Taliban Wage War Against Agha Khan and Ismaili Shia Focused On Bombing Telecommunications Facilities

Prince Shah Karim al-Hussaini Aga Khan IV

“The current Aga Khan—has been projected onto the entire community. Prince Shah Karim al-Hussaini Aga Khan IV is a Swiss-born British subject. He heads the Aga Khan Foundation, an NGO awash with cash”Why terrorists are targeting Pakistan’s Ismaili community

Fighting the Taliban With Cellphones–March 26, 2010

“The Telecom Development Co. of Afghanistan, which operates under the name Roshan”

“Rear Adm. Greg Smith spread out two maps. One highlighted pockets of insurgent control; the other marked mobile phone towers. Where the Taliban’s presence was strongest, phone coverage was weakest, crippled by Taliban sabotage of the towers…’We found that Afghans in the most-troubled, insurgent-held areas lived in information wastelands dominated by militant propaganda…We are fighting back with a revamped strategy that puts the people and their ability to communicate at the forefront of our effort.’”

Powerful Tanker-Truck-Bomb Hits Kabul…80 confirmed dead–May 31, 2017

“Ariana News correspondent at the site of the incident says that initial reports indicate the target of the blast was a telecommunication company in the area

31 Roshan workers killed, 50 wounded in Kabul blast

“In a statement, the Roshan Telecommunications Company said the attack had left 31 of its personnel dead and 50 others wounded.”

Funeral today for Vancouver mother killed in Taliban attack in Afghanistan–March 31, 2014

Roshan Thomas was killed in a Taliban attack in Afghanistan.
Roshan is a Persian word meaning “light” or “bright”.

The Park Palace Attack on 13 May 2015

“The families of three other Afghans working for another NGO, the Aga Khan Foundation, who were killed in the attack did not want their identities revealed.”

When doing good brings down the wrath of brutes  –May 15, 2015 

“The killing of 43 and wounding of 30 Ismailis in Karachi by the IS loyalist group Jundullah”

Taliban Assassinate Afghan Army General General Khan Agha–March 25, 2016

Aga Khan Foundation Worker Kidnapped in Kabul–June 10, 2016


Roshan to launch 4G services in Afghanistan



The Roshan Telecommunications service provider in Afghanistan announced Tuesday that the company will soon launch the fourth generation internet 4G services in the near future.

A statement by Roshan Telecom said “Roshan has already invested over $100 million in its 3G network since launching services in 2013 and this reinforces the company’s commitment to providing its customers with the best data service experience.”

“Today’s 4G services announcement forms part of a new program that Roshan is launching to invest in improving and upgrading our data network to reflect the significant growth in data usage that Afghanistan has seen over the last few years,” said Shireen Rahmani, Chief Operating Officer. “Roshan’s leadership in 4G services will serve as a catalyst for economic growth and provide broad social benefits for both private and public sectors that will positively impact the people of Afghanistan, including support for the development of eGovernment.”

The statement by Roshan further added that the launch of 4G services will enable Roshan to provide an enhanced-quality mobile broadband experience over its robust network, offering customers the fastest internet speed for accessing data-intensive applications, video streaming, and other innovative and high-definition services.