Iraqi Kurdish Independence Referendum Passes, 8 Days Later, Top Opposition Leader Talibani Dies From Stroke

A family member said Talabani’s health had taken a turn for the worse and he been transported to Germany, along with his wife and two children, before the referendum.”

“An independence referendum for Iraqi Kurdistan was held on 25 September 2017.”

“Massoud Barzani, president of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, wants rid of the PKK. Demanding that the group leaves the Qandil Mountains is a politically calculated move. But the Iraqi Kurds are not united in this view: another leading Iraqi Kurd politician and former Iraqi president, Jalal Talabani, wants the PKK to stay.“–Barzani in a tight spot, 06.08.2015

The end of Jalalism and Barzanism! 

By Hemin Ahmad

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Jalal Talabani, left, and Massoud Barzani, “We are fed up with you! 5 decades is enough!”: Hemin Ahmad Photo: EPA

We are fed up with you! 5 decades is enough!

February 26, 2012

Downtrodden nations of the world are awakening from hibernation in sequence. They finally realize how much and how long were their rights trampled on by dictators, kings and monarchs. They realize they bear no alternative but to fight for their long-negated rights on their own. They realize they have to fight for their freedom.

Of course, short of external support, struggling to obtain ones intrinsic right seems more difficult, especially from ruthless, armed dictators, however, the key impetus behind any uprising primarily sets off from common people. It is the people who must want to change things, change themselves and change their fates.

Ousting despotic regimes consumes time, but what even consumes more time is replacing them with all-inclusive democratic forms of governments. Most of the collapsed totalitarian c regimes have yet to be stabilized, and more unknown is even the indefinite destiny they will lastly be drifted onto. The problematic Middle East will not easily and impetuously be tamed.

Global social and political developments have affected the plight of Kurds and Kurdistan, too. Apart from Iraqi Kurdistan, Kurds in other fragmented parts of Kurdistan have a long journey to traverse. Timing is of the essence. Opportunities must be seized.

Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan seem to have missed a number of prospects, mainly being due to their simplicity and baseless optimism in uncertain predictions by their hypocritical leaders. Deceptive leadership is destructive.

Almost a decade has elapsed since our de facto disintegration from Iraq. The status of Kirkuk still remains in abeyance and Kirkukis continue to suffer from the hands of terrorism and economic injustice. Imperial powers have their own hidden agendas in the region. There are more essential priorities than determining the status of Kirkuk or resolving the elongated Kurdish dilemma.

In partnership with colossal foreign corporations, President Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani families are busy lynching the blood of the poor, accumulating wealth, while the overwhelming majority of masses are starving to death. Lack of basic services, high rate of unemployment and poverty are paralyzing all of us. People are informed, but powerless.

Multi-billion dollar fraud and corruption allegation cases are surfacing in Kurdistan one after another as if they are not even worth citing. The secret role of many countries in the ongoing illicit oil trade in Kurdistan is increasingly coming to light, as well. The ruling parties will not last if certain governments do not prop them up.

It is disappointing that those involved will never have to account for their wrongs. It is intolerable that despite president Barzani and Talabani’s open confession of their law-breakings, they continue to maintain their posts. And yet, they boast and brag about their decency. The most ignominious is they have not gleaned any lesson from massive demonstrations taking place every year. Indeed, it is shameful that advocates of Human Rights and democracy continue endorsing dictatorship in certain countries.

Massoud Barzani urges public to demonstrate patience. He foretells of promising changes in near future. Perhaps he means next decade. He has not yet been able to reclaim Kurdish disputed territories back. He has failed to unify the two administrations. As Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) president, he has not succeeded to settle his disputes with the opposition. What good news will he carry for us! His peace and patience lectures are solely meant to reduce the growing public threat against his tribal tyrannical rule. He is buying time. He is misleading us and falsifying the truths.

PUK’s senior leadership is busy drawing plans how to contend with their KDP rival in expanding their hegemony and riches. PUK leadership is ineffective. Jalal Talabani started politics 30 years ago. And even in his absence, his family will continue to inherit and run his lucrative family-owned business. Kurdish politics have transformed into family business profits.

The 50-50% haggle is honored for the year 2012. Estimated another 50 billion US dollars, which is sufficient to entirely eradicate poverty in Kurdistan and make every single family prosperous, will be poured in to the pockets of the leaders of the two ruling parties without any transparency. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan PUK and Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP influential party-funded propaganda machines will start fabricating their usual false lies to dissuade people and defend their crimes. They will try to distort the truth. They will resort to any method to conceal the facts from international community.

What happens to the future of our children does not matter. The number of homeless and jobless families in Kurdistan is on the rise. The nation’s wealth (belonging to 6 million) is embezzled and split among few hundreds.

Barzani and his counterpart are full ware that their days are outnumbered. They have no choice but to let their grip and greed of power go. The demonstrations may have abated, but public’s strong thirst for genuine reform, economic equality and end to social injustice, remains stronger than ever.

President Barzani and Jalal Talabani must step down. Half a century of ruling is enough. Public is fed up. Foreign countries must stop siding with truth. Others reserve the right to run for high profile government positions, as well. The world must support true democracy in Kurdistan! The older generation must retire.

Sooner or later, the current dictatorial rule in Kurdistan will collapse. Kurdistan will be united by true patriots who truly care about the wellbeing and progress of the country.

The end of Jalalism and Barzanaism has neared….

By Hemin Ahmad,

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