Saudi Fear of “2nd Arab Spring” Forces Bahrain To Suspend ‘Al Wasat’ News For Telling Truth About Moroccan Protests

Bahrain Suspends ‘Al Wasat’ Newspaper

Manama – The Bahraini Information Affairs Ministry suspended Al Wasat newspaper until further notice.

According to the ministry, the suspension decision followed the newspaper’s recurrent violation of the law, the spread of materials stirring divisions within the community, and undermining the Kingdom of Bahrain’s relations with other countries.

This decision was taken after “Al Wasat” published a biased article that highlights the new developments in Morocco.

Although the ministry didn’t define the suspension duration, the Bahraini law bans offenses against any sisterly or friendly state, whether through media outlets, social media platforms (Facebook or Twitter), or other communication and publication platforms.

[Bahrain is being a good lapdog to their Saudi masters, by expelling Al Wasat news for factual coverage of the rapidly-building “2nd Arab Spring” movement in Morocco.  In Morocco, in a replay of the original “Arab Spring” self-immolation of a street vendor in Africa,
a local fish-seller, Mohsen Fikri, was crushed to death trying to recover his fish from a garbage truck, after local authorities disposed of them and allegedly demanded a bribe to recover them.]

Mohsen Fikri, 31

Fishmonger’s gruesome death sparks protests in Morocco— 30 October, 2016

“Protests have erupted in the city of Al-Hoceima in northern Morocco after the death of a fish-seller, crushed in a garbage truck, after authorities confiscated his merchandise.
On Friday, after images of the young man identified as Mohsen Fikri, 31, began circulating on social media, hundreds took to the streets in order to protest his death.
According to numerous reports Fikri was crushed to death in the back of a dumpster attempting to retrieve his merchandise after it was thrown into the rubbish vehicle by authorities. Some sources have also suggested that Fikri became involved in an argument with authorities who asked him to pay a bribe in order to sell his produce.”

Morocco: Arrests Al-Hoceima Activist, Investigates Him in Casablanca–May 30, 2017

(Nasser Zefzafi) “became wanted since last Friday for raiding a mosque and preventing the preacher from continuing his sermon and instead made a provocative speech.””He persevered to upload videos that criticize the authority and hold it responsible for the marginalization that the region is suffering from.”

“Security authorities affirmed that the initial outcome of the research has revealed that suspects received financial transfers and logistic support from foreign parties for the purpose of carrying out propaganda activities that would threaten the kingdom’s unity and shake loyalty of citizens and institutions to the Moroccan state.”

[This is obviously done to appease the Saudi king and Trump.  Fear of a “2nd Arab Spring” drives the Sunni royals to the point of starting a regional sectarian war, in order to avoid the wrath of their oppressed citizens.  The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, has obviously resisted the commands of the Saudi tyrant, opting to decline the summons to Riyadh and the audience w/Salman and Trump.]

Morocco Opts for Neutrality in Qatar-GCC Rift

[Perhaps, the recent attack in London by a Pakistani/Brit, an Italian/Moroccan and an Irish/Moroccan, compelled the Arab royals to panic and publicly censure Al Wasat, risking public exposure of their secret fears (such as articles like this one).]

Italian of Moroccan Descent Named as Third London Terror Attacker



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