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Milliband’s “Truth-Bomb”

[SEE: Latest Med “Boat People” Tragedy Resulting From Anti-Libyan U.N. Sec. Council Res. 1973 ; The Obscenity of Humanitarian Warfare]

Nigel Farage: David Cameron ‘directly caused’ Libyan migrant crisis

“Ukip leader says Britain should offer refuge to Christians from Libya, as up to 700 die in latest disaster at sea.”

Cameron hits back after Labour suggests he is responsible for migrant deaths

“Prime minister says Miliband’s comments about failures of post-conflict plans in Libya are ill-judged, as Labour says Tories have manufactured the row.”

branded“shameful and absolutely unacceptable” by Number 10.

Miliband riles Tories with ‘bombing Libya led to migrant crisis’ claim


Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband arrives at a campaign event in Ipswich, eastern England April 22, 2015 (Reuters / Darren Staples)

Britain’s opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband arrives at a campaign event in Ipswich, eastern England April 22, 2015 (Reuters / Darren Staples)

Ed Miliband’s claims that David Cameron and other European leaders failed Libya and in part contributed to the migrant boat catastrophe in which 800 people drowned were branded “shameful and absolutely unacceptable” by Number 10.

The Labour leader, who has not yet given the speech, plans to say world leaders have not supported Libya in the wake of coalition airstrikes, which contributed to the downfall of Colonel Gaddafi, leading to growing numbers of migrants dying in the Mediterranean.

Despite having voted in favor of military action against Libya, Miliband will say there were “failures in post-conflict planning.” He will say the refugee situation could have been anticipated.

“In Libya, Labour supported military action to avoid the slaughter Gaddafi threatened in Benghazi,” Miliband will say.

“But since the action, the failure of post-conflict planning has become obvious. David Cameron was wrong to assume that Libya’s political culture and institutions could be left to evolve and transform on their own.”

“The tragedy is that this could have been anticipated. It should have been avoided. And Britain could have played its part in ensuring the international community stood by the people of Libya in practice rather than standing behind the unfounded hopes of potential progress only in principle.”

His comments echo those of UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who said on Monday that EU leaders were responsible for the deaths of the migrants, suggesting airstrikes had de-stabilized the country and forced more migrants to flee.

The airstrikes carried out in 2011 by a UN-authorized coalition of France, the UK and the US saw Colonel Gaddafi’s regime collapse. The country has since been plagued by political insecurity, with no single functioning government.

Since the toppling of Gaddafi, a civil war between tribal militias throughout the country has ensued.

The Conservatives responded with anger, with Environment Secretary Liz Truss saying the remarks should be withdrawn. She said Miliband’s comments were not the way current affairs should be discussed.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander, however, said the speech was not intended to create public argument, blaming Number 10 for fabricating the row.

Alexander insisted “the state of Libya is a failure for postwar conflict-planning for which the international community faces responsibility.

“I don’t think anyone disputes that we are witnessing a situation where Libya is perilously close to becoming a completely failed state on the southern shores of the Mediterranean. That is not a matter of dispute; that is simply a matter of fact,” he said.

Miliband will make a rare foray into foreign affairs in a speech at Chatham House on Friday, which is unusual for any politician during election campaign season.

He is expected to say that Cameron’s discourse on an EU referendum has given the world the impression the UK is slowly isolating itself from international affairs.

Using Yemeni Battle Ground To Settle “Schism” Within Islam

[Saudi “Decisive Storm” is a religious “ethnic cleansing” operation, meant to either eliminate the troublesome Shia minority on the Arabian Peninsula, or to excommunicate all Shiites from the House of Islam.  There is extreme danger that the Saudi coalition has bigger plans than just housecleaning in Yemen, going way beyond the political contest with Iran. ultimately mutating into a Wahhabi holy war to eliminate the “schism” within Islam (by slaughtering all of the “kfirs/disbelievers”).  

A religious slaughter of this magnitude will automatically trigger the retaliatory the wrath of the “civilized world” (despite US efforts to profit from this jihad), in order to eliminate the danger to the oil fields of the Middle East, even though it will be called a “humanitarian effort.”  As the world becomes aware of the bloody truth about this Saudi power grab, the diplomatic pressure will build, forcing an end to this lunacy, or at least a pause in the bombing for the evacuation of trapped civilian populations and humanitarian relief to take place (SEE: Groups call for ‘pause’ in Yemen ; Iraqi leader decries Saudis on Yemen role).]

