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Sources revealed that ousted President  , said after entering prison  in Khartoum North that a major plot hatched against him by the UAE and Saudi Arabia in coordination with the team Salah Gosh, director of the Security Service and the National Intelligence, who resigned from his post, and the transfer of the ousted president, on Thursday, to prison  , where he sits with a number of senior leaders of the former regime.

The sources said that Abdullah al-Bashir, the brother of the isolated president, Gamal al-Wali, leader of the National Congress Party, Abdul Rahman al-Khader, former governor of Khartoum state, former defense minister Major General Abdul Rahim Mohammed Hussein and a number of leaders of the “shadow battalions” Are being transferred to it.

The journalist Lina Yaqoub said on her Facebook page that she asked: Did not find – means Bashir – a little time for review and accountability? “He does not know how to surrender. He fought until the last minutes.”

For his part, Mohamed Hassan al-Bushi, the activist and the most recently released prisoner, said Bashir had put in cell 17, the worst in Kober prison.

On the other hand , politicians , and activists spoke about the suspicious role of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, in the coup that toppled Bashir on April 11, with the complicity of the team Salah Gosh, raising the demonstrators in front of the army leadership banners reject the role of the three role and any aid plans submitted and called on them not to interfere in the affairs of  ‘s interior.

In the meantime, information revealed that Mohammed Dahlan, security adviser to Abu Dhabi and the leader of the dismissed movement “Fatah” visited Khartoum a few days ago, accompanied by an Emirati delegation and secretly away from the media (SEE: U.A.E., Mohammed Dahlan and Zionist Terrorist Conspiracies Called “DAESH”).

The source told Khaleej Online that Dahlan’s visit to Sudan, which is undergoing critical political and security conditions, was aimed at trying to control the reins of government there and changing any developments that might conflict with its political and economic interests. She said that the UAE delegation, in the presence of Dahlan, met with Sudanese army officials, and discussed the possibility of the escalation of events and damage to the interests of the UAE there.

The transitional military council in Sudan said in a statement on Wednesday: “The President of the Council, Lieutenant General Abdul Fattah al-Burhan, met with a high-level Saudi-UAE joint delegation, and it is remarkable that he did not disclose the names or characteristics of the personalities of the joint delegation that attended the meeting with the team The first is Abd al-Fattah al-Burhan.

According to the statement, the delegation expressed its readiness to support and support Sudan and its people at this important historic stage, adding that the delegation also met with Hamidati, who discussed with the delegation what he described as distinguished relations between Khartoum and Abu Dhabi. The sources concluded by saying that the UAE is playing a suspicious and dangerous role in the African country, and implemented by Dahlan, and if the plan succeeded, Sudan could declare a printing country with Israel.

Mubarak al-Nur, spokesman for the opposition Sudanese opposition coalition, said the regime of President Omar al-Bashir remained isolated in Sudan. “Therefore, the revolution will continue until all its demands are fulfilled.” Al-Nur said in a statement to “Gulf Online”, yesterday: “The Transitional Military Council is taking practical steps now to liquidate the former regime, and ask him to fight corruption and corrupt, and return the stolen state money to the Treasury.”

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