Car Bomb Attack On Taliban/Afghan Army Eid Celebration–20 Reported Killed

Basir Pashteen Atiqzai‏ @BasirAtiqzai Jun 15

#Taliban and #Afghan security forces jointly celebrates in MaidanWardak province. The unprecedented move towards peace and ceasefire is gaining hearts of the #Afghans.

An explosion at a gathering of Taliban, civilians and security forces claimed the lives of 17 people including Taliban.


An explosion rocked a gathering of Afghan security forces, civilians and Taliban on Saturday at about 5:30pm, killing at least 17 people, local officials confirmed.

Nangarhar spokesman Attaullah Khogyani said the explosion happened in Rodat district at an Eid gathering between Taliban and Afghan security forces who were celebrating the ceasefire.

According to Khogyani, 17 people were killed and a number of others were wounded including Taliban, security forces and civilians.

Explosives in a Taliban vehicle reportedly exploded.

The explosion happened during the Eid ceasefire between Taliban and the Afghan government.

Afghan government has said it will continue operations against other insurgent groups, including Daesh, and only Taliban are part of the ceasefire.

Daesh militants are active in parts of Nangarhar province.

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  1. They used a car bomb – these wannabe hero’s are so primitive – look around & see the magnificent toys – small – convenient – deadly – cheap & easy to carry.
    A car bomb is just plain ridiculous in today’s world of technology.
    Go home & tend your goats – where you belong.

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