UN slams Saudi airstrikes’ violence on Yemeni civilians

miami herald


The United Nations’ expert on internally displaced people accused Saudi Arabia on Wednesday of intentionally bombing a camp for people who’d fled Yemen’s violence last week and said airstrikes also had hit hospitals, schools and “other civilian buildings.”

Chaloka Beyani, the U.N.’s rapporteur for internally displaced persons, said at least 25 people had been killed when Saudi aircraft bombed the al Mazraq camp in northern Yemen on March 30, and that another 37, including 12 children, had been injured. He called the attack “a grave violation against some of the most vulnerable of the vulnerable civilians.”

Beyani’s denunciation of the Saudi air campaign, which began March 26, came on the same day that global humanitarian agencies, including the World Health Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross, said they were preparing for a massive humanitarian crisis in Yemen. In Washington, a coalition of Arab-American groups said they would sue the Obama administration to force it to evacuate Americans trapped in Yemen.

A State Department official said the U.S. government, which is providing logistical support for the Saudi campaign, believes it is too dangerous to risk a military operation to rescue Americans. “There are no current U.S. government-sponsored plans to evacuate private U.S. citizens from Yemen,” the official said. “We encourage all U.S. citizens to shelter in a secure location until they are able to depart safely.”

The World Health Organization said Wednesday that between March 19 and Monday, 643 people had been killed in Yemen’s violence, including 74 children. WHO said another 2,226 people had been injured. Separately, Beyani said at least 311 civilians had been killed.

According to estimates from the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the capital, Sanaa, had the highest death toll, with 88 civilians killed. Eighty-five civilians died in Aden and 43 have been killed in al Dhale. The U.N. office estimated that of 37 public buildings bombed around the country, five were hospitals.

Beyani warned that “the picture on the ground is extremely bleak” as fighting intensifies between Houthi rebels and the government, whose president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, fled to Saudi Arabia two weeks ago.

“Humanitarian responses must be stepped up as a matter of urgency,” Beyani said, predicting that thousands more people are likely to flee their homes as the fighting worsens. Already, the U.N. estimates, 100,000 people have been displaced and 14 of Yemen’s 22 provinces have seen fighting or bombing raids.

Fighting is most intense in Aden, Sanaa, Sadah and Dhale, the U.N. said.

Sitara Jabeen, a spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross, told McClatchy that the agency has secured clearance from the Saudi-led coalition to fly in humanitarian supplies. Jabeen said that two flights, one carrying 16 tons of medical supplies from Amman, Jordan, and the other carrying 32 tons of water and sanitation and medical supplies from Liege, Belgium, had been cleared to arrive at Sanaa’s airport.

Separately, Jabeen said a Red Cross medical team of five arrived in Aden late Wednesday after a 12-hour journey by sea from Djibouti. She said the ICRC now has more than 250 national and international staff working in Yemen, she said.

Paul Garwood, a WHO spokesman, told McClatchy that the agency was providing health kits for 240,000 people throughout the country and enough trauma supplies for 400 operations at 18 hospitals throughout the country. The supplies included 11,000 bags of blood and intravenous fluids.

While the United States did not launch an evacuation of its citizens, other countries did, among them India, which rescued 232 people from 26 countries, including an unspecified number of Americans.

Hannah Allam in Washington contributed to this report.

Zarocostas is a McClatchy special correspondent.

Obama Clumsily Exposes Israeli/Jewish Control of American Govt, With Iranian Nuke Gambit

[SEE: Half of the US Senate Publicly Undermines and Embarasses the President of the United States]

[BREAKING—White House gives in to Congress on right to reject any Iran nuclear pact ; Israel happy at compromise deal on Iran between Congress-Obama: minister ]

[Here we have the Iranian President Rouhani asserting one fact–that the Iran nuke negotiations are with six nations, NOT JUST THE UNITED STATES–followed by the Congress demonstrating another fact–that the US Congress represents the Israeli government, NOT the American people, quickly followed by a third fact, that the American President is also a puppet of these wealthy foreign interests. 

The American govt. is pounding the US Constitution into a fine parchment powder right here for the whole world to see, as it answers its true masters, the International Jewish elite.]

In-Charge1 source

Iran leader: We are in talks with ‘the major powers,’ not the U.S. Congress



Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that Tehran was negotiating a comprehensive nuclear deal with world powers, not the U.S. Congress, and called a Senate committee’s vote to give Congress the power to review any potential deal a domestic U.S. matter.

The Iranian leader, speaking in a televised speech in the northern Iranian city of Rasht, also repeated earlier statements that his country will not accept any comprehensive nuclear deal with world powers unless all sanctions imposed against it are lifted.

