Iraqi Kurds Vote For Independence Today…US Warns of Consequences…Israel Welcomes the Coming Chaos

Voting begins in historic Kurdistan independence referendum

[Brett McGurk] warns of ‘consequences out of US control’ if Kurds hold referendum

The Birth Pains of a New Kurdish State Start Today 

Hadi al-Amiri warns of civil war because of the referendum of Kurdistan and confirms: we will prevent it whatever our cost ?!

Kurdish leader reveals the proposal of the

Great Powers in return for postponing the

referendum of Kurdistan




The Secretary-General of the Socialist Party of Kurdistan, Mohammad Haji Mahmoud, Saturday, the proposal of the great powers of the Kurds in exchange for postponement of the referendum, noting that these countries will solve the problems between the center and the region.

“The United States, Britain, France and the United Nations offered to discuss the situation of the region, including the referendum on independence in the United Nations, in return for the Kurdish leadership to postpone the referendum two years,” said Mahmoud, close to the outgoing Kurdistan region president Massoud Barzani.

He added that “the American envoy to the international coalition against the urging of Bret McGuck, and the ambassadors of the United States, Britain and France and the head of the United Nations Mission in Iraq, presented this offer to Barzani the day before yesterday,” pointing out that “they stressed that if rejected, the region must bear the consequences.”

“The representatives of these countries pointed out that the meeting of the United Nations will discuss the file of Iraq, including the Kurdistan region and the referendum of independence, the three countries and the United Nations should try to resolve the existing problems between the region and the federal government.”

The Kurdistan Regional Parliament voted unanimously Friday to hold the referendum on September 25.

Barzani renewed his rejection of “postponement” of the referendum as a means to achieve independence and not a target. While calling on the people to “resist” and go to the referendum, he stressed that he “has not received” the alternative to this day.