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Liberals and Conservatives Find Unity In Distrust of Mainstream Media

“With this poll, we see confirmation that the majority of the American people do not trust corporate media, 85%. We the People have learned to see through big media’s claim that they are the defender of Democracy, when it is now obvious that Big Media’s purpose is to manipulate Democracy, as the path to subverting real Democracy at the polls. Corporate control of the American electoral process through money and the media demonstrates most clearly that America is NO LONGER a Democracy, it is just another authoritarian dictatorship…complete totalitarianism is next.”

A deeply polarized America is united in its ‘disdain and distrust’ of the media: Trey Gowdy

A Gallup poll from early July showed a majority of Americans don’t trust print or television media

“Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy credited the media for managing to unite the country against them in a deeply polarizing political environment, citing a Gallup poll that found that 85% of the country has lost faith in print and television media.


TREY GOWDYI want to congratulate the media, they have managed to do that which seemed impossible. A pandemic could not do it, natural disasters can’t do it, war can no longer do it. But the media has done it. In a country rife with vision torn asunder with political fights, the media has brought about a glimmer of unity. The media has united the country in believing that the media is untrustworthy, unfair, and biased.

Disdain and distrust for the media cross geographical and generational and ideological boundaries. In other words, having no confidence in the fairness of media may be the single most unifying thing we have going for us. And when everyone thinks you are wrong, that should be cause for self-reflection, but not for the media. They don’t blame themselves, they blame you and the internet and lack of diversity, except of course, a lack of political diversity. The public does not trust media and believe that media is fair, because the media is not fair. It’s not complicated. The media doesn’t speak truth to power, the media tries to influence whose in power. The media isn’t a societal referee, it’s an active participant in the contest.

 A country and a culture cannot survive without fairness. We need… an impartial, neutral detached judge… Americans know fairness is a virtue. And we salute the humility of those who can call the game without trying to influence the game. 

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