“We are in talks with the major powers and not with the Congress,” Rouhani said, Iranian state television reported. Rouhani said the U.S. Congress’ power to review a nuclear deal with Iran was a domestic U.S. matter, the Reuters news agency reported.

He said Iran wanted to end its isolation from the world by constructing “constructive interaction with the world and not confrontation.”

Rouhani’s comments came one day after a Senate committee voted unanimously to give Congress the power to review a potential Iran nuclear deal after a June 30 negotiating deadline, in a compromise with the White House that allows President Obama to avoid possible legislative disapproval of the pact before it can be completed.

Ukrainian Ambassador To US Fired (Scapegoated) Over Porky’s Push For Peace In Donbass

[Why would Porky fire his own ambassador for following the orders that he had given him?   Answer…He wouldn’t.  Therefore Porky was following the boss’ orders (Obama).  Ukraine is slated to become the 51st US State, no doubt.]

“Ukrainian President Poroshenko has once again called on the United Nations to deploy peacekeepers to eastern Ukraine – a repeated appeal that has previously been slammed as meaningless by analysts and seen as hopeless by the West.

But this time around, Poroshenko hinted, there is more support for the move – and it could be decisive in resolving the country’s ongoing conflict with pro-Russian separatists in the east.

A statement posted on the president’s website on April 4 suggested that progress had already been made on the matter, with foreign ministers of the so-called “Normandy 4″ said to have reacted positively to the idea after previously being skeptical in light of Russia’s reluctance and veto power in the UN Security Council.”–Kyiv Post

Motsyk_OlexanderOlexander Motsyk   

Ukrainian President Recalls Ambassador to US After Peacekeepers Request


Petro Poroshenko recalled Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States after he called on Russia to support a resolution on peacekeepers in Donbass.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko recalled the country’s Ambassador to the United States Olexander Motsyk, according to the Ukrainian Presidency’s website.

Motsyk previously called on Russia to support a resolution which would deploy peacekeepers to the Donbass region.

British Surgeon Turned Pak Terrorist Leader– Jamaat -ul- Ahrar (TTP JA)





    A British surgeon who fled the country after being charged with violent disorder during an extremist rally has become a senior leader of the Taliban in Pakistan, it has been claimed.

    Dr Mirza Tariq Ali, 39, who practiced on the NHS, has appeared in a chilling recruitment video for the terrorist organization, urging foreign jihadists to join him.

    He has also edited an online English-language jihadist magazine, called ‘Ihya-e-Khilafat’, from Pakistan, Revival of the Islamic Caliphate, aimed at recruiting Muslim youths from the West.

    The surgeon was convicted in the first-ever successful prosecution for Islamic sectarian violence in Britain after he was seen hitting a bystander over the head with a pole at a Central London rally in 2013.

    But he skipped bail and was found guilty in his absence at the Old Bailey and sentenced to 15 months.

    He was then struck off by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) after a hearing in Manchester.

    It was previously reported that he was fighting as a jihad in Syria, but how he slipped from Pakistan Airport of Islamabad to FATA and he was never Arrested is both Eye Brow raising and Points to complacency of Pakistan Intelligence Agencies in supporting him.

    But it has now emerged that he has become a mouthpiece for a Taliban creation of Pakistan in 1992 under ISI Lt-general Javaid Ashraf Qazi , called Jamaat Ahrar under Lashkar Jhangavi Punjab based Taliban splinter-group under a new name – Dr Abu Obaidah Al-Islamabadi, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

    Wearing a black turban, he was seen in a video clip, saying: ‘Allah blessed me with the passion of Jihad. I left Britain with an intention to go to Iraq and join Islamic State, but I was arrested on the way and sent to prison in Croatia.’

    The extremist magazine which he helps to edit publishes contact details for potential jihadi youths and advises them not to use home computers which might be tracked by intelligence agencies.

    In a recent interview he revealed he was captured on his way to join the Islamic State led by Abu-Baker Al-Baghdadi in Iraq.

    Dr Tariq Ali has edited an online English-language jihadist magazine, called ‘Ihya-e-Khilafat’, Revival of the Islamic Caliphate, aimed at recruiting Muslim youths from the West

    Dr Tariq Ali has edited an online English-language jihadist magazine, called ‘Ihya-e-Khilafat’, Revival of the Islamic Caliphate, aimed at recruiting Muslim youths from the West

    It is not clear where he was when he was captured, but he revealed he was jailed in Croatia.

