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What Happens When the Homeless Populations Suddenly Double?

As eviction bans across the country start to lift, the US could face an eviction ‘apocalypse’

Housing crisis
Many Americans are now at risk of being evicted from their homes. 
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The United States is preparing to deal with yet another crisis: an eviction crisis.

On Thursday, Business Insider’s Carmen Reinicke reported that 44 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the last 12 weeks. The mass layoffs and cratering industries have left many unable to pay their rent or utilities due to the lack of income.

Because of the financial crisis, the pandemic has caused, the federal government put a temporary ban on evictions in federally assisted properties, set to last until July 25. Individual states — like Michigan, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania — had their own eviction moratoriums. But those have expired or are set to expire soon, with no extensions in place: Michigan’s moratorium expired on June 11, while Louisiana’s and Pennsylvania’s are expected to expire on June 15 and July 10 respectively.

The extra funds the stimulus bill extended to Americans are also running out. At the end of July, the extra $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits will expire, and there’s no confirmation yet whether additional stimulus checks are coming.

This is the money that has been allowing people who lost their jobs to continue paying their rent, CNBC’s Alicia Adamczyk reports. The loss of extra income, in conjunction with the end of eviction moratoriums, may cause a nationwide eviction crisis — or worse. Aaron Carr, founder and executive director of the Housing Rights Initiative, told CNBC that evicting people right now, during an ongoing pandemic, could turn “a catastrophe into an apocalypse.”

Homeless shelters in the United States are not set up for social distancing

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on renters since the outbreak and subsequent lockdown measures first began in the US in March.

Between March 25 and April 10, the Urban Institute found that almost half of the renters between the ages of 18 and 64 had trouble paying their rent or utilities, were food insecure, or couldn’t afford necessary medical care. And this issue was far more pronounced in some communities than others: In May, the institute found that 25% of Black and Latino renters deferred or could not pay their rent, compared to just 14% of white renters.

Now, Axios, citing the weekly US Census survey which measures the impact the pandemic has had on Americans, reported that one-fifth of adults said in May that they were unsure whether they’d be able to pay their rent or mortgage in June.

As Carr told CNBC, evicting people from their homes could lead them into homelessness or unstable housing, which could raise their risk of catching COVID-19.

Mass evictions could also create a mental health crisis, causing an emotional and mental strain on those who lost their shelter, and who could end up food insecure. Evicting people also generally ruins credit, which may make it harder to find new housing, especially during a pandemic.

All of these factors could result in an “eviction apocalypse,” with widespread evictions leading to a surge in homelessness and rising COVID-19 infections throughout the country.

Even though activists have been pushing for reforms on rental assistance and cancellation, states have been slow to adopt such measures. A glimmer of hope could be the HEROES Act, which has an extension of the nationwide moratorium on evictions that would last 12 months. The bill was passed by the House in May but has stalled in the Senate.

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  2. Homelessness:
    In today’s world .. where governments allow the liberal printing of money .. in willy-nilly fashion .. (counterfeit money ??) .. homelessness should be a thing of the past.
    Have you seen the ECOCAPSUAL .. it is/was on display in Time Square.
    “Hey .. we’re old fashioned .. we still use cardboard boxes & tents in refugee camps.”
    Australia also .. much to our shame.
    Wouldn’t it be more cost effective . if a government invested in a product like the ECOCAPSUEL ??
    From go to woe .. wouldn’t it be more cost effective .. overall .. for a government to house .. for an affordable fee/rent & transport cost .. to the outskirts of your work place .. a temporary & affordable living space ??
    Yes it would !!
    Has anyone done the Maths ??
    Is it an image thing ??
    Is it because the poor are unworthy & therefore they should suffer & be seen to suffer .. that we allow our fellow man to sleep rough ??
    No where to wash & shower .. no where to urinate & defecate .. no wonder pandemics can evolve.

    The Virgin Birth.
    Was Jesus a self sufficient egg.
    Based on the one cell dividing concept.
    Who know what was .. still is & could become possible .. right ??–[Our government could care less who and how many sleep in the streets, allies and doorways, until it starts to make them look more like monsters than usual. We were lucky to have gotten the one-time stimulus check…$1200…nothing like that has ever happened here before. It is as though they want to increase our “misery index” to the point where troops in the streets can be justified.]

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  4. For several years now & from time to time I have visited the website of Elizabeth Prata .. & even left a comment or two now & then .. it is a good thing to know what people are thinking.
    Elizabeth Prata is devout to the letter.
    I also visited Roman Catholic blog & left many a word.

  5. What does disturbed me is Rapture .. to me it reads like a Nuclear Holocaust on planet earth.–[I don’t know what Catholics believe about it, but back when I still tried to believe in the Protestant version, I couldn’t get over the fact that while the church leaders preached “rapture” as a way to escape the End Time, when the KJV plainly stated that “the elect” would be gathered together “immediately after the tribulation of those days.” Matt. 24:29-31 So they were filling us with false hope in escaping the inescapable event.]

  6. With all due respect …
    Are we not told .. that it is about time for the seed of Abraham .. to inherit the Promised Lands ??
    And interest accrued there of.
    Which could give over all of the Middle East & even the European Union to said parties .. I fear that vested interests are also hankering over Russia.

  7. “HRI told CNBC that evicting people right now .. during an ongoing pandemic .. could turn a catastrophe into an apocalypses.”

    Maybe that is the desired outcome ??

    We are living in unprecedented times & a lot of people are assuming that COVID-19 is a sign of the end times.
    If we believe what’s in Revelations .. if we believe what’s in Matthew 24:
    The Apostle John talks about a mountain being thrown into the ocean & a third of the earth dying .. COVID-19 is not The End Time .. there is more prophecy that need to be fulfilled .. & the first one is the final inn gathering of the gentiles that the Apostle Paul talked about .. could this pandemic lead to that .. indeed !!

    You see .. one thing leads to another & BINGO !!

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