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Biden Dares To Call Trump’s Syrian Policies A “giant ISIS recruiting poster”, After Helping Obama Create ISIS

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See “Islamists go where oilmen fear to tread,” “Imperial Plan To Use Civil War As Gas and Oil Valve.” The “War On Terror” is NOT a war on terror, but a war on gas and oil producers outside the US sphere of control. The US policy has been to export terrorists into uncontrolled oil regions, in order to open the door for Pentagon proxy forces. We fight to bottle-up uncontrolled oil nations until they can be brought under US domination, and to artificially manipulate current oil/gas prices.–Ed.

‘Like a giant ISIS recruiting poster’: Trump’s Syrian oilfield occupation slammed by ‘moderate’ rebel recruiter Biden

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden – who, back in the good old Obama administration days, lobbied for the arming of ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria – slammed Trump for downgrading the US military to an oilfield occupation force.

“Leaving troops behind like [Trump’s] doing now – he says that what he wants to do is we’re going to occupy the oil fields and we’re going to take ‘em,” Biden told the Wall Street Journal. He expressed deep regret that the vacuum left by the withdrawal of US troops has disastrously been filled by the (legitimate) Syrian government, Russia, and (probably worst of all) Iran. Oh, and Islamic State terrorists of course.

That’s like a giant 300-foot recruiting poster for ISIS

As if only a terrorist would oppose an illegal US occupation and deny Americans their God-given right to loot sovereign nations’ natural resources, Biden did not criticize the ‘secure the oil’ policy per se, but rather lamented yet another ‘betrayal’ of US allies.

Back in the days in the Obama administration, Biden lobbied for a $500-million Syrian rebel train and equip program – even though he once admitted that finding even a single ‘moderate’ that was revolutionary enough might prove hard, if not impossible, as it was unlikely there was “a Thomas Jefferson hiding behind some rock, or a James Madison beyond one sand dune.”

The fact of the matter is, the ability to identify a moderate middle in Syria was — there was no moderate middle…

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So when reports of American weapons regularly falling into the hands of IS and US-backed militants joining the ranks of hardcore jihadists finally reached the mainstream media, Biden famously tried to deflect the blame, claiming it wasn’t Washington’s fault that its own allies had been pouring “hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad.”

After the ‘moderate rebel’ endeavor flopped and turned into a PR disaster, Washington disowned the likes of the Free Syrian Army, but managed to maintain a foothold in northern Syria and capture oil fields in the Deir ez-Zor Governorate with the help of its new ‘boots on the ground’, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.

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“I like oil! We’re keeping the oil!” Trump proclaimed as he pulled out the troops, making it clear that the only reason the US is maintaining a small (but still illegal) military presence after the pullout is to deny Damascus access to its natural resources. Each month, the US smuggles crude worth $30 million out of Syria, according to Russia’s estimates – which is not only in violation of international law but, ironically, also in breach of its own unilateral sanctions against the war-ravaged state.

Syrian President Bashar Assad, however, gave Trump credit for openly admitting to representing the interests of American lobbies, in stark contrast with the previous ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ administration that posed as the “defenders of human rights and noble and unique American values.”

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Russian Soyuz Rockets Provide Backbone For US Space Program w/Out US-Made Engines

Russia is making more Soyuz spacecraft to help NASA’s ISS missions

NASA warned it might need help for the next year or two.

AP Photo/Dmitri Lovetsky 

While the US wants to reduce its dependence on Russian rockets, Russia itself is expecting to help for a while yet. Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin recently ordered the construction of two more Soyuz MS spacecraft, one of which will help NASA deliver astronauts to the International Space Station. The decision follows a letter from NASA director Jim Bridenstine warning of a delay in starting American commercial spacecraft flights. The US may need extra seats in 2020 and 2021, Rogozin said, and this extra spacecraft will help in a pinch.

The other Soyuz vessel would be used for a space tourist flight due in late 2021, although this would help free resources for other missions.

