Pentagon Budget For One Year…Would It Hurt Or Help Humanity?

  1. The students from the University of Texas .. proved to a disbelieving FBI .. that DRONED ..
    Yes man ~ ~ ~ those BIG SCARY ALIEN LOOKING CRAFT THAT FLY IN THE SKY ~ ~ ~ all by themselves .. & they seek you out & they blow you away.
    Drones .. can be hacked & hijacked ..
    How much do one of those big suckers cost dude ?
    More than you can count dear.
    “how come the FBI didn’t know ?”
    “how come the Pentagon didn’t know ?”
    “how come the President didn’t know ?”
    “how come the Manufacturer didn’t know ?”

    So what you are telling me is that the first time you send it out on a mission .. could be the last time you ever see it again.
    Yep !
    Wasn’t that a waste of big Military Budget money ?
    Have we any idea how many have never returned from a mission ?
    According to the Brits .. in one year they lost around 260 drones of various shapes & sizes.
    I call that money to burn mentality.

  2. You say ..”It’s not as crazy as it sounds.”
    Why does it sound crazy ?
    Isn’t it crazy to spend US$54 billion & the rest, on .. hang on a moment .. exactly what is this money being spent on ?
    The military, man.
    To rid the world of the bad guys ?
    Could we have an itemized account of the spending please .. just to make sure that every dollars is correctly spent.
    Only that it is so much money, that should be spent on more productive & wealth creating potential, for the USA & further afield.
    No, no, no, boys & their toys is where it’s at .. send the planet to kingdom come man ..
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy said ” there are elements in our country who have a death wish for the world” .. he was talking about the CIA plus.

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