Pentagon/CIA Repackages Afghan Govt. Terrorist Force As “The Renouncers”–(updated)

[The Afghan Govt, beginning in the Karzai Administration, has been trying to cultivate its own army of counter-terrorists (anti-Taliban) for a very long time.  The Afghan Govt. first tried to open a line of communications to Mullah Omar through the Pakistani Taliban (Suspicions grow about Afghan support for TTP2011/09/11).  That effort was forcefully ended when US Special Forces intercepted a column of Afghan Spec. Forces, escorting TTP spokesman Latif Mehsud in Logar province, Afghanistan (US Special Forces Forcibly Halt Karzai’s Peace Negotiations Once Again). 

This comes after the Afghan intelligence services had helped the CIA and India build the Tehreek e-Taliban Pakistan (Dissecting the Anti-Pakistan Psyop).  By releasing selective agents like Abdullah Mehsud, who had been reconditioned in Guantanamo, and Taliban legend Mullah Dadullah, who had been held at Bagram Prison, “back into the wilds” of FATA territory, through the wilderness of Eastern Afghanistan, the CIA and friends were able to dominate the growing Taliban movement of Pakistan. 

Following this foray into creating a counter-Taliban (one which would attack Pakistani targets instead of fighting alongside the real Taliban), the CIA developed a capability to manipulate the Afghan Taliban movement, using agents like Mullah Adbul Qayoum Zakir (a.k.a., Mullah Rasoul, ISN #008)), who had been remolded at Gitmo, and instilled with a mission to subvert and split the Afghan Taliban, in order to give Afghan forces better odds on the battlefield.  The covert CIA “black art” of creating “jihadis”, a.k.a., mujahedeen has advanced on the Afghan battlefield through the adaptation of the Indian/Israeli reverse-jihadi lessons to their own program (SEE: The Indian Art of Turning Jihadis Into Anti-Jihadis and the War On Pakistan2015/07/05).]

The lessons learned in this Afghan/American/Indian/Israeli/British endeavor enabled the spy agencies to indirectly control or influence Taliban operations in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Through this successful playing of the Taliban leaders against each other (otherwise known as the “Taliban split”), an operation which was first introduced into Helmand Province by British intelligence agents Michael Semple and Mervyn Patterson (SEE:  ‘Great Game’ or just misunderstanding?), but forcefully ended by US intervention.

Today, after consolidating the anti-Taliban program, first started by Semple and Patterson, now under American control, we see the rise of the followers of Mullah Mohammad Rasoul, a.k.a., “the Renouncers”, as they are reported by the NYT.]


Afghan Government Quietly Aids Breakaway Taliban



Attack described in (Taliban Civil War Continues To Rage In Helmand, As Mullah Rasoul and Mullah Habitullah Trade Suicide-Bombs):

“The fighting last week began when the mainstream Taliban attacked a Renouncer base in Gereshk, one of the few areas outside Helmand’s provincial capital, Lashkar Gah…Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, the spokesman for the mainstream Taliban in southern Afghanistan, said the group they had attacked in Gereshk was a unit trained and equipped by the National Directorate of Security, the Afghan intelligence agency.He said it had no affiliation with the Taliban... a border police official, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, said that among the units guarding the entrances to Lashkar Gah is a Renouncer unit trained and equipped by the National Directorate of Security.

“Further complicating the picture in Helmand are groups known as the *Sangorians,”

[7 killed, 6 wounded in Helmand suicide blast
Jan 10, 2017
“The suicide bombing took place on Haji Khodaidad residence. A National Security Directorate (NDS) unit was also stationed at home which was known as Sangorian.”]

“’Rasoul’s group are supported by the government forces, they operate very freely in government controlled areas,’ said Haji Ajab Gul, another former governor of the district. ‘They can come to the main town of Shindand and target people they dislike.'”

[The level of Afghan support for Renouncer fighters in Helmand remains an unknown factor, even though fighting in Nangarhar reveals coordination against ISIS terrorists, apparently affording the anti-ISIS fighters Afghan air support (SEE: Govt Air and Ground Forces Apparently Back-Up Afghan Taliban Assault Upon ISIS In Nangarhar).  Perhaps the clearest indication given yet, of coordination of Afghan and “Renouncer” forces in the fight against ISIS can be seen in the airstrikes in Paktia Province, after the capture/surrender of TTP spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan (TTP Spokesman Sells-Out Former Mehsud Comrades For Drone Assassination In Paktika).]

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“appearance of the Islamic State and the Qatari office closure are interrelated by a role of Doha in these events, which made it clear to Islamabad and to other members of the Quartet that it will not be possible to pacify Afghanistan without Qatar….a tacit cooperation between Islamabad and Doha is taking place in order to overcome Taliban’s fragmentation…Secret contacts between representatives of Iranian intelligence service and some field commanders of the “Taliban” movement have alarmed the Pakistani leadership and Arabian monarchies, especially the KSA and the UAE.”

“On September 2015, IRGC operatives met with Mullah Mansour.”

The IRGC messengers established contact with Mullah Mansour’s main rival, a former Taliban military wing commander Kayyum Abdul Zakir. The Pakistani Intelligence Service confirms that this field commander is receiving weapons and ammo assistance, which means that the talks were fruitful…Tayeb initiated the Hazara Shia militia training in Iraq and Afghanistan, which are traditional Hazara residences. After preparations, they are being sent to join a fight in Syria, Iraq and Yemen (siding with Houthis).”

“An Afghani analog of the Lebanese “Hezbollah” is being formed. The IRGC is implementing this model in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, for the sake of which there is cooperation with the Taliban. The latter and Tehran’s common task is to limit, or better yet to destroy the spread of IS locally. Or rather that part of Taliban’s field commanders that remain under Qatar’s control and sphere of influence.”