Powerful Tanker-Truck-Bomb Hits Kabul…80 confirmed dead



May 9, 2017 (Kabul, Afghanistan)

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[Most news reports are focusing upon the bomb’s proximity to the German Embassy in Kabul, but judging from the casualty figures, the Germans were not the target.  Pajhwok Press initially reported that there were unnamed “foreign compounds” in the immediate vicinity, but then went behind a pay-wall.  Ariana TV News produced the following report, focusing upon the Roshan Telecommunications facility, which suffered the brunt of the blast.  Aga Khan facilities and Ismaili Shia have suffered many attacks in the past.]

At Least 80 Killed, 350 Wounded as Huge

Bomb Blast Hits Kabul

At least 80 people were killed and 350 others wounded as a huge blast hits Kabul city on Wednesday.

The blast occurred around 8:24 am local time and the sound was heard all over around the city.

The attack was occurred near Zambaq square in police district 10 of Kabul where many foreign embassies and government offices reside.

According to the ministry of interior, at least 64 civilians were killed and 320 others including children and women were wounded in the blast while the ministry of public health officials say the death tolls has raised to 80 death and 350 wounded.

Two hours after the deadly blast ambulances were seen rushing to the site of the incident.

Security officials said that the explosive materials were placed inside a water tanker in the area.

Ariana News correspondent at the site of the incident says that initial reports indicate the target of the blast was a telecommunication company in the area.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

The Taliban have denied any involvement in the attack.

There has been no ward yet from so-called Islamic State.