US Pushes Surrender To Israel of Token Slice of Lebanon +Undersea Rights To Gas and Oil

The Lebanese rejection of the American proposal on sea oil and Block 9 was reaffirmed by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, stressing that “we can not abandon a grain of dust on land or a point of water in the sea.”


Al-Jumhuriyah learned that Berri informed US Secretary of State David Satterfield of this position. Moreover, he stressed that the area of ​​the 860 km 2 in the sea (Block 9) is not only the property of Lebanon and its territorial waters and sea borders, More than 500 km 2 south, is also the property of Lebanon. Therefore, neither Israel nor a single millimeter is within this Lebanese area. “

It is also known that Satterfield is also aware of Lebanon’s rejection of what was called in Ain al-Tina “the process of circumventing Lebanon, whether by trying to bite its maritime borders or trying to bite its land borders.” After Lebanon received Satterfield from the United States to resolve the 13 points on land, The Americans proposed barter between land and sea, on the basis of “we give you in righteousness to give us into the sea.”

This is what the Americans have pointed out at the parity between the Lebanese and Israeli sides in some ground points, that is, sharing it under the title that its area is not more than 25 meters (yards) and the sharing removes the cause of tension between Lebanon and Israel on this point. However, this is a very dangerous proposition. Simply accepting the abandonment of the 12 meters on land, which already extends to the sea, means abandoning an area of ​​more than 300 and 400 km 2 in the sea and its wealth [The deceptive US/Israeli proposal was for Leb. to give the Zionist entity a narrow, 12 meter wide strip of Lebanese soil, ignoring the fact that the undersea property associated w/that slice of land extended 200 nautical miles out into the Med.–ed.].

“We said what we have in terms of our adherence to our rights. And it was clear to us that all the proposals made by the Americans come in the Israeli interest at the top of their goals, and do not want more than that. And President Berri was clear in his refusal to circumvent Lebanon, and pass a rule for us and what you have for us. “