Pakistani Forces ‘Providing Weapons’ To Taliban In Border Regions

Police officials in Paktia province say Pakistani military forces help the Taliban ‘in fight against Afghan security and defense forces’.



A police commander in Paktia province, in Afghanistan’s east, on Tuesday said Pakistani military forces ‘are supplying heavy weapons to Taliban fighters in areas along the Durand Line – the de facto border between Afghanistan and Pakistan – in order to attack Afghan security forces’. 

The militants are stationed in parts of Dand-e-Patan district, said Gen. Abdulwase, commander of 203 Thunder Army Corps in the district.

“How do they (the Taliban) find weapon in the Zero Point (of the Durand Line), how are they equipped, how do they find personnel and where are they supported from? Pakistan is simply deceiving the world. But the world knows that Pakistani government is providing all these facilities to the Taliban,” he said.

He said the security forces will clear the district of Taliban and will cut off the supply lines of the militants, he said.

Wase said that so far over 110 Taliban fighters have been eliminated during the battles with the security forces.

“At least 115 enemy fighters were killed and 70 others wounded. They attacked us twelve times in past few days but we repelled all their attacks,” he added.

According to him, the Pakistan government does not want the supply line to be cut off.

The security forces launched a military operation in Dand-e-Pathan district one month ago, killing more than 150 Taliban militants.

Afghan forces have claimed that they had inflicted heavy toll to the Taliban in the district.

The security forces said Taliban militants attack the Afghan security forces across the Durand Line, an allegation the Taliban termed as baseless.