Three Different, Allegedly “Non-Terrorist” Explosions In As Many Days, In Magnitogorsk, Russia

Magnitogorsk: after all the terrorist attack …

[According to this report, the three attacks are linked in the following manner…investigators viewing previous night’s explosion at the apartment complex, observed a suspicious individual digging through a dumpster at the nearby Continental mall, where he was seen removing a cell phone from a device, evidently wired to blow…detectives detained the man and recovered an IED device from the Continental dumpster, and then traced the man’s previous path and numbers in the cell phone, leading them to the subjects in the Gazelle minivan, who opened fire upon the police, before detonating a suicide bomb, to end the firefight.

Obviously, terrorism, all linked to a single terrorist cell.]

Russian investigators deny explosives caused building blast that killed 39 in Magnitogorsk

Explosives in the shopping center, four dead and silence of the security forces

The truth will always win. Even if you die in battle

From the collapse of the house to the explosion of the “Gazelle”: a version linking the events of recent days in Magnitogorsk

In Magnitogorsk, a search operation is being completed to retrieve the bodies of the dead in the collapse of a house on Karl Marx Avenue, 164. Tomorrow is a funeral. The city is heartbroken and alarmed by the silence of the siloviki. Until now, there is no final official version of the explosion and collapse, there are no statements from the Russian IC on the explosion of a minibus and three killed in it. Meanwhile, a power source provided with information that links together the events taking place in the city. This is unofficial information coming from anonymous interlocutors, so the degree of confidence in it must be appropriate. Although we are confident in our sources, we propose for the time being to treat the above as one of the possible scenarios, version.

The explosion of house number 164

On December 30, a lonely man (presumably a native of Central Asia) rents an apartment on the third floor of entrance number 7 in the house at Karl Marx, 164. At 6:08 am on December 31, an explosion thunders in the house, causing the entrance the man.

The security forces begin to work on emergency situations, checking all possible versions, although it was immediately announced that household gas was pulled.

“To make an explosion of such a force, it is not enough to forget to turn off the burner and strike a match. There must be a huge concentration. This can actually be achieved only intentionally. Or it’s not gas, ”says a source at, who has worked for many years in the gas service in one of the cities in the Chelyabinsk region.

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation / RIA News

Vladimir Putin arrives at the scene

On the evening of December 31, President Vladimir Putin arrives in Magnitogorsk. Appears a statement about the departure to the city of the head of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin, but in fact he will fly only in a day.

The head of state flies away after spending several hours in Magnitogorsk. At this time there is no information that the incident could have been a terrorist act.

Vladimir Putin in MagnitogorskVladimir Putin in

Explosives in shopping centers

Meanwhile, security officials look at the recordings of cameras located near the collapsed house, and notice a man coming out in the morning of December 31st without things from the house just before the explosion. The man is suspicious. Conduct operational activities and establish that he may be involved in extremist activity.

Then urgently throughout the city begin to check objects with a massive stay of people – you never know what. In the Continent shopping center, the cameras see that on January 1, during the day, a man resembling a person without a certain place of residence goes and inspects bins around the shopping center. In one of them suddenly stretches a hand, something gets and leaves. Man find and detain. The device he took turned out to be a cell phone with wires attached to it and an object similar to an improvised explosive device.

“The homeless man decided to steal the phone and somehow managed to break the wires so that he actually disarmed the explosives. As a result, it did not work, ”says the source of the site.

Immediately after the found phone, which was supposed to trigger the bomb in the urn, the special services began to work. And contacts were made of persons possibly involved in the appearance of explosives in a shopping center. The special operation begins.

Special operation and the explosion of “Gazelle”

As a result, security forces near the shopping center “Continent” go to the private “Gazelle” [minivan]. In it were several men. When they were arrested, they started shooting back, as a result, three were killed, and the Gazelle itself exploded. Previously, in the “Gazelle” criminals also had explosives with striking elements: shells. According to unconfirmed information, it exploded.

The explosion of a minibus. YouTube frameThe explosion of a minibus. YouTube frame

The fourth suspect managed to escape. So far we have no information whether he was near the “Gazelle” or rented an apartment in an exploding house. But there is evidence that on the night of January 2 a large-scale operation to detain him was launched in the city. Because of this, it is possible that people were watching riot police and dog handlers in the homes of Lenin 91 and 91/1.

The fourth suspect was killed during a detention at a rented apartment only on the afternoon of January 2, the source said. The results of the inspection of his apartment is not known.

Many questions

So far there are a lot of ambiguities and questions to law enforcement agencies. There is no answer. What kind of people were in the “Gazelle”: their age, occupation. At least – if it’s still simple citizens – do their families need help? How will the incident be qualified, because in 100% of such cases (if we talk about the banal explosion of a gas cylinder), the SC publishes information about the organization of the pre-investigation investigation into the death of people. Yet again: where and when was the fourth member of the group disarmed? Why did they block half of the city on the night of January 2 and frighten the inhabitants of the houses on Lenin Street? What happened to the house on Karl Marx Avenue – did a gas or a detonated explosive device explode? If all versions are nothing more than someone’s sick imagination and desire to invent small details for the sake of stuffing in the media – where is the refutation and argument.

It is unofficially known that the security forces still bind all the events, but so far have not given them any legal assessment. The whole picture restores the GCU IC of Russia. The operational support is provided by the FSB office in the Chelyabinsk region.

The press service of the UFSB for the Chelyabinsk region has so far refrained from commenting. The SU TFR in the Chelyabinsk Region was advised to contact Moscow for information. The press service of the Russian IC is silent on the evening of January 1. Due to the lack of information in Magnitogorsk, and indeed throughout the country, a variety of rumors and versions of what happened are discussed.

Sources in the FSB of Russia in Moscow while confirming the version of the attack.