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Homeland Sec. Boss Admits the Obvious—Illegals ‘Victimized’ by Employers Who Pay Them ‘Slave Wages’

[Everyone misses the point…allowing the practice of paying illegal aliens “slave wages” steals the work that should be going to “minimum wage” workers, who will not, or CANNOT LEGALLY work for this substandard pay.]

DHS Secretary: Illegals ‘Victimized’ by Employers Who Pay Them ‘Slave Wages’



WASHINGTON, DC — Illegal migrants are “victimized” by American agricultural and restaurant employers who hire and pay them “slave wages under the table,” declared U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly on Thursday.

During a discussion on Central America hosted by the international affairs think tank Atlantic Council, Kelly said:

The overwhelming number of people that come are good, decent people looking for a better way to make a living. The issue is though in many cases there’s also, and it pains me to say this as an American, they’re victimized when they get here by a system that doesn’t pay them enough money. In many cases, we look at, when we do take them in, they’re working for slave labor type whether it’s at an agricultural farm or cleaning pots and pans in probably a restaurant in Washington, D.C. They work for slave labor, slave wages under the table.

DHS Secretary Kelly, a retired Marine general, noted that President Donald Trump’s administration plans to invest American taxpayer funds on improving economic conditions in Central America to provide potential illegal migrants “a reason to stay home.”

“They don’t want to come here. In their view, they have to come here. Their families are in Central America. Their communities are in Central America. That’s where they go to church,” pointed out the secretary. “That’s where their friends are.”

“They come here for economic opportunity. iI we can change that equation and give them a reason to stay home, and we’re not talking about high tech jobs here, we’re talking about agricultural jobs, we’re talking about unskilled labor type… [the] garment industry as an example… labor intensive jobs,” he later said.

Kelly emphasized that the “overwhelming” majority of illegal migrants only come to the U.S. in search of an overall better life.

However, he added, “An awful lot of them, not a majority by no means — these are good people as a group — but because of a lot of different reasons, the young men are oftentimes in relatively large numbers drawn into crime. Not all of them, but some of them. MS-13 is full of people that have come here from the part of the world and are criminals.”

“An awful lot of the young women get taken into the other kinds of trade — sex trade, that kind of thing, not all of them, but many of them,” noted Kelly.

He said that fueling economic opportunities in Latin America would benefit U.S. border security.

“It’s the economics that we have to improve, and I believe we can help. We’re not talking huge money,” proclaimed the DHS leader. “We’re talking about maybe what it cost to run military operations for a day in Iraq.”

“If we can improve the conditions — the lot in life of Hondurans, Guatemalans, Central Americans — we can do an awful lot to protect the southwest border,” mentioned Kelly.


Genoa, Italy Seizure of 37.5 Tons of Captagon and Tramadol Bound For Libya

(RUSSIA TODAY) Police in the northern Italian city of Genoa have intercepted a huge drug shipment bound for Libya. Tons of psychotropic medications, destined for Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL), were seized in cooperation with the Italian customs office.

The shipment contained 37.5 tons of tramadol – a synthetic opioid used in treating pain and also actively used across the Middle East as a narcotic substance. The haul also included Captagon, known as the “fighter drug” – an amphetamine-containing substance used by jihadists in several Middle Eastern war zones to enhance battle performance, the Italian La Repubblica newspaper reported citing investigators.

The drugs were stored in three freight containers that docked in Genoa from India and were bound for Libya. It was initially shipped from India to Sri Lanka, where it was “hidden,” Italian Ticino News broadcaster reports. The drugs were disguised as shampoo and synthetic fabrics.

The street value of the seized drugs is estimated to be around € 75 million ($ 81.96 million), the paper reports.The drug money would likely go on financing terrorist activities and particularly Islamic State, the investigators said.

The investigation and the seizure was led and coordinated by the district prosecuting attorney of the anti-terrorist department, Federico Manotti. From Libya, the drugs would be sent to other regions controlled by Islamic State, particularly to Mosul and some districts of Tobruk, according to the investigators.

The seizure has led investigators to suspect that some terrorist supporters involved in drug trafficking are now hiding somewhere in Italy, the Liguria Notizie media outlet reports.

In March, a maritime analytics firm Windward warned that cargo ships which ‘go dark’ in European waters could be involved in arms, drugs or human trafficking and eventually pose a terrorist threat.

Windward claims that vessels from other home ports went ‘dark’ on 2,850 occasions before entering European waters in January and February 2017. Some 300 ships reached European shores with invalid shipping documents.

Pakistan, Afghanistan Work Together In Joint Survey After Latest Border Clash

Pakistan, Afghanistan start joint survey after border clash


QUETTA, Pakistan (AP) ” Pakistan and Afghanistan started a joint survey agreed on following last week’s deadly clashes along the two countries’ disputed boundary in Pakistan’s southwest, officials said Monday.

The two sides agreed to conduct a geological survey of the border villages to “remove discrepancies.”

Pakistan has said that Afghan forces fired on Pakistani census workers and troops escorting them, killing two soldiers and nine civilians on Friday. Islamabad also claimed 50 Afghan troops were killed in retaliatory action, a claim Kabul denies, saying only two border policemen and a civilian were killed.

Kashif Nabi, a local administrator in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province said the surveyor teams, which included military officers, arrived in the border villages on Monday and were working “amicably.” He said the situation is calm but that the border crossing in the area remains closed.

Sartaj Aziz, the foreign affairs adviser to Pakistani prime minister, told reporters neither side wants “any violence between our two countries or any loss of life.”

He said diplomacy must overcome the “misunderstandings and restore trust,” though he reiterated Islamabad claims that Afghanistan fired first.

Aziz said the two sides also agreed to look at the demarcation line in the area.

“I hope in the next couple of days the issue will be resolved through meetings between local commanders as well as at the high level commanders,” he added.

Afghanistan refuses to recognize the so-called Durand Line, established more than a century ago when the British Empire controlled much of South Asia, as the international border. The line runs through the traditional homeland of the Pashtun ethnic group, which dominates Afghanistan and the border provinces of Pakistan.

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