How Long Does It Take To Install 31 Microsoft security updates?

How Long Does It Take To Install 31 Microsoft security updates?


I will finish installing these updates and the poor little Windows XP’s little brain will probably explode.


One thought on “How Long Does It Take To Install 31 Microsoft security updates?

  1. I had to give up Windows XP in January because it would no longer allow me to access the Internet – I would just get error messages. According to my computer guru, this is because Microsoft quite supporting Windows XP about 12 months ago (this could just be a New Zealand thing). If you decide to give up on Windows XP, I would highly recommend you install Linux. Windows 10 updates often last several hours (the standard recommendation is to wait 3 hours) – and often your computer will freeze in the middle of an update and you’ll have to reboot Windows from an external source. And of course you can’t access anything on your computer while the update is happening.–[Hi, Stuart, XPs are no longer supported by Microsoft…this is my third one…lightening fried an 8.1 I had which didn’t work very well. I am getting a new Windows 8 on the advice of my computer guru daughter. I keep swearing tha if they force me to Windows 10 I will give-up on computers. Linux and the like appear to be out of my price range.–Peter]

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