Nighttime Helicopters spotted landing in Taliban areas, Once Again

[This is not the first time that secret helicopters have been spotted landing in Taliban camps (Russia Reports More Incidents of Outside Helicopters Rescuing Besieged TalibanDec 29, 2016).  This is just the latest example of outside powers, ones with night-flying capabilities, swooping in to administer unknown aid to besieged Taliban.  There would be no Taliban today if it had not been for the original Taliban covert rescue episode at Kunduz, and the fall of Mazar e-Sharif.]

[Since Nov. 2001, the Taliban and al-Qaeda have been rescued from imminent eradication by intervening airlifts, ascribed to many agencies, US, Brit, Pak.  See St. Dept. spokesman in above video admitting to the preservation of the militants trapped in Kunduz.  This airlift was chronicled by investigative writer Seymour Hersh in The Getaway.]

[SEE:  Chinese Press Reports NATO Incursion In N. Waziristan, Helicopters Take Pakistan Taliban Leaders To Afghanistan ; Gen. Beg Claims US Helicopter Flew Hakeemullah to Safety ;  Afghan president: Unknown helicopters transfer rebels to Northern Afghanistan  ]

Ghazni: Helicopters spotted landing in Taliban areas

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