Saudi Disinformation Attempts To Implicate Qatar w/Fake News From Fake “Bin Laden Raid”

A recent report by Al Arabiya News indicates that Osama bin Laden had documents relating to ties between al-Qaeda and Qatar.


In reaction to reports about alleged support by the Qatari government to terrorist groups in the Middle East and Afghanistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Monday said that one of the key reasons for the ongoing conflict in the country was because insurgent groups were getting support from regional countries.

This comes after the Afghan government announced that unless the Taliban ends its insurgency, government will have the group’s political office closed in Doha, Qatar.

However, months later, the Taliban continues to wage war and their Doha office is still open for business.

According to a recent report published by Al Arabiya News, Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad documents, that were seized by U.S forces during the raid on his residence in Pakistan, revealed Qatar’s relations with al-Qaeda.

Bin Laden had praised the relations with Qatar and called for the relations to be preserved. Al Arabiya News stated that bin Laden said all channels were working against them, except Qatar, due to their common interests. He added that this channel was an important platform for al-Qaeda in the region.

According to the report, Qatar has been providing financial support to terrorist groups in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Iraq for several years.

Although the ministry of foreign affairs did not name any particular country, it said that support of terrorism by some countries was one of the key reasons behind the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

“The Afghan government believes that the war will not end in the country until the regional and ultra-regional countries end their support of terrorism,” said MoFA spokesman Ahmad Shekib Mustaghni.

Three months ago, during a meeting with the Qatari foreign minister in Germany, President Ashraf Ghani called for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar to be closed if the group continued its attacks in the country. But government has done nothing to follow this up.

“Unfortunately the Taliban continues its political activities in their office in Qatar and they establish their contacts from the same office with regional and ultra-regional countries and there is no obstruction to prevent them,” said Mohammad Natiqi, former Afghan envoy to Libya.

“Until now, Afghanistan has not outlined an effective policy alongside its major ally the U.S; some countries will continue their support of the Taliban,” said MP Ali Alizada.

“During his visit to the Middle East, U.S Defense Secretary James Mattis, warned Qatari officials about their country’s continued support to the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic movements that are linked to extremist organizations such as al-Qaeda and ISIS (Daesh),” the Al Arabiya reports read.