Not surprisingly, Russia used the order as a chance to criticize American planning. The country reportedly warned the US that it should have asked for more seats in advance in case its target of a spring 2020 commercial flight didn’t pan out. It takes “at least” two years for Energia to make a Soyuz spacecraft, Rogozin said.

This isn’t necessarily a sign of serious trouble for the US. SpaceX is still hoping for a Crew Dragon trip in early 2020, and Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner might not be far behind. However, the extra construction suggests there may not be a rapid transition toward all-American launches — the two countries might have to cooperate for a while yet.

Source: TASS

Al-Baghdadi was US ‘spawn

Earlier, Syrian President Bashar Assad also expressed his doubts about the fate of the notorious terrorist and said that Washington could recreate him “under a different name, as a different individual,” also suggesting the Americans could reproduce “ISIS in its entirety,” possibly “under a different name but with the same thought and the same purpose.”

Al-Baghdadi was US ‘spawn’, his death is still an open question – Lavrov

Al-Baghdadi was US ‘spawn’, his death is still an open question – Lavrov

Russia still cannot verify Washington’s claims about the elimination of the Islamic State leader, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, adding that the US facilitated the rise of the group in the first place.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the (now former) leader of the notorious terrorist group Islamic State  (IS, formerly ISIS) “is or was if he is really dead a spawn of the United States,” the minister told the Russian Rossiya 24 broadcaster.

“ISIS as such came into existence in the wake of the US illegal invasion of Iraq, the collapse of the Iraqi state and the release of extremists that Americans previously kept in prisons there…”

So, to a certain degree, the Americans have now eliminated their own spawn, if it did happen.

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Lavrov also said that the Russian military still do not have enough information to confirm with confidence that the self-proclaimed ‘Caliph’ is indeed dead. “We want to get additional information,” he said.

It was all stated triumphantly and jubilantly. Yet, our military still study the issue and … cannot confirm many US statements so far.

US President Donald Trump pompously announced American special forces neutralized the terrorist leader in “a daring night-time raid” in northwest Syria, yet, his statement was met with skepticism by many. While the Pentagon released drone footage of the raid, it offered little proof regarding the terrorist leader’s demise itself. His mutilated body, found under the rubble of a collapsed tunnel, was allegedly buried at sea, but evidence for this assertion, too, essentially remains classified.

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Russian FM Lavrov Denounces US Oil Grab In Syria As ‘Arrogant and Illegal’:


‘Arrogant & illegal’: Lavrov denounces US military’s oil moves in Syria at Russian-Turkish-Iranian press event

‘Arrogant & illegal’: Lavrov denounces US military’s oil moves in Syria at Russian-Turkish-Iranian press event

The US was “arrogant” to send its troops to guard oilfields in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said, adding that it remains unclear from whom the installations need to be protected.

The actions of the Americans in Syria violate international law, as their presence in the country is “illegal,” Lavrov reiterated, appearing alongside his Iranian and Turkish counterparts at a press-conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

The statement that this [US] presence is needed to protect the oil riches of Syria is arrogant. It turns out that they are being protected from Syria itself.

Washington’s claims that oilfields needed protection from the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group were just a pretext to backtrack on the withdrawal of the US troops from Syria, which had earlier been announced by Donald Trump.

Such a statement sounds especially confusing as “back in March, the US already announced that Islamic State is defeated, crushed,” he reminded the attendance in Geneva.

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Lavrov, Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu, and Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif got together to discuss the official launch of the Syrian Constitutional Committee to take place in Geneva on Wednesday.

Another pressing issue on the agenda was the ceasefire in northern Syria, which was negotiated by Russia and Turkey in Sochi last week, but was due to expire later on Tuesday.

Cavusoglu warned that any Kurdish units, whom Ankara views as terrorists, remaining in the “safe zone” on the Turkish-Syrian border after the truce ends will be eliminated. However, he pointed out that Turkey trusts Moscow when it said that the Kurds have left the area, per the agreement.