Afghan Police Report Russian Advisors Visit Taliban Training Camp In N. Waziristan

Critics said that Moscow’s increasing involvement with the Taliban could threaten Afghanistan’s security in future.

Following reports of a Russian delegation’s visit to northern Waziristan in Pakistan, a senior Afghan police commander claimed the Russian delegation along with Pakistani military had visited a number of ‘Taliban training centers’ in the remote region across the Durand Line.

“They [the Russian delegation] have been seen at Taliban training centers along with the Pakistani military,” said General Assadullah Sherzad, commander of 303 Police Zone, overseeing the entire police force in eastern Afghan provinces.

“People who have come from there [other side of the Durand Line] have said they have seen the delegation with the Taliban. But there is no information on whether the delegation promised help the Taliban or give them weapons,” said Nadir Khan Katawazi, an MP from Paktika.

The Russian embassy in Kabul and Pakistani government have not reacted to the claims. Moscow has previously confirmed that they are in ‘contact’ with the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Nahid Farid, an MP said on Wednesday the recent activities of Russia in Afghanistan could threaten Afghanistan’s security in the future if not managed properly.

She said Russia is on the verge of entering a proxy war in Afghanistan.

“Russia unfortunately enters into a proxy war in Afghanistan – a proxy war which Afghanistan has been a victim of for many years. We have been victims of a proxy war for four decades and this war is among regional intelligence agencies. This is a conspiracy which now Pakistan is trying to bring Russia into,” she added.

“Both Pakistan and Russia are trying to support the Taliban with one way or another. These visits and efforts will not help peace and stability in Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Natiqi, an international affairs analyst.