“Little Lion of Panjshir,” Massoud the Younger Warns Govt. of Civil War



Ahmad Zia Masoud Warns of Civil War

Furious over his highly publicized dismissal, Ahmad Zia Masoud, ex-representative for good governance, warn, his dismissal could spark another civil war in the country.

Presidential palace announced ‘bad performance’ his formal firing reason, Zia Masoud adds, the president do not have the authority to sack him.

“Based on the formal documents, the NUG and the president do not have the right to dismiss me. It’s a government formed for political goodwill, and if any group should eliminate of the government, could lead to further instabilities and civil war.” Masoud warned.

Masoud confesses that president has restricted many executive authorities of many governmental institutions including his office and had already decided to resign of his position early next month.

“People ask me why I have been sacked of my position. But, I don’t know my sin and it haven’t told me. No one in the government know exactly why I am dismissed.” Zia Masoud admited.

According to sources close to Masoud, rifts between president Ghani and Masoud arose after a trip to Northern provinces, where he intensely criticized the government. Since, that, president hasn’t meet him formally or informally.