Sweden Apartment Blast First Reports Linking Explosion To Biker War

Vivalla, Örebro
Gottsunda, Uppsala
Alby, Botkyrka
Fittja, Botkyrka
Hallunda/Norsborg, Botkyrka
Husby, Stockholm
Rinkeby/Tensta, Stockholm
Ronna/Geneta/Lina, Södertälje
Araby, Växjö
Karlslund, Landskrona
Nydala/Hermodsdal/Lindängen, Malmö
Rosengård söder om Amiralsgatan, Malmö
Södra Sofielund (Seved), Malmö
Bergsjön, Gothenburg
Biskopsgården, Gothenburg
Hammarkullen, Gothenburg
Hjällbo, Gothenburg
Lövgärdet, Gothenburg
Tynnered/Grevgården/Opaltorget, Västra Frölunda
Hässleholmen/Hulta, Borås
Norrby, Borås
Skäggetorp, Linköping
“According to information provided to Aftonbladet, the police work on the theory that the explosion has been directed at a motorcycle gang.”–Aftonbladet
Linköping blast: Explosion rocks apartment block in Swedish city
The blast blew out all the block’s windows. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson/TT

A major explosion hit an apartment building in Linköping, southern Sweden, on Friday morning, with around 15 ambulances dispatched to the scene and 20 people injured.

Police received the first reports of the blast at Hamngatan in the centre of the city at about 9am, and have now cordoned off several blocks around the site.
Local rescue services at 10.20am described the event as a “gas explosion”, but later said this had been a mistake.
“We don’t know anything about what caused the explosion, that is for the police to investigate,” said the rescue services in an updated statement.
Police said there was still no clarity over whether the explosion was an accident or whether it was caused deliberately.
“It is currently unclear why this has happened, what it might in this case have been directed against, and whether or not we are talking about an accident,” police spokesperson Åsa Willsund told the TT newswire.
Katarina Nestor, a spokesperson for the local health services, said that the injured were being taken together to be treated at a hospital in a nearby town.
“We have 19 people who are lightly injured and who are now waiting on a bus at Linköping swimming pool. They are going to be driven to the hospital in Motala to be treated,” she told TT. Three people were taken to hospital by ambulance.
At 1pm two people were still being cared for in hospital. Everyone else had been able to leave.
Local reader Simon Harris said that he had heard the explosion.
“We heard the explosion clearly this morning while swimming in the Stångån, Hjulsbro, which I’ve clocked on Apple Maps as 8.3 kilometres from Hamngatan,” he wrote in an email.
Police confirmed that several people had been lightly injured. According to SOS Alarm, around 15 ambulances had been sent out, with one person so far taken to hospital.
Bodil Knuthammar,  press spokesperson for Region Östergötland, which is responsible for local health services, said she could not yet give information on the number of people hurt.
“I cannot yet say anything about the injuries situation,” she said, adding that the local hospital had been put on the second-highest emergency level.
The blast destroyed the windows and blew off the metal balconies on the apartment block. Photo:  Jeppe Gustafsson/TT
Pontus Johansson, who lives in the block opposite, told the Aftonbladet newspaper that he had only just got up when the blast happened.
“I was in the shower when I noticed that the entire house was shaking, it was like thunder,” he said. “There was a lot of chaos, and a huge number of police outside here.”
Several fire engines were sent to the building. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson/TT
Helene Trygg, who lives on other side of the affected building, told Expressen that she had been woken by the explosion.
“At first I thought it was thunder,” she said. “All my flower pots smashed on the floor.”
She said she had been told the register herself as uninjured.
Owe Gewecke, who lives nearby, said that “the whole building shook” when the blast went off.
“I was lifted half a metre off the ground,” he told the newspaper. “The balcony nearest to it is completely destroyed.”
The blast blew out the windows of a nearby shop. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson/TT

Brit News Publishes Images of Holes In Ships, Allegedly Showing UAE Tanker Sabotage

Gulf Tankers Attack Just Another “False Flag” Provocation?
France, UK and U.S. Navies Rehearse Underwater Sabotage/Defense, One Month Before UAE Sabotage, In Artemis Trident 19 Wargames


Divers on speedboats ‘planted explosives on oil tankers’, report says

Coordinated teams of divers using limpet mines incapacitated the vessels in a series of timed detonations, investigators say.

Image:Investigators say the attacks on oil tankers such as Norwegian tanker Andrea Victory (pictured) in a UAE port were led by a foreign state 

Investigators believe a series of attacks on oil tankers in a United Arab Emirates port were led by a foreign state – with divers on speedboats planting mines on the vessels.

Their report suggests the attacks looked like a “sophisticated and co-ordinated operation carried out by an actor with significant operational capacity, most likely a state actor”.

Saudi Arabian tanker Amjad was one of those attacked in the Port of Fujairah. Riyadh blames Iran
Image:Saudi Arabian tanker Amjad was one of those attacked in the Port of Fujairah


The US has recently accused Iran of being responsible, but the country was not named in the report.

Four tankers from the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Norway were hit on 12 May off the Emirati coast – and it is believed limpet mines were placed below the waterline to ensure vessels were incapacitated but not sunk.

The Emirati vessel A. Michel suffered underwater damage in the attacks in the Port of Fujairah
Image:The Emirati vessel A. Michel suffered a large hole below the waterline in the attacks in the Port of Fujairah 

Pictures released with the report showed large holes in the hulls of the ships.

A picture showing the underwater damage to the Saudi Arabian tanker Al Marzoqah in the Port of Fujairah
Image:The underwater damage to the Saudi Arabian tanker Al Marzoqah 

Early findings of a joint investigation were revealed to the UN Security Council behind closed doors on Thursday.

Scientific and naval experts using tanker debris, radar data and the precisely placed explosive charges are leading the investigation.

Damaged Norwegian tanker Andrea Victory off the Port of Fujairah in the UAE
Image:Damaged Norwegian tanker Andrea Victory off the Port of Fujairah in the UAE 

On Thursday, Abdallah al Mouallimi, the Saudi ambassador to the UN, said Tehran was behind the attacks.

“We believe the responsibility for this attack lies on the shoulders of Iran,” he told reporters after the briefing, echoing the assessment of US national security adviser John Bolton, who blamed Iran last week.

Tehran denies the accusations.