Do Indian Troops In Doklam Justify Chinese Troops In Kashmir?

If Pakistan requests, Our army can enter

Kashmir: China


If Pakistan requests, Our army can enter Kashmir: China


The Chinese troops, extending the Indian logic which permits Indian troops to enter disputed area of Doklam, will be able to step into the Indian side of Kashmir.

The Chinese experts are blaming India of entering the area disputed by Bhutan and China. In a response to China who is making efforts to construct a road in Doklam, which connects Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet.

Long Xingchun, director of the Center for Indian Studies at China West Normal University, stated that if India was approached to defend Bhutan’s territory then it will be limited only to undisputed zones. He further stated that applying India’s logic, if Pakistan requests then a third country’s army can enter the disputed area of India and Pakistan.

As the West has huge business dealings with China, Beijing can make the Doklam controversy international as western countries will support China.