Proposed ‘Militia’ Another Threat To Afghan Civilians

[This is the 3rd or 4th attempt to implement this same solution in Afghanistan; the tribal “lashkar” (militia) defense unit was first attempted in Pakistan’s FATA Region.  There, CIA drones worked diligently to sabotage Pakistan’s efforts, by assassinating chosen tribal leaders before their pacifying work could bear fruit.  It is beyond ironic that the Pentagon is making a big public display of enforcing the Pakistani Lashkar solution today, once again, in Afghanistan, even while the US State Dept. is simultaneously making a big show of a threatened divorce with our Pakistani partners.  Thanks to this hypocritical display of American threats against Pakistan and Trump’s inane tweets about seeking to “win” in Afghanistan, promising to reclaim “American greatness” through another pointless bloodbath, the Afghan Taliban openly proclaimed their allegiance to Pakistan in any US/Pakistani Showdown, promising to fight Western forces alongside the Pak. Army.]


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Watchdog Says Proposed ‘Militia’ A Threat

To Afghan Civilians


A senior researcher from the Human Rights Watch says the Afghan government’s expansion of irregular forces could have enormously dangerous consequences for civilians


The Afghan government should reject proposals to create a new militia with inadequate training and oversight, Human Rights Watch said in a statement on Friday.

The statement said western diplomatic sources in Kabul told Human Rights Watch that President Ashraf Ghani is considering establishing a defense unit modelled on the Indian Territorial Army, an auxiliary force comprising personnel who serve on a short-term contract basis with the regular armed forces. The NATO Resolute Support Mission is believed to support such a local security force in Afghanistan.

An Afghan Territorial Army with reduced training and potentially less oversight risks being yet another abusive militia operating outside the military’s chain of command, Human Rights Watch said. If approved, the Afghan government is expected to determine the location of a pilot project by September 20, 2017.

“The Afghan government’s expansion of irregular forces could have enormously dangerous consequences for civilians,” said Patricia Gossman, senior researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Instead of creating additional local forces, which are hard to control and prone to abuses, the Afghan government with US and NATO support should be strengthening training and oversight to ensure that all forces respect the law.”

While the territorial army would operate under a regular army corps commander, diplomatic sources told Human Rights Watch that Afghan officials involved in the discussions have expressed concern about the force becoming used by powerful strongmen, or becoming dependent on local patronage networks. There is also concern that the new force could replicate the criminality that many Afghan Local Police units exhibited, and clash with other government forces and militias over control of territory and smuggling routes.

In addition to the proposed Afghan Territorial Army, the Afghan government is considering creating a new 15,000-strong tribal militia, under the Ministry of Tribal and Border Affairs, currently headed by former governor Gul Agha Sherzai. The model for such a militia appears to be those established along ethnic lines by the late President Mohammad Najibullah in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Members of those militia forces were responsible for serious human rights abuses.

“There is a long, unsavory history of using tribal and irregular militias in Afghanistan, and it has led to egregious crimes without accountability,” Gossman said. “Too often they have inflamed conflict rather than provide security.”


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  1. What’s up, I read your new stuff daily. Your story-telling style is witty, keep
    doing what you’re doing!–[Hi…don’t often have time anymore to either post new or add the extra info to some of those topics that I have written on many times over the past ten or twelve years…9 1/2 years here at ThereAreNoSunglasses. The entire farce which we call the “AfPak war” revolves around coordinated fake news “reports” from multiple Western and Western-sponsored sites, on acts of terrorism committed by warlords, militias and criminal gangs in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.The CIA/PENTAGON trains both “bad guys and good guys”, before setting them against each other and claiming on the Nightly News that we are fighting one faction over the other.–Peter]

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