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Syrian Army Uses Guerilla Warfare Tactic To Eliminate Al-Nusra Unit Near Daraa Battle Zone

[Report: Syria Used IED to Target Southern Rebels]

Pictures: 15 rebels killed in Army ambush

in southern Syria



DAMASCS, SYRIA (5: 40 P.M.) – At least 15 rebel fighters were killed 20 others injured as roadside bombs planted by the Syrian Army hit two technical vehicles in the southern province of Daraa.


Pro-rebel sources confirmed the ambush which took place somewhere on the road linking Kafr Shams to Aqraba village in the northern countryside of Daraa.

Following the ambush, the Syrian Army targeted – with guided missiles – a convoy of rebel fighters which showed up to rescue the wounded.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army’s elite 4th Armored Division was redeployed to Daraa battleground in order to lead a major offensive against rebel and jihadi groups in the southern province.

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