US Aggression on Syria Manifests Grave Idiocy, Escalation Looming

US Aggression on Syria Manifests Grave Idiocy, Escalation Looming


The US aggression against Syria is a very serious military development that cannot be  simply dashed aside or overlooked by any of the involved parties.

U.S. Warships in the Mediterranean  sea  fired a barrage of cruise missiles at Shayrat Syrian airbase Friday dawn.

The massive strike — the first direct U.S. aggression against Syrian government and Trump’s biggest military decision since taking office — marked a dramatic escalation in American involvement in Syria’s six-year war.

Washington stated the strike was a response to what it described as barbaric attack by Sarin gas in Khan Shaikhoun which  it blamed the Syrian government for.

The White House painted the attack as limited to deterring the use of chemical weapons, and not part of a broader military campaign to oust the Syrian president.

The attack comes as an indispensable and urgent support to the takfiri terrorist groups after the devastating blows they received in many Syrian regions. It was alarming and meaningful how those groups responded simultaneously by attacking the Syrian army positions, directly in the aftermath of the US aggression.

The question now is whether this will lead to a wider escalation where other parties, namely Iran and Russia could be part of.

The response by both countries was strong; Iran said the attack  is a direct support from Washington to terrorists, and will not go unpunished, while Russia condemned it and put it as a violation of all legal aspects and international standards; especially that it did not take place under UN umbrella or any equivalent legitimate law.

Moscow also announced its stoppage of cooperation with Washington in the understanding of airspace safety over Syria.

For its part, the Syrian government described the attack as a flagrant aggression and pledged to continue its war against the terrorists.

US president is expected to face internal problems inside his country because of what considered by many American sides as violation of the constitution and for not consulting the congress before carrying the strikes.

In any case, the American aggression has brought the situation in Syria and the whole region into a new dangerous phase.

Given the volatile nature of the circumstances, no one can predict for sure what turn the situation could take, but it seems the grave idiocies of the White House have started to manifest, and if there are still some few wise men there to act, they have to act now; otherwise, a regional and possible international serious escalation might erupt, and the one who has started the game does not necessarily win it, or at least control it.

Source: Al-Manar Website


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  1. US general Wesley Clarke told the whole world .. the Pentagon has plan’s to make war with 7 countries in 5 years .. this information was given to Clark in after 9/11 – 2001.
    They are way behind scheduled.
    Obama & those who ruled before him were obviously procurators.
    Trump is a mover & shaker .. a can do man .. bombs away.

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