Afghanistan Today

Pentagon considers sending more troops to Afghanistan as it prepares options for President Trump

US military convoy hit by suicide car bomber in Afghan capital

Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Clashes Leave Many Dead

Car bomb kills several Taliban in Ghazni: Police

2 thoughts on “Afghanistan Today

  1. According to Lebanon .. if they are hit it will set the Middle East aflame – a ‘hell hath no fury’ threat.
    Afghanistan will be a leaking wall if it is not under total US control .. will that happen.
    Egypt is scared stiff .. it is their natural reaction to stress .. they are also a reluctant force & even as a neutral therefore still a weakness to a US / Israeli takeover of the region. The 6 day war was Egypt’s opportunity to wipe Israel off the face of the earth & they did not / it as the opportunity for a United Arab Force to wipe Israel off the face of the earth & they did not .. opportunity’s lost .. cowardice come easily to some.
    The Pentagon is not smart enough to TAKE what it wants .. is all.

  2. James Mad Dog Mattie & John Nicholson Jr. – there is some real masculine man power – tough old meat.
    Afghanistan .. just across the border to Iran .. the close proximity will come in handy when they hit Iran.
    According to Wesley Clark’s Pentagon .. going on progress & performance .. WISH LIST ONLY .. list – of 7 countries in 5 years.
    How can Trump move in any direction .. he needs to tie up the Syrian mess first & Lebanon needs to be taken out.
    Trump has Iraq / Saudi Arabia are allies (all they have to do is tell that dog to fetch & watch it go) / Turkey is with them / do they have Afghanistan ? .. if not Trump will need to pull one hell of a rabbit out of his hat.
    The Pentagon is so slack .. how can they be planning future strategy when they have left so may tasks half done .. nothing will come of all of these wild dreams but ruin. The pentagon need some real brain power .. all they seem to have is way too much brawn.

    How’s the system coming along .. may it supersede all your expectations.–[Hi. Finally got in new computer…this is day one…The Pentagon is following the plan quite well, considering that the idea is to sow the seeds of war and anarchy to every resistant Nation, NOT TO WIN WARS. The US has not won a war since WWII…, but it has used to spread of war to justify the spread of US bases to even more countries, which had denied permission to the Pentagon prior to the advent of war.–ed.]

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