Russians and Syrians Plan Joint Rehabilitation Effort For Recovered Western Gas Industry

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Syria Moscow is discussing with Damascus the partnership in oil and gas projects in Syria








Hayyan gas plant burned by retreating ISIL

Moscow stressed that it is discussing with Damascus the prospects of participation of Russian companies in oil and gas projects in Syria, with a focus on the issue of ensuring the safety of the activities of these companies, considering at the same time that the military and political situation in Syria is complex.
According to the website of the Russian channel today, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said in an interview on the eve of his visit to Kuwait to attend the second meeting of the follow-up committee to the reduction of production on the issue of Russia’s assistance to Syria in the development and extraction of oil. To trust with the Syrian partners on the possibility of participation of Russian companies in the implementation of oil and gas projects or modernization of existing projects on Syrian territory ».
“The military and political situation in Syria is complex. At the same time, Russia continues to make efforts to reach a political settlement to the conflict in Syria and create additional opportunities to combat terrorist groups there,” Novak said. Novak expressed his confidence in the participation of Russian companies in the oil and gas projects on Syrian territory, in the event of securing the appropriate level of comfortable accommodation for employees of Russian companies in Syria.
It is noteworthy that the Syrian Arab army has recently been able to recover most of the oil and gas fields in the central region of the organization calling for the terrorist, while the organization still controls most of the oil wells in the eastern region. On February 2, the organization organized the burning of Hayyan gas plant in the eastern Homs countryside, which is the largest gas plant in Syria, before withdrawing from it. A military source at the time said that the organization called on the senior terrorist to burn the Hayyan gas plant on Thursday evening (February 2) and completely destroy it prior to withdrawing from it to the city of Palmyra to block the progress of the Syrian Arab army into oil and gas fields.