Hello, I am back

Been gone, if anybody noticed…Lightening strike killed computer, modem, router, big flat screen, cordless phones.  It punched a hole in the incoming cable wire.  We will see how long this old Windows XP will hold out.


4 thoughts on “Hello, I am back

  1. You took one hell of a big hit & money doesn’t grow on trees .. hey.
    Not so long ago an intruder stomped all over my computer .. just for fun .. it is my favorite toy & I was really cut.–[Luckily for me, but not for my mother-in-law, I only lost half of the stuff…she lost her big screen TV…mine was all computer/phone related. Hopefully, the new faster, smarter computer will arrive today. Thanks for hangin in there.–Peter]

  2. I thought you were on holiday .. sorry.–[lightening storm in the Ohio Valley…lost computer, large flat screen tv, router, modem, cordless phones, fried Internet fiber-optic service line…working on old Windows XP, while it lasts.–ed.]

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