Is It Time To Kill Another Hariri, Already?

Israel Plans To Assassinate Saad Hariri

When all else fails against an enemy, the Israeli Mossad activates its assassins, either through a missile strike targeting a passenger in a moving car, or through a car bomb, through poisoned toothpaste, else through a bullet to the brain of their target.  This is their MO, as illustrated by their very own supremely long history of terrorism.

Following the dramatic civil unrest and protest upheaval in the Lebanon these past two weeks – a genuine anti corruption Lebanese revolution that was hijacked on the fifth day by the internal and external enemies of Lebanon, and more specifically, by the enemies of Hezbollah – Lebanon returned to some semblance of normality two days ago, albeit a volatile one.

Nasrallah, in his last speech, heartily congratulated the “awoke population of the Lebanon” for foiling an Israeli-Saudi plan to ignite sectarian civil war in their nation.  Indeed, it’s a miracle that gun fights on narrow Lebanese streets and strategic bridges didn’t erupt between hot-headed protesting civilians, considering that the majority of Lebanese homes proudly count weapons as part and parcel of their furniture.

Clearly, the aim of the revolution’s hijackers was solely to target Hezbollah for destruction – or at least, for weakening.  For over two decades, Hezbollah’s Jewish and Jew-centric enemies have been conspiring to destroy it, and all their efforts and missions have failed thus far – nay, all their efforts ended up making Hezbollah even stronger than the day before the dastardly conspiracies against it.

It is practically impossible to destroy a popular, home-grown resistance group that’s focused, disciplined, committed, well-trained and well-armed.  In fact, we can no longer refer to the Hezbollah as a resistance ‘group’, for it is now an intact army on par with any able-bodied regional army.  Yes, Hezbollah is an army – an experienced one, a professional one – and its stellar warfare tactics and methodology are currently being studied in military academies the world over.

Strategists in Tel Aviv sitting in windowless rooms have ran out of ideas in their endeavors to destroy Hezbollah.  They have run through the whole gamut of evil ploys with zero results, and now as a last resort, they have called in their kosher assassins.  And when Jewish assassins are called in, the target is usually the highest and most consequential.  Often, the target is one of their own ‘Controlled Opposition’ agents – an agent directly or indirectly and preferably Gentile – as indeed was the case with the Mossad-murdered Rafik Hariri, Lebanon’s ex Prime Minister and father of the current (resigned) Prime Minister, Saad Hariri.

In Lebanon, sectarianism still exists, though in much milder form than it did back in the 1970’s.  The recent mass protests distinguished themselves and confirmed this by the pluralistic protestors’ unified anti-corruption cries, instead of divisive and bellicose calls in support of their own religious sect, which used to be the norm in Lebanon.  Watchers of Saad Hariri observed that soon as he resigned, he began speaking in a sectarian language and warning of Lebanon’s Sunni community losing political power in the next new government, thus inciting Sunni extremists to take to the streets to ‘insult’ the powerful Hezbollah and their proud Shia and Christian supporters.  Armed protestors on the night streets of Tripoli (a Hariri stronghold) demanded his immediate return to government and skirmished and battled with the Lebanese army over two nights (they only appeared at nightfall).  It became clear then that Saad Hariri’s resignation and government dissolution was intended by him (and his Axis of Evil controllers) to elbow Hezbollah’s members out of government, thus stripping them of political power; as well as spinning the nation into an ‘atmosphere’ of sectarian civil war.  But alas, this too didn’t work as Tripoli’s armed and paid Sunni extremists could not give more than two nights’ worth of sedition and ruinous rebellion; and Hezbollah’s leadership, being an awoke and cool-headed lot, showed no physical reaction to these incitements at all.

Fizzle after fizzle laid at the feet of Hezbollah these past two weeks.

Saad Hariri, not known for being a political intellectual, nor for being a notable strategist, now with hindsight appears to be a pawn-member of the Jewish plan to weaken Hezbollah at the expense of Lebanon’s security – all to insure his leadership as head Sunni puppet, and not as a patriotic leader with profound responsibility towards the whole of the citizenry of Lebanon.

Here we must pause and ask ourselves: what does Saad Hariri mean to the Israeli Mossad?  What is his value and worth to the Jewish terrorist state?

We know that the Axis of Evil members, all of them, consider him as a weakling and view him with utter contempt.  Saudi MbS kidnapped him and had his security men slap him around and put a gun to his head.  We know that Jews and Jew-centric globalists and regime-changers in DC, with peg on nose use him as bait and pawn inside the Lebanon.  And we know that the Mossad found his father, well, very ‘disposable’.

Therefore, he too, Saad Hariri is disposable.

At this stage of the game between Hezbollah and the Mossad, and after all of the Mossad’s plans against the Hezbollah have failed over the decades, only one single ploy that may have some measure of success in turning the Lebanon theater into a pit of civil war that would weaken Hezbollah internally remains: it is the assassination of Saad Hariri.  To be pinned on Hezbollah.  Exactly as they did with his father.

This is the only card left in Jewish hands.

And they are already ready for it – by god the Jews are ready for it but… for Trump’s permission.

Will Trump ever give Tel Aviv the green light to assassinate Saad Hariri, thus triggering civil war in the Lebanon?  A war that may spill over into both a recovering Syria and an insecure Israel, thus raising with it the specter of a dreaded regional war?

The American embassy in Beirut is not behaving as if an engineered civil war is about to break out in the Lebanon.  They are more than happy for now to just engineer a hijacking of Lebanon’s genuine protests to bring the small nation to the brink of a ‘Trumpian’ bankruptcy, but, they’ve not been given orders by the White House to prepare for a dangerous, uncontrollable civil war.  Yet.

One thing we can be sure of is this: should the ‘nod’ to assassinate Saad Hariri be given to the Mossad and his murder plunges the country of Lebanon into civil war overnight, Tel Aviv will not be left unmolested by Hezbollah’s weapons, especially if Hezbollah’s Intelligence Unit (the best in the country and one of the best in the region) can provide evidence of Jewish hands in the assassination of Saad Hariri to the public.

Two years ago, a Mossad operative in Lebanon was caught planning the assassination of Rafik Hariri’s sister, Bahia Hariri – Saad Hariri’s aunt.  Report of this was denied by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior, but it was understood in Lebanon that this denial was to preserve the security of the nation.  Secular, Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV, who were first to report this story, have access to both Hezbollah and Lebanese Intelligence information.  They are not known for spreading fake news, or for sectarian incitement.  Moreover, Hariri’s aunt traveled to Paris the day after the attempted assassination on her and remained there for months, after adamantly refusing to comment on the story while still in Beirut packing her bags.

In classic mafia style, assassinating Saad Hariri’s aunt (successful or not) was intended to send a message to Hariri, the pawn: ‘fight Hezbollah dirtier, or else!’.

And who, pray tell, is sending this menacing message to him?  Why, it’s no other than the Israeli and Saudi intelligence, with support from the CIA.

If Israel finds no other way to diminish Hezbollah’s growing might and power domestically and regionally,  it will indeed call upon its DC brigade to pressure Trump into green-lighting the assassination of Saad Hariri.

After all, who is Saad Hariri to the racist Jews except yet another disposable, Gentile pawn?  A worthless Arab!

Ideally, Tel Aviv would much prefer to assassinate Hassan Nasrallah himself.  But all their attempts at getting intelligence on his whereabouts have so far been futile.  Therefore, for Tel Aviv to create the deeply desired sectarian war between Lebanese Shia and Sunnis, the next best way forward would be the assassination of Saad Hariri.

His life now rests in the small hands of President Donald J. Trump.

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