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Iranian tanker Adrian Darya 1 has unloaded its oil in Tartus, Syria

Iranian Tanker Grace1 Clearly Heads To Baniyas, Syria, Despite US Threats and Bluster

TEHRAN – Sources have said that Iranian tanker Adrian Darya 1 has unloaded its oil at a port in Syria, Tasnim quoted the Middle East Eye as reporting on Saturday.

Adrian Darya 1 had been at the center of a dispute between Tehran and certain Western countries. It was photographed by satellite off the Syrian port of Tartus, a U.S. space technology company said on Friday, according to the Guardian.

Maxar Technologies Inc said the image showed the tanker Adrian Darya 1 very close to Tartus on September 6. The ship appeared to have turned off its transponder in the Mediterranean west of Syria, ship-tracking data showed. The tanker, which was loaded with Iranian crude oil, sent its last signal giving its position between Cyprus and Syria sailing north last Monday afternoon.

The vessel, formerly named Grace 1, was detained by British Royal Marine commandos off Gibraltar on July 4 as it was suspected to be en route to Syria.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had said that intelligence suggested the tanker was heading to Tartus, which is a short distance from its last-known position – 45 nautical miles (83km) off the coast of Lebanon and Syria.

Washington had warned any state against assisting the ship, saying it would consider that support for Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. The U.S. Treasury blacklisted the tanker on Friday.


National Suicide/Mass-Murder Epidemic Exposes the Fraudulent “American Dream”

The Real American Carnage

Whenever a mass shooting occurs — which is to say, fairly regularly somewhere  in America these days — investigators scour for clues as to the “motive” of the gunman.

Often, as was the case in El Paso two weeks ago, the shooter espouses some sort of political ideology, whether it be homegrown white nationalism or foreign-based anti-Americanism.

On occasion, individuals with mental illness are the perpetrators.

But just as often, as was the case in the country music shooting in Las Vegas two years ago, there is no discernible motive, other than that the shooter simply is unhappy and frustrated with his lot in life.

That appears to have been the situation with this past weekend’s shooting spree in Texas by a 36-year-old man who was fired from his job and who was described by his neighbor as a loner.

In short, the shooter fit a certain profile — a young, white male with no money, no wife or girlfriend, no children, and no prospects.

However, each and every one of these shootings, regardless of the perpetrator’s motive, have two things in common: Innocent Americans are being shot while going about their daily lives and the shooter had military-style weaponry that allowed him to kill and maim dozens of Americans with a single pull of the trigger.

About 13,000 innocent Americans are slaughtered by guns every year in this country. (There also are about 26,000 suicides by guns each year).

To put that 13,000 figure into perspective, that is almost twice the number of American soldiers who have been killed in the entirety of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cumulatively over the past 15 years, 7000 American soldiers lost their lives in our Mideast wars, while 200,000 innocent Americans have been killed by gunfire right here in America. In addition to those who died, more than one million Americans have been shot and wounded in the past 15 years.

When President Trump used the term, “American Carnage,” in his Inaugural Address, it was not entirely clear what he was referring to.

However, given that more Americans are shot, killed, and maimed by guns every year on their home soil than anywhere else in the world, our American Carnage is indeed, very real.


Suicide rates are rising, especially in rural America

Rates among people in rural counties were 25 percent higher than those in major metropolitan areas.

Albanian President Claims Country Narrowly Avoided “Soros Destabilisation Plot”

[ Global Menace and Threat To Democratic Freedom Everywhere…International Subversive George Soros  ]

President Ilir Meta alleged that Albania had managed to avoid a domestic and international conspiracy to “capture the state”, led by US billionaire philanthropist George Soros, although he offered no evidence for his claim.

Albania President Ilir Meta at a press conference in Tirana on Tuesday. Photo: Gent Shkullaku/LSA

Ilir Meta told a press conference on Tuesday that there had been a domestic and international plot against Albanian democracy aimed at destabilising the country during disputed local elections at the weekend.

The Albanian president accused billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros of being responsible for what he called “a conspiracy aimed at totally capturing the state”.

Meta offered no evidence to support his claims, and no details about how the alleged plot was intended to unfold or how it was thwarted.

His comments came after the main opposition parties, including Meta’s former party, the Socialist Movement for Integration, refused to participate in the country’s local elections on Sunday.

Meta claimed that the destabilisation plot was supposed to be enacted on Sunday but failed because “Albanians didn’t fall prey to the provocations”.

The opposition had threatened to disrupt Sunday’s polls, but did not do so.

Meta’s allegations come amid heightened political tensions in Albania, where his former party, the Socialist Movement for Integration, currently led by his wife Monika Kryemadhi, has been staging protests in an attempt to oust the Socialist-led government of Prime Minister Edi Rama, which it accuses of enlisting the help of organised crime to control the country’s elections.

Meta was elected president in 2017 with the support of Rama’s Socialists.

But the Albanian parliament, controlled by Rama, has put Meta under investigation and is seeking to fire him from the position of president.

The opposition boycott of Sunday’s polls led to a contest for mayoral and local council seats in which Rama’s Socialists went almost unchallenged.

International observers from the OSCE/ODIHR monitoring mission said the near complete absence of opposition participation in the polls meant that they involved no meaningful choice and were held “with little regard for the interests of the electorate”.

The Socialists, however, claim that the turnout was high enough to confirmation the credibility of the result in the eyes of Albanians.

Rama’s party now controls central and local government, as well as being accused of already controlling or strongly influencing other institutions that should be independent.

Meta claimed at his press conference on Tuesday that the alleged conspiracy’s aim was “total state capture, in Albania but not only here”.

“I do have some words about honoured billionaire George Soros. I failed to listen carefully to [Hungarian Prime Minister] Viktor Orban in January 2000, when I was speaking with love about George Soros because, truth be told, he helped us when we were in opposition, and he [Orban] told me: ‘Be aware because he is not that democratic and often conspires against democracy,’” he said.

Meta also called for fresh parliamentary elections this year.

In recent years, Soros has become the subject of many conspiracy theories about his alleged powers of political manipulation, often circulated by those who oppose his financial support for liberal causes.