8 Women Accuse the Actor Who Likes To Play God of Sexual Harassment…Morgan, Your Number Is Up

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Morgan Freeman Accused of Sexual Harassment by Eight Women, Including Entertainment Journalists

Production workers and entertainment journalists allege Freeman would comment on their bodies and make inappropriate gestures and comments on set and during press interviews.

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Morgan Freeman

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Morgan Freeman has been accused of sexual harassment by eight women in a new exposé published by CNN. The women include production assistants and workers who interacted with Freeman on movie sets and entertainment journalists, including CNN’s own reporter Chloe Melas and a journalist from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

CNN’s report begins with an accusation from a production assistant on the 2015 movie “Going In Style,” a heist comedy starring Freeman opposite Michael Caine and Alan Arkin. The woman alleges Freeman subjected her to unwanted touching and comments on her clothing and body. She says Freeman would put his hand on her lower back and rub it around, and in one instance kept trying to lift up her skirt while asking if she was wearing underwear. The woman says she blocked Freeman’s multiple attempts to lift her skirt up.

A senior member of the production staff on the 2012 magician thriller “Now You See Me” also alleges Freeman sexually harassed her and her female assistant multiple times. Similar to the “Going In Style” worker, the woman says Freeman would make comments about their bodies on a daily basis.

“He did comment on our bodies,” the “Now You See Me” staff member said. “We knew that if he was coming by not to wear any top that would show our breasts, not to wear anything that would show our bottoms, meaning not wearing clothes that [were] fitted.”

Overall, eight women spoke to CNN and said they were victims of Freeman’s harassment. The women said they did not report the actor’s inappropriate behavior because they feared doing so would cost them their jobs. Of the eight women who came forward, three are entertainment journalists who claim Freeman made sexual remarks to them during press junkets. CNN entertainment reporter Chloe Melas alleges Freeman harassed her during the “Going In Style” press junket.

According to Melas, who was six months pregnant at the time, Freeman shook her hand, looked her up and down, and said variations of the line, “I wish I was there.” The report also claims Freeman said to her, “You are ripe.” CNN reports cameras recording the junket picked up Freeman saying, “Boy, do I wish I was there.” Melas reported Freeman’s behavior to CNN’s own Human Resources department, who reached out to Warner Bros. When contacted, Warner Bros. HR said they couldn’t corroborate the story.

Another journalist accusing Freeman of harassment is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The unnamed woman said Freeman made comments about her legs and her skirt during two different press junkets. The report told CNN she wanted to remain anonymous as to not risk losing out on future interviews with other celebrities.

“I was just trying to do my job and I brushed it off,” the reporter said. “You don’t want to put him on the spot because one, he’s famous and two, it’s on camera and three, you just want to do your job.”

IndieWire has reached out to Freeman’s representative for comment. You can read CNN’s full report on the sexual harassment allegations facing Freeman here.


US Fights Pakistani Efforts To Sanction Dead? Terrorist Leader Khorasani, But It Offers Reward For His Arrest

[The fact that deceased Pakistani terrorist (according to all Western sources) Omer Khalid Khurasani is somehow back in the news is proof of Pentagon/CIA power to control the news.  This is just the latest case of American/Israeli psy-warriors using Islamist terrorists to shape or suppress truth, in order to control the global conversation. 

From the time of his alleged assassination on October 19, 2017, until now, it was more convenient for the Pentagon that the alleged ISIS in Afghanistan leader Khorasani be considered dead.  Since March 8, Wali has been featured on the US Rewards For Justice site.  Despite that, the US State Dept. blocked a Pakistani UN measure before the Security Council to sanction the Pakistani terrorist…Why? Wali’s case is unique in that he was first declared dead by the US STATE DEPT., before they declared him alive, and wanted, by them.  It is pretty obvious, because of this incident of US GOVT alchemy, raising a terrorist leader from the dead, that something big is planned around the media image of Omar Khorasani (US Secy of state Pompeo seeks crackdown on terrorist safe havens in Pakistan)  The Pentagon is obviously planning to dominate the joint Afghan/Pakistani agreement for joint action against terrorist havens, meaning Nangarhar and Kunar provinces, the locus of JuA and TTP, as well as designated hideouts in Pakistan.   