    After his release from Croatia, Dr Tariq Ali reached Pakistan and joined the Movement of Pakistani Taliban Punjab wing Lashkar Jhangavi Splinter Group called Jamaat Ahrar led by Omar Khalid Khorasani from Mommand Agency.

    He worked as a doctor in the Pakistani army before arriving in Britain in 2004 and Graduated from Army medical College Rawalpindi a Few yards from GHQ Pakistan Army.

    The extremist then trained at a London teaching hospital and worked shifts in the capital and Cambridge.

    While based in the UK he was associated with pro-jihadist groups led by leading British Islamist Anjum Chaudhry belonging to Lashkar Jhangavi and known for His Speeches in lal Masjid Islamabad Near the HQ of ISI in Abpara Islamabad under Maulana Abdul Aziz leader of Lashkar Jhangavi Punjab Based Shia Hating Wing of Punjabi Taliban based in Faislabad and Lahore under the protection of Nawaz Sharif and Deobandi/Wahabi Ideological politicians and Political parties that are based in Punjab and Head Quartered there.

    Police and security services are now facing embarrassing questions over how he was able to skip his bail.

    He was held twice by police and in November last year was briefly imprisoned for breaching his bail before evading the Metropolitan Police and MI5 and travelling abroad.

    British PM David Cameron has pledged to prevent British jihadists from returning by cancelling their passports for two years. But the case of Dr Tariq Ali highlights the damage that can be caused by extremists who evade the British justice system.

    Research Sources:























Captain Tariq Mirza on Left  and Jamaat Ahrar Chief on right 

    1. Game of Aliases and Pakistani Media as Accomplice :

    Captain Dr Tariq Ali Mirza Pakistan Army doctor from Army Medical College and serving in Pakistan army and a Punjabi who would dress and imitate as Tribal from FATA and wear Black Turban and also dress like FATA tribes men and Imitating as Pashtun but why ? .

    Why a Punjabi from Islamabad, where his family lives and Has Links with Pakistan Army is eye brow and hair raising is Chief Taliban commander of Taliban was recently Killed although where is his dead body and where is Media and why they are not showing his Parents his Family or even Putting up the News on Pakistani Media .

    It seems the Pakistani Media is Hand in Gloves with Terrorist and it tries to hide Facts that Lie in Plane sight .

    He used Aliases as Islamabad and Tariq Khorasani or countless other Terms to confuse the Simpleton Pakistani People in believing his false and carefully managed Identity and hiding his real Punjabi Identity and Operated freely with an Open Pass.

    Khorasan term ( A Non Pashtun very Short lived Kingdom Near Bokhara and Samarkand Area of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan which was one and signified a Non Pashtun , Tajik Government ) Signifies wish of Pakistan to Establish a Non Pashtun Power Base in Afghanistan and also on Pashtun Lands and this they have achieved so far via Taliban who have put fire to Pashtun lands on both Sides of Durand line as a Policy of Pakistan and current Government of Afghanistan is Predominant Tajik power base after thousands of Years of them being ruled by Pashtuns .

    Pakistani Media is also accomplice in this Dirty Game of Hiding Taliban in Plain Sight.


  1. His Role as Leader of Lashkar Jhangavi Part of Taliban in Punjab and UK :

    Dr Tariq Ali Mirza ran from UK after his Arrest Warrants were Issued after he Beat Shia Muslims Bystanders on Edgware Street London , the same Street where Ex-Pakistan Army chief and Dictator President of Pakistan for more then a Decade General Mushraff ex –Pakistan Army chief and Mr. Altaf Hussian of MQM another creation of Punjabi Establishment owns Luxurious Apartments.

    Captain Dr Tariq Ali Mirza was spotted on Cameras beating the Shia Bystanders on their Head with Flag Poles after he and his Partner Mr Anjum Chaudhry both of Lashkar Jhangavi of Pakistan Known for their hate of Shias and also Frequent Guest Speakers at Lal Masjid at Abpara Islamabad a few yards of ISI Head Quarter in Islamabad , were taking out a Procession in favor of Al-Qaida /ISIS and Against hafiz ul Assad a Shia Democratic President of Syria .

    In Britain His Degree was terminated after a trial and he was Struck off from GMC general medical register of UK and also , arrest warrant was issued of him but he slipped out of UK a Mystery that is hard to understand on standards of common sense ?

    The Same Lashkar Jhangavi is a terrorist organization and has Killed countless Army and FC Personnel in Pakistan and yet it enjoys the state Patronage and Support .

