György Soros’s plan is being implemented in Brussels–Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán

György Soros’s plan is being implemented

in Brussels

György Soros’s immigration plan is being implemented in Brussels and it is correct if the Hungarians know about it, “said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on the ongoing governmental poster campaign on Friday in the 180-minute Kossuth radio show. “We will not decide who we accept”, as well as the distribution of migrants, “the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán interviews the 180-minute program at Radio Kossuth’s Radio on July 7, 2017. MTI Photo: Balázs Mohai

One of the points of György Soros’s plan is to bring millions of migrants per year to Europe every year, “said the head of government, who spoke of the planned European asylum authority as the second point of his billionaire plan, which, as he said, would take over authority from national authorities.

“We will not decide who we accept”, as well as the distribution of migrants, “the prime minister said.

Everyone knows that in the case of immigration, Hungary is right

According to Viktor Orbán, everybody knows that immigration is right in Hungary – this is a “commonplace” in Europe – and almost every Prime Minister knows it privately. But Europe is governed not by people, but by public opinion makers who, in terms of their ideological and financial interests, are linked to liberalism and are opposed to their own countries, “he added, pointing out that European politics are increasingly demanding the abolition of migration, So that the turn occurs.

Everyone knows, “he said,” that distributing migrants is not a solution. In Libya, it would be necessary to stop those who are staying there, and those who are illegally staying here must be transported from the continent and “not split between them like a bad Fekete Péter card game.”

He believes that when Europe talks about the distribution of immigrants, it is interpreted in Africa as an invitation.

In Libya, Viktor Orbán also said that he should not have killed the former leader of the North African country, Moammer Gaddafi. No one claims that Libya had a flawless democratic government, but at least government – he said, calling it a “European mental illness” that calls for the principles applied by the West in the various civilizational areas that are in our hands, thus destroying the stability of these countries. While Gaddafi was alive, there was no migration to the people because he had an Italian-Libyan agreement, he pointed out, summing up: Europe’s leaders have a responsibility for the emerging situation. He also said that the European armed forces would have to defend the northern coast of Libya.

With regard to NGOs, NGOs, the head of government said that Italy is now facing what Hungary is doing since 2015: these international networks when the main route of migration to the Balkans was the same as in Italy. These organizations are financed by György Soros, supporting illegal border crossings, criminals and terrorists – said Viktor Orbán, who said that these “obvious facts” were not only recognized by the Hungarian leftist press and by György Soros, “persistent” Hungarians.

The Prime Minister expects that more and more people will reject the Soros plans, “we are waiting for the next member of our club for Italy”.

Hungary is a Christian country belonging to Europe

With regard to the fact that Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission, made a parallel between today’s migration situation and the 1956 Hungarian refugee wave, the Prime Minister reacted: in 1956, Western European governments would have failed to say that Hungarians did not They belong here culturally. Hungary is a Christian country belonging to Europe and who would deny this fact either now or before, “could bear the mark of assassin on his forehead,” he said.

When the Hungarians had to flee, no one had crossed the borders, but, accepting the instructions of the border guards, “went well to the refugee camps in Austria”, where they had been staggered for years before their distribution. “But getting started, firing the fences …, crossing the borders, openly announcing that they are in violation of European and national law and telling where they want to go and nobody can stop them, back in 1956, It was not like that, “he explained.

Speaking of Donald Trump’s visit to Warsaw last night, the Prime Minister said it was important that the US president decided to speak his first serious public speaking speech in Central Europe in the Polish capital.

He also pointed out that the United States and Central Europe are in a position of convergence in migration: borders must be protected, migrants must be arrested.

On the subject of energy policy, it drew attention to the rivalry that stems from the United States and Russia’s desire to sell gas in Europe. Hungary as a buyer can access both American and Russian gas, and if there is competition, buyers get cheaper for the goods, so “to compete for the money that sells gas in Europe, we will buy the cheapest,” he said.

Viktor Orbán’s statement by Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern on the divisions of the Visegrád Four (V4) commented: it is never lucky if in politics people blend their desires with reality. He understands that Austrians are hurt that they are not involved in V4 cooperation, “anyway, such an unrelated country is Austria,” which, though a gifted state – as it is high in living standards – but “in the foreign policy sense”. “It is not worth our Austrian friends to hope to break the unity of V4,” he said.

Next week, starting with wet water, he said: Hungary has never organized such an event, it is a test of strength, “we look at what we are capable of”. He highlighted the developments in Budapest related to the Budapest – such as the Margaret Island, as well as the refurbishment of swimming pools and flood protection investments – which could hardly have been possible without a sport event or at least not in two years.


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  2. Has There Are No Sunglasses had a chance to watch – Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Eruope’s hidden agenda – Youtube.
    Prof. Varoufakis is promoting his new book Adults in the Room in interview.
    It is about time Varoufakis spoke out.–[Tried to watch it with Eng. subtitles, but I couldn’t get into it. I don’t really care much about Europe.–ed.]

  3. Georgie’s Soros – he intends to bring millions of migrants to Europe.

    MUTTI MERKEL …. you mean Mutti Merkel
    “Comen zi hear” she cries
    “Comen zi hear and everyone is velcome”
    “Comen zi hear & is VELFARE MONEY waiting for EVERYONES”
    “Comen zi here & is plenty VERK for every ones” …. albeit there is massive unemployment throughout the EU.

    REUTERS published the obituary of Georsky Soros a few years ago now – they were forced to pull it – the establishment did not want him dead & so he lives on – they need him to hide their dasterdly deeds –
    “It wasn’t me” they howl
    “It wasn’t me”
    “It was that evil little bastard George Soros”

    You know that he did not “break the bank of England” right ?
    MI5 / MI6 would have blown his brains right out of his skull for being presumptuous.
    The seasoned actor Michael Douglas fills in for Poor George Soros when they need him to front.–[I call BULLSHIT on this one.]

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