Before the alleged killing and resurrection of Pakistani journalist turned terrorist, Abdul Wali (Khorasani), there have been multiple cases of U.S. spokesmen declaring individual terrorists as drone kills, only to have the alleged victims show-up alive later (SEE partial list below–ed.).]

Another “Zombie” Terrorist Leader Comes Back from the Dead–This One In Pakistan

ISI Needs New Phantom Terror Leader to Chase–Qari Zafar, Back From the Dead

Killed, Then Rekilled, Then Killed Again–the truth about OBAMA’S MURDER BY DRONE IN YEMEN

US Claims, Once Again, Drone Kill of Leader of Afghan ISIS

LeJ Announces That Resurrected Terrorist Mastermind Qari Zafar Has Been Killed Again–(Last Killed In February)

Chad Claims It Has Killed “Al-CIA-da” Mastermind of Cigarette Smuggling


Pakistan claims US has blocked UN sanctions on JuA leader Khurasani

The Pakistani officials have claimed that the United States has blocked the UN sanctions on Jamaat-u-Ahrr (JuA) leader Umer Khalid Khurasani after it was revealed that the Pakistan had included Khurasani’s location as Afghanistan in its application to the United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee, it has been reported.

Senior diplomatic sources have told Dawn News that the Foreign Office has informally learnt that the process has been held up because of an objection by the United States.

The sources have further added that the US objected to Pakistani request for Khurasani’s listing because of his location that has been mentioned as Afghanistan.

“The Americans inject politics into the sanctions regime and practice double standards. They are not listing the leader of a terrorist entity who is targeting Pakistan. Merely because he is operating from Afghanistan,” a Pakistani official has told Dawn News.

This comes as relations between Islamabad and Washignton remains strained following the announcement of the new US strategy for South Asia by US President Donald Trump last year.

President Trump had slammed Islamabad for remaining short to act against the terrorist and militant groups using its soil to plan and coordinate attacks in Afghanistan.

The Afghan and US officials believe that the Taliban and the notorious Haqqani terrorist network still have safe havens in Pakistan from where they plan attacks in Afghanistan, a claim which has repeatedly been rejected by Islamabad.


March 8, 2018


Information that brings to justice…

Abdul Wali

Up to $3 Million Reward

Abdul Wali is the leader of Jamaat ul-Ahrar (JuA), a militant faction affiliated with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). He reportedly operates from Afghanistan’s Nangarhar and Kunar Provinces.

Under Wali’s leadership, JuA has been one of the most operationally active TTP networks in Punjab Province and has claimed multiple suicide bombings and other attacks throughout Pakistan.

In March 2016, JuA conducted a suicide bombing at a public park in Lahore, Pakistan that killed 75 people and injured 340.

In August 2015, JuA claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Punjab that killed Punjab Home Minister Shuja Khanzada and 18 of his supporters.

Wali is also known as Omar Khalid Khorasani. He was born in Mohmand Agency, Pakistan and is believed to be in his late-thirties. He is a former journalist and poet and studied at a number of madrasas in Karachi.


Saudi Expat Dissidents Talking Revolution Against Riyadh’s Royal Fascists

ANALYSIS: Saudis attack Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula is on the rise and has over 4,000 fighters despite a massive US-led crackdown.

Editor: Yochanan Visser


Mohammed Bin Salman

Mohammed Bin Salman  Reuters

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) should be removed from power, says Prince Khaled bin Farhan, a distant member of the royal family who lives in exile since 2013.

Bin Farhan, a former Saudi interior minister who lives in Germany today, says MBS and his ailing father King Salman have caused damage to the Saudi royal family beyond “the point of no return.”

