Trump Enters the Saudi Trap, Smiling

Trump to take more measured tone on Islam in major speech today


“Many of these leaders have expressed growing concern about terrorism, the spread of radicalization and Iran’s role in funding both.”—Trump


The majority of the terrorist acts and terrorist organizations involved in the war of terror have been, and still are, Sunni.  ISIS, al-Nusra and al-Qaeda in all of its manifestations, are Sunni Takfiri terrorists, strictly following the Wahhabi teachings.  To blame Iran for the spread of this patently evil enterprise is an outright lie, which can only be accepted by the most brainwashed cattle and worshipers of Zionism.  It was Saudi money and Saudi volunteers for all of these terrorist groups from the beginning, setting-up the smugglers’ “rat lines” from Syria into Iraq, which originally sent terrorists into Iraq to kill Shia and Americans.  Now that the Iraq conflict has been exported, the “rat lines” have been reversed, sending the terror from Iraq into Syria and beyond (Baghdad-Damascus Highway), just as the Libyan fiasco became a transport corridor bearing weapons and Islamist lunatics from Africa into Syria.

Trump is there to turn reality upon its head, if we allow him to add new layers of lie-based wars onto the old conflicts, which he promised to end.—COMMENT


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