US Congressman Confesses That He Is “One of Israel’s Guys”

[The following short post is a candid, honest admission, by a US Congressman, that he is one of Israel’s controlled assets in the US Congress, elected by Jewish money, dominated by Jewish money, allegedly serving the interests of 2 Nations on Capitol Hill.  Repeating the recorded confession of US Congressman Charlie Wilson IS NOT “Antisemitic,” but to know the truth about the power of Jewish money to control weak politicians and NOT repeat it may be tantamount to “TREASON.”]

[The US Government Is Controlled By Men and Women Who Answer To the Jewish Lobby…PERIOD.]

[NY Times Fails To Debunk “Canard” of Jewish Money Dominating Congress, Because It Is the Cold Truth]

[Dems’ Antisemitism Bill Stalls, Despite Massive Effort To Let Israel/Jews Control Congressional Vote]

Charlie Wilson’s War

“You’re going to Israel next week
to meet with Zvi Rafiah
about the Lavi jets.
I want you to tack Pakistan
on the end of your trip.

And meet with the President?

Let him convince you that
it’s a Christian imperative
to let the Afghans rid
their country of Communism.

Okay. It’s not likely the President
of Pakistan is a Christian,
but I’m gonna do this for you, Joanne,
’cause you saved my ass
once with the pro-lifers
and I owe you my seat in Congress
and because you look very good naked.
But I have to tell you,
I’m elected by Jews.

How many Jews do you
have in your district?

But congressmen aren’t
elected by voters,
they’re elected by contributors,
and mine are in, well, New
York, Florida, Hollywood,
because I’m one of
Israel’s guys on the Hill.
And I don’t know how they’re gonna feel
about me taking up the cause of Muslims.

Well, that’s your problem.

Yes, it is.”
–(Charlie Wilson’s War)