Syrian Air Defenses Down Multiple Israeli Missiles, Hit One Attacking IDF F-16

The air defense media in the army deal with three attacks by the enemy of the Israeli enemy,

and several missiles hit it and hit one of its planes


The General Command of the army and the armed forces announced that the air defense media in the Syrian Arab army confronted today three consecutive attacks by the Israeli occupation forces and dropped a number of missiles and hit one of its planes.

In a statement received by SANA, the IDF’s General Command said that at 2:40 am Israeli enemy aircraft fired several missiles from Lebanese territory towards the Qatifah area of ​​the Syrian countryside, where our air defenses intercepted and hit an aircraft.

The General Command of the Army added: At 0440 hours, the Israeli enemy repeated its aggression by firing two missiles from the occupied Golan Heights, which were intercepted and dropped by our air defenses.

The Israeli army’s air force resumed its aggression by firing four missiles from the area of ​​Tiberias in the occupied territories, where the air defense media intercepted and destroyed a missile. The rest fell near one of the military positions, resulting in material damage.

The General Command of the army pointed out that this blatant aggression reaffirms Israel’s support for armed terrorist groups and its desperate attempts to lift its morale after the painful blows it receives in the Eastern Province of Harasta and the overwhelming victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in Idlib.

Dozens of field and intelligence reports confirm the close connection between the Israeli enemy entity and the Takfiri terrorist organizations in Syria, where in many areas in the countryside of Damascus, Homs and Deir al-Zour, Israeli-made weapons have been found inside their dens, in addition to their direct intervention more than once to support them after heavy losses suffered by the army Syrian Arab.

The General Command renewed its warning of the serious repercussions of such acts of aggression and carried the “Israel” full responsibility for its consequences, stressing its permanent readiness to address these attacks and continue the war against terrorist organizations and the dismemberment of the arms of “Israel” terrorist and the restoration of security and stability to all the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

On the second of last December, the air defense media in the Israeli army attacked the Israeli occupation entity with surface-to-surface missiles at a military site in the countryside of Damascus and destroyed two missiles

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