“Foreign Agent” News Sputnik Publishes Drone Film of ISIS Troop Columns Fleeing Russian Bombing

Russian MoD Releases Photos Proving US-Led Coalition Refused to Strike Daesh

The Russian Defense Ministry has said that US forces had refused to carry out airstrikes against Daesh (ISIS) terrorists who were retreating from Syria’s town of Abu Kamal.

The operation to liberate Syria’s eastern town of Abu-Kamal has shown that the US-led coalition has been directly supporting Daesh terrorist group, according to the Defense Ministry.

The ministry has published photos showing that the armed extremists were leaving Abu Kamal leaving for the Syrian-Iraqi Border. The Russian forces command has offered the US-led coalition to conduct a joint operation to destroy columns of terrorists on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river. However, offers have been rejected, according to a statement from the Russian military.

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The Ministry of Defense of Russia publishes an indisputable confirmation that the United States provides cover for combat-capable ISIG units for use in advancing American interests in the Middle East:

“The operation carried out at the end of last week by Syrian government troops to liberate Abu-Kemal with the support of the Russian Air Force Committee revealed the facts of the direct interaction and support of the terrorists of the IGIL by the” international coalition “led by the United States.

On photographs taken on November 9, 2017 by Russian unmanned vehicles, it was recorded how the armed formations of IGIL, escaping from the blows of Russian aviation and government troops, leave from Abu Kemal in the direction of the Wadi al-Sabha crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The command of the Russian grouping of forces twice appealed to the command of the US-led “international coalition” with a proposal to conduct joint actions to destroy the retreating columns of the IGIL on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

However, the Americans categorically refused to air strike against the terrorists of IGIL, referring to the fact that, according to them, the militants “voluntarily surrendered to them prisoners” and now fall under the provisions of the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

At the same time, the commands of the command of the Russian group: why are the Igilovs regrouping in the zone under the control of the international coalition to launch new attacks on Syrian troops in the Abu Kemal region, the Americans could not answer anything.

Moreover, for the safe withdrawal of IGIL militants retreating from Abu Kemal from the attacks of government troops, the coalition aviation tried to interfere with the Russian military aircraft operating in the area.
To this end, the attack aircraft of the “coalition” entered the airspace over the 15-kilometer zone around Abu-Kemal to impede the work of Russian military aircraft.
Although the ban on flights in this zone of aircraft of the US-led “coalition” was previously agreed and approved by the Center for Joint Air Operations at the El-Udejad airbase in Qatar.

Such actions by the “coalition” show that the rapid advance of the Syrian troops in Abu Kemal disrupted the US plans to create “pro-American” authorities beyond the control of the Syrian government to manage the territories on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

In the role of local “pro-American” forces allegedly controlling the city, the IGIL fighters themselves, which were “repainted” in the colors of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS), should be acted upon, as evidenced by the flags used in the city of Abu Kemal used by the SDS.

These facts are indisputable evidence that the United States, imitating for the world community an irreconcilable fight against international terrorism, in fact provide cover for combat-capable units of the IGSF to restore their combat capability, regroup and use them in promoting American interests in the Middle East “