Russia + Saudi Arabia + Qatar, Except When In Syria

Libyan General Khalifa Haftar

How is it that Russia can support the same proxy group as the UAE in Libya, even though Dubai and Riyadh are fighting against Russian interests in Syria, struggling to topple the Assad government?  The Russian “tap dance” in Syria, to avoid striking American and UAE jets operating illegally over Syria, is complemented by an opposite mirror image foreign policy in North Africa, where Russia and UAE support the eastern coalition of Gen. Khalifa Haftar and the Libyan National Army.

Haftar Attacks Qatar as Russia Supports EgyptMay 30, 2017

“Haftar said that Qatar, in addition to other states that he refused to mention, were handing large sums of money to the terrorist militias, adding that he had ordered that foreigners should not be allowed to carry arms inside Libya.”

“The Libyan army recorded the arrival of citizens from Chad, Sudan and other African and Arab states to the country. They entered Libya due to lack of control over the borders. They received money from Qatar, as well as other countries and terrorist groups.”

Rival faction challenges Libya’s U.N.-back government in Tripoli

The United Nations and European Union warned against attempts to create parallel institutions and reiterated their backing for the U.N.-negotiated deal that formed a Government of National Unity (GNA) in Tripoli