Indian Press Claims 500 ISI Support Personnel Killed In US MOAB Attack In Achin

500 Pakistanis including ISI officers blown up in mammoth Afghan bombing by US


Official sources have now confirmed that the Pakistani army was backing these IS operatives in Afghanistan.

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Atleast 500 Pakistani nationals have been killed in the US bombing that took place at Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. The area that was targetted was controlled by the Islamic State and protected by the Pakistan army, sources say.

The operation that was jointly coordinated by the 201 Selab Corps of the Afghanistan army targeted the caves and tunnels that were used as hiding places by the IS. It is now clear that the Pakistan army was backing these IS operatives in Afghanistan, official sources also confirmed.

Indian agencies who are coordinating withe counterparts in Afghanistan have learnt that there are no civilians living in the area. There were a large number of stooges of the Inter-Services intelligence who have been protecting the IS operatives in this area. The US action comes at a time when there was a huge build-up of IS forces in Afghanistan.

Indian agencies say that the Pakistan army and the ISI were nurturing these operatives. The entire area that was bombed was under the control of the ISI officials backing the IS, sources also said. The impact of the bomb was so huge that it blew up at least 500 Pakistanis and an equal number of IS operatives.


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  1. One thing is for sure. America will not spend millions of Dollars on a bomb to kill 92 ISIS men. The loss must 10 times more or still more. But America will show ridiculously low figure to claim minimal human lives lost. The bomb must have been used to be a game changer. Trump style. Critically mained ISIS and Pak ISI in Afghanistan and also gave a clear message re. North Korea to China.

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