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Pro-Israel Protest Turns to Riot…ZERO Arrests.

Left-Wing Zionists Attack the Police in

Minnesota Rally!

Pro-Israel Protest Turns to Riot.

Pro-Israel Protest Turns to Riot.


If this isn’t one of the best illustrations of jewish privilege, I don’t know what is.

A pro-Israel / anti-Trump rally degenerated in Minnesota when “protesters” started threatening and attacking police officers when told to leave private property.

One officer was injured in the confrontation.

How many arrests? Zero.

Cases like this are why I’m done with white people who lecture us Blacks about our “culture” or about how we need to “just listen to police officer” and “stop breaking the law”.

FUCK people who say that when shit like this happens.

Jews and whites can literally insult and threaten law enforcement and not even get convicted of a fucking crime, but if a Black person takes their wallet out, he “should have been more careful” and deserves to get shot.

When Black people protest, the media calls it a “riot”.

When jews / zionists / white liberals attack the police, the media calls it a “peaceful protest”.

Fuck this prejudiced society.

4 thoughts on “Pro-Israel Protest Turns to Riot…ZERO Arrests.

  1. Apartheid in South Africa – 1948 – 1991.
    The Electronic Intifada – great website.
    Israel – a wonderful example of cruelty administered with joyous zeal upon mankind – invincible Israel – they have the latest technological weaponry & nukes – they will be here forever – right.
    History show us that these regimes do not last – something about us cannot abide this negative aspect of mankind’s personality.

  2. I was born with blond hair man – 4 of my 5 children were born with blond hair though their father & their whole family had olive skin & dark hair.
    Something sucks – in Havana.–[some families have a genetic disposition to blonde haired kids, who all become dark-haired in adulthood…my family is like that.]

  3. Funny Story;
    I went to Brunswick Hospital to have an abdominal ultrasound – the technician was a black man from Africa. Someone new in the area & from the other side of the planet. He was trapped – we talked – he told me all sorts of things about where he had come from – he spoke 16 African languages.
    I told him that I had come to Australia when I was 3 – that I – as a white European – having lived almost all my life in Australia & was a more loyal Australian than any Anglo-Australian – did not feel that I belonged – that I was not white enough to be an Australia – but – that if I went “back home” being Slovenia / former Yugoslavia – I would be seen as a traitor for having left & would be shunned – I felt that I did not belong anywhere – that I was not welcome anywhere.
    He was astonished.

  4. “Fuck this prejudiced society”

    What society are you talking about ?
    society definition – the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.
    Oh, okay – because we all live in close proximity to each other we are ‘a society’ – there does not have to be any love their – no responsibility for each others well being – okay.
    Prejudice & Discrimination – is yucky stuff.
    Like when the middle aged singles who live on either side of you – all able bodied – footloose & fancy free – gang up on you because you are female – live alone – old & have a disability – as if the daily struggle is not enough – they decide to value add to your misery – yep.
    I believe that cruelty is fun & that mankind on earth needs this outlet & therefore there must be the black man / the helpless little old lady / the kid at school who is mercilessly picked on & bullied.
    This sadomasochism is built into our persona – we get off on it.
    Disgusting isn’t it.–[AMEN, “R”. We all have the animal within, ready fight, or to seek the shelter of “the herd.” Kinda blow the whole theory of an omnipotent, all-merciful God, doesn’t it?–Peter]

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