Two Lebanese Students Killed, One In Canada, One In France, A Nuclear Tech and An Anti-Zionist Activist

Al Manar reports

“A Lebanese man studying nuclear physics found dead earlier this week in France, with reports on his death were conflicting [Early reports claim that Hisham had two stab wounds, before falling from his terrace–ed.] .
Hisham Salim Mourad, from the southern town of Braikeh in Nabatieh….
Hasan Ali Kheireddine, 23, was killed on Feb. 13 at a student residence on the St. Mary’s University campus in the Canadian region of Halifax….the bright student was studying economic and had been well-known for his searches on the influence of Zionism on the international economy.”

Israeli fingerprints behind the killing of Lebanese student Hisham Murad in France!


Lebanon and the town of Bureka in the south were shocked by the news of the assassination of student Hicham Salim Mourad in his apartment in the French city of Grenoble, studying nuclear physics at the University of Joseph Fourier in the city.

The assassination of young Hisham Murad comes days after the murder of Hassan Ali Khairuddin in the Canadian city of Halifax.

Young Hassan Khairuddin dead in Canada … and Foreign Affairs: Investigations underway

The head of the Syrian National Social Party, Hanna al-Nashif, contacted the student’s father, Hisham, Salim Murad, and offered him condolences, stressing that the party will follow up the issue with those concerned to clarify the truth and uncover the perpetrators of the assassination. Which targets the students of our country.

In turn, the member of the Supreme Council of the Party called on the Minister of State Ali Qansu Lebanese Foreign Ministry, and asked to follow up the case, and accelerate the procedures and follow-up investigations to uncover the circumstances of the assassination. The Ministry has shown all attention and gave guidance in this regard to the Embassy of Lebanon in France.