Saudi’s “Islamic NATO” Major Jackpot for Pentagon

US $2 billion sale of missiles to Emirates approved: Pentagon

US closes in on $100bn deal to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia

2 thoughts on “Saudi’s “Islamic NATO” Major Jackpot for Pentagon

  1. The Wealth of Dubai –
    Youtube- Piers Morgan – The luxury life of Dubai & luxury tour of Dubai.
    2:50 minutes into this video Piers Morgan tells us that the oil reserves of Dubai will run out .. if you watch the whole video you will see what a fiction / built on funny money, Dubai really is.
    Then we have the burning sky scrapers of Dubai & further, the UAE – mainstream media warned that the sky scrapers of Dubai were a death trap, an inferno waiting to happen, ever building regulation corner was cut in build this fairy tale kingdom. Therefore the real estate is WORTHLESS.
    If you have a cool $50.000.000 & are hankering to buy on of the man made islands, you had better hurry because they are going fast .. the surrounding seas are reclaiming them.
    Some believe that the burning sky scrapers are the burning mountains of End Time Prophecy / Armageddon / The Apocalypse .. The Book of Revelations: St John.
    Everyone lives on funny money credit & now there are no oil reserves .. what future for Dubai ?

  2. Saudi Arabia huh .. did the pentagon say where exactly Saudi Arabia was going to find these .. US$2 BILLION & US$ 100 BILLION to pay for these .. goods ?
    Because last look .. Saudi Arabia is broke .
    CREDIT .. the USA must have extended their credit limit .. no wonder the USA is in financial crisis.
    I was just reading about the financial woes of the USA on Wolf Street website.

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