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Why so many migrants?…WAR

Immigrant mother separated from boy : 'I dream of my son' (copy) (copy)

Melvin, foreground, and Iris, both from Honduras, listen as they hear other immigrants tell of their separation from their children at the border during a news conference at the Annunciation House, Monday, June 25, 2018, in El Paso, Texas. 32 parents waiting to be reconciled with their children have been released by Border Patrol the the Annunciation House.

The Public Pulse: Why so many migrants?

Every day we hear and read about migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers. Missing, however, is an understanding of why this is occurring.

Why are there so many Sudanese in Omaha? War. Why so many Iraqis in Lincoln? War. Vietnamese in California? War.

As has been widely reported, the vast majority of people surging to our southern border are Hondurans, Salvadorans and Guatemalans. All of these countries were, in the recent past, right-wing dictatorships backed by the United States.

These repressive dictatorships and their legacies have resulted in unbearable conditions for millions of their people. It is U.S. foreign and economic policies that are to blame for the mass migrations. This is a form of “blowback.” The MS-13 gang is a perfect example: born in the U.S.-backed Salvadoran civil war; formed in Los Angeles; metastasized after deportation back to the authoritarian, neo-liberal U.S. “ally.”

The aforementioned Iraqi and Vietnamese migrants are also here because of U.S.-backed wars. Likewise, the millions of Syrian migrants in Europe, Jordan, etc., are a direct result of the disastrous U.S.-instigated Iraq War.

Surely all sides in the immigration debate can agree — it is key to improve conditions in the migrating countries so people don’t leave in the first place.

Stuart Williams, Omaha, Nebraska