“It don’t have to be like this…When will it end ??”



Sanctions do not work.
Sanctions to prove a point ??
Sanctions to gain &/or maintain control/the status quo ??
Do not work.
They only create chaos, destroy corporate structure, financial viability, followed by poverty & mayhem.

According to the Money Lenders of the Old World: ‘Let us control the money of a nation & we care not who makes its laws.’
Here we are again, stuck in the Good Ol’ Days of Yore.

*days of yore – meaning: a time long ago when knights roamed the country side engaged in daring & romantic quests.

Like the economy of Venezuela & the economy of Iran ………..
The economy of the US is at the bottom of the pit of despair .. unbelievable numbers of unemployed persons .. US jobs GIVEN away to the Asia Pacific Region & Mexico where the wage is below subsistence levels .. while Americans struggle in a contrived poverty brought about by the greed of a few self serving, distorted & romantically inspired minds.

It don’t have to be like this.
The clown that dictate the rule of thumb need to be sacked.
When will it end ??
When will this festering malaise end ??
The waste & wanton destruction to achieve imagined victories are a sacrilege.

–[Astounding insight! It is voices like yours that could turn this national depression into an international revolution…Thanks for your input. People have to understand that it is the Depression which has long been planned, NOT THE VIRUS. The pandemic was not their objective, it was an irresistible opportunity to make the planned crash of the economy happen, in a manner which would not be blamed upon present or past administrations. In our lifetime, politicians have worked for the money masters, facilitating their plan to sabotage the economy with the plan, which was really a time-bomb, set to go off whenever the coffers of the .1% were full of the accumulated debt of the world, after DEBT had been revalued as “good as money”. The same crowd that is wailing to the heavens over dastardly China and India controlling our supply lines are the same financial/corporate monsters who conspired to close American factories and farms and to export those jobs to every possible 3rd World nation from Mongolia to Uzbekistan.
We are currently waging silent war against the people of Venezuela (and other countries) through their national economy, the very same way we destroyed the economy of Argentina in the past (as well as Guatemala and nearly every country in Central and S. America). If the people are ready to rise-up and hold them all, including all our government, accountable for the international “humanitarian” disasters they have visited upon the human race, then we must not let them waste their effort, their voices, and possibly their lives, upon the “counter-false-flag” 5G/COVID DISTRACTION. All those who are attempting to steer the mob into a storm of anger, based upon these unproven, illogical conspiracy theories, instead of upon the proven historical record of plans being made for the crash in the past, are missing the boat and sinking the fate of any possible national or international resistance.–Peter]