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BREAKING–Syrian Army overruns US-backed rebels, recaptures strategic hilltop

BREAKING: Syrian Army overruns

US-backed rebels, recaptures strategic


DAMASCUS, SYRIA (5: 15 P.M.) – The Syrian government forces continue to advance against US-backed rebel groups in the Syrian Desert, in spite of the recent US airstrikes which aim at curbing the troops from advancing towards the Iraqi borders.

Today, the Syrian Army, backed by allied forces, managed to regain control the strategic Dakwah hilltop following fierce clashes with the US-backed, FSA-affiliated rebel factions.

Last Monday, Osoud al-Sharqiyah rebel group shot down a SyAAF fighter jet, killing its pilot in Dakwah area.

Located some 60 km to the east of Damascus at a height of 920 meters, the Dakwah hilltop served as a major bastion for the Islamic State, but then taken over by FSA-affiliated factions when ISIS jihadists were forced to withdraw at the beginning of the year.

The area retains a strategic importance as a juncture linking the southern and northern parts of the desert land spanning to the east of the capital.

Yesterday, the Army troops recaptured the large hilltop of Tal al-Abd before advancing from the nort


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