The dissident prince claims there is a lot of resentment within the Saudi royal family after MBS arrested and detained prominent members of the House of Saud during a nationwide purge last year and robbed them of a part of their fortunes which the Crown Prince said were obtained by corruption.

“It was a shock for the entire family because prominent figures in the family were detained in a way that held a great deal of humiliation. It was a shock for the entire family. The family is now facing the undermining of its standing in the eyes of the people. And this will inevitably undermine its legitimacy,” Bin Farhan told The Middle East Eye news site.

The former Saudi politician, who admits he has a personal grudge against King Salman and his son Mohammed, also claimed MBS has developed “psychological problems”.

MBS has introduced sweeping reforms in the oil-rich kingdom including an overhaul of the religious education system and recently spent a month in the United Kingdom and the U.S. where he met with Jewish leaders.

During his visit to the U.S. MBS also met with Trump’s Jewish Mideast peace team Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt who are working with him on a comprehensive proposal to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

MBS was harshly criticized for his tour through the U.S. and his meetings with prominent Jews there – and not only by Al-Jazeera.

Al-Qaeda’s possible future leader Hamza Bin Laden, a son of Osama Bin Laden’s third wife Khairah Sabar, whose ancestry dates back to the Prophet Mohammed, labeled the current leadership in Saudi Arabia “agents of the Americans” and called for a revolt in Saudi Arabia.

After 9/11, Hamza Bin Laden and other Al-Qaeda operatives fled to Iran where he was educated in the spirit of his father Osama, killed by U.S. Special Forces in Pakistan on May 2, 2011.

In 2015, Hamza was introduced by current Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri to the mastermind of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York in 2001.

Al-Zawahire called Hamza the “lion of the den,” after which the son of Osama swore to follow in the footsteps of his father and said there is no way to free al-Aqsa (in Jerusalem) “except by jihad in the name of Allah.”

The new Al-Qaeda leader later shifted his focus toward Saudi Arabia,where MBS announced his sweeping reforms. Hamza bin Laden released six anti-regime videos in which he promised he would lead Saudi Arabia to a “return of the Islamic Ummah (nation) to its glory.”

Al Qaeda’s bulletin Al-Nafir, meanwhile attacked MBS for introducing “American Islam” and for working with the “Crusader West” after the Crown Prince had said Saudis would not “waste 30 years of our lives dealing with extremist ideas.”

“We will destroy them today,” MBS said during his US tour about the Islamist ideology Wahhabism and promised Saudi Arabia would become a “normal country” again.

Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula is again on the rise and has today over 4,000 fighters despite a massive US-led crackdown on the group in Yemen.

The organization also has the support of a significant minority of the Saudi population.

A poll held in 2015 revealed that 28 percent of Saudi citizens think that groups like ISIL and al-Qaeda are “mostly wrong, but sometimes raise issues I agree with.”

Ten percent of the Saudis thought ISIS and Al Qaeda weren’t perversions of Islam at all.

Al-Qaeda is already active in Saudi Arabia and could have been involved in a mysterious attack on the royal palace in Riyadh on April 21.

The Iranian newspaper Keyhan, which is considered as the mouthpiece of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, even reported MBS could have been killed during the attack which involved heavy shooting.

The Saudi Crown Prince has not been seen in public since and also didn’t attend a cadets graduation ceremony in King Abdulaziz military college last Saturday night.

MBS holds the defense portfolio in Saudi Arabia. so his presence at the ceremony would have been natural, according to Fars News in Iran.

In an apparent attempt to refute the Iranian reports, Saudi officials on Sunday released a photograph showing MBS together with Egyptian president el-Sisi and the leaders of Abu Dhabi and Bahrain after a meeting in Egypt last week.

It is obvious, however, that MBS’ agenda of modernization in Saudi Arabia and his radically different approach to the Palestinian Israeli conflict has already made him a good many enemies and could lead to the come-back of Al-Qaeda.