US Drone Strike In Khost Kills 3 TTP/ISIS Taliban, While Pak Army Hangs 2 More, Same Group

[Bear with me while I try to unravel a poorly reported pair of events which confirm US/Pak Army joint efforts to mop-up the TTP remnants in Eastern Afghanistan.  From the primary report we learn that 3 [TTP] militants were killed overnight in a drone strike somewhere in Khost Province, as confirmed by Taliban spokesman Abdullah Waziristani.   Googling Waziristani, we learn that he is spokesman for the Majlis-e-Askari group, one of four Pak-Taliban (TTP) factions which joined “Islamic State of Khorasan” (ISK) in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.  One of those groups is commanded by Umar Mansoor, mastermind of Peshawar school attack. 

Meanwhile, we learn from another report that 2 other members of the Umar Mansoor group were hanged today in Pakistan. 

Umar was allegedly killed [July 9, 2016] by US drone in Nangarhar.

This series of events continues the precedent of US and Pak Army forces combining efforts to eliminate the remnant of the TTP hiding-out in Eastern Afghanistan.  This represents a marked shift from the hands-off policies of Obama, which began with the US/Pak capture of main TTP spokesman from the remnants of Hakeemullah Mehsud’s Waziristani Taliban (SEE: TTP Spokesman Sells-Out Former Mehsud Comrades For Drone Assassination In Paktika).]

US drone strike on Afghan border kills 3 Pakistani Taliban


A Pakistani government official says a suspected U.S. drone strike has targeted a compound in Afghanistan, killing three local Taliban militants.

Kamran Afridi, an official in the Pakistani border town of Miran Shah, says the strike took place Wednesday just across the Afghan border in the village of Gurowek in Khost province.

A Taliban commander who identified himself as Abdullah Waziristani confirmed the attack, saying the targeted compound belonged to a local Taliban commander. There was no immediate confirmation from inside Khost province.


“A spokesman for the Majlis-e-Askari, a little known Taliban group, claimed responsibility for the [10/27/2015] attack.  The group’s spokesman Abdullah Waziristani...”–

“Irfan U Din further said that ISK militants are nowadays offering hitherto unknown amount of money to senior commanders of Pakistani Taliban in Afghanistan to join them…Although majority of the Pakistani Taliban factions stationed inside Afghanistan have rejected to join ISK however, four relatively smaller group (Abdullah Islam Group,Majlis-e-Askari, Umar Mansur Group and Tawhid Wal Jihad) all affiliated with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan have recently joined ISK in Afghanistan”, says Irfan.”–FRC Biannual Security Report for Afghanistan 2016

Umar Mansoor mastermind of Peshawar school attack: TTP

“Umar Mansoor has on Monday [09 February,2016] been injured and his son died in a United States (US) drone strike in the Nangarhaar province of Afghanistan.”


Umar was allegedly killed [July 9, 2016] by US drone in Nangarhar


Pakistan hangs 2 terrorists involved in Peshawar school massacre

“Pakistan Army said Atta Ullah and Taj Muhammad were active members of the proscribed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)…’These terrorists were involved in committing heinous offences relating to terrorism, including attack on Army Public School Peshawar, killing of innocent civilians, attacking Armed Forces of Pakistan and Law Enforcement Agencies,’ army said.”