    Most of its Leaders and their families in Punjab gets state Funding and Bursaries ton their families under Nawaz Sharif Government and his peers in Punjabi Establishment .

  2. His Role as ISIS Volunteer in Syria and His Arrest in Croatia Europe and Release by Pakistan. 


Later he was caught in Croatia in Europe by its government while going to Syria with Anjum Chaudhry and his Associates of Dubious character, who had arrested him while on his way to join AL-Qaeda / ISISI associating with CIA Agent Al-Baghdadi head of ISIS , who is now Fighting the Shia Regime of Hafiz Al Assad.

After he was sent to Jail in Croatia and then released that the Croatian Authorities have to answer as they are now accomplice in this crime as well.

From Croatia he was then sent to Pakistan with his file to Islamabad and he landed at Islamabad Airport of Pakistan from Croatia on a commercial Airplane and not a camel for God Sake!!!! and he was a Deportee from both Croatia and UK at same time and list of terrorist .

After his Arrival in Pakistan after he landed at Islamabad Airport in Presence of FIA , Intelligence Agencies and ISI Agents Presence on Airport off course not Arresting him even when the Croatia Authorities had informed Pakistan before hand after he was sent from Croatia to Pakistan on an Airplane with handing and taking orders and Interpol Reports and also UK and Pakistan has Extradition treaty and Agreements and he was not Arrested .

Captain Dr Tariq Ali Mirza, did not come on camel from Croatia he was using a Airplane and a Commercial Airline and also he was Arrested by Croatia for Being an Al-Qeda and ISIS and he was also convicted by UK for the same connections and also his Information was Given to Interpol International Police and UK Authorities .

How come he was a Free man in Pakistan ? and suddenly the ISI and Army both part of Punjabi Establishment became Blind and this Army person was Again Given Freedom to Kill anybody he likes or he was Agent of Our Punjabi Establishment and Some other Agencies combined ???

3. His Role of leader of Taliban and its Media Head :

As a Free Man from Islamabad he went to FATA and as Captain Pakistan Army Dr Tariq Ali Mirza joined Jamaat Ahrar of as a spokesperson for Taliban TTP created from Punjab based Lashkar Jhangavi His parent Unit .

He was physically embraced by the Taliban and says he is “very happy”. He features Prominently on TTP JA promotional photo for the video.

The caption states the production “is the story of a Mujahid who joined Tehreek-e-Taliban Jamaat -ul-Ahrar after abandoning officership of Pakistan Army and a luxurious life in Britain.” The new addition to the Taliban appears wearing traditional clothes, white shalwar kameez, waistcoat, black turban and is seen in one clip displaying his skill with a firearm.

Captain Dr Tariq Ali Mirza also Maintained “Shariah4Pakistan” Media Outlet where he maintained a Twitter and Face book Account.

  1. His Death in FATA Real or fake ?:

    Recently it was announced , he has died in an Airstrike in FATA and he is dead while no Dead Body is ever being Shown on TV or Pakistani Media it is not sure that is really dead or being shipped to Syria or other places that our Establishment wants to see as New War games where they want to earn money with USA Dollars and Saudi Riyals ?? that is beign spent on Punjab and up keep of Punjabi Establishment with its Wahabi / Deobandi Leanings that always work for US and Israeli Objectives .

Research Sources:

























    5. Pakistan Army Personal Involved in Jihads !!:

Captain Dr Tariq Ali Mirza Studied in Islamabad from one its School and His house is in Islamabad capital Territory and his Parents and family are Pure Punjabi,s ethnically and not Pashtuns or Tribal’s of FATA ( Federally Administered Tribal Area )

Punjabi Claim they have not Stake in Afghanistan and consider it to be a Friendly Muslim country but this is as far from Reality as North Pole is from South Pole.

Why would a Pakistan Army person and a Punjabi be Masquerading as a Pashtun? And also wear Dress like the Local Tribal Person from FATA?? to deceive the Public and also Fight wars in which Pakistan and Punjabis have no Stake ??

Another Mind Boggling Question he Harbor Sectarian hate Against Shia,s is Mind Boggling ???

  1. Punjabi Nationalism Masked as Wahabi,ism under Taliban !!:

He has been a Member of Punjabi wing of Taliban Called Lashkar Jhangavi ( Parent Organization of all Taliban of Pakistan ) while being in the Army and that is Parent organization of Taliban and also Jamaat Ahrar of which he was a leader and it was Involved in following Attacks “

  1. On Malalaa Yousafzai

    2. On APS school in Peshawar

    3. On countless Schools in Pashtun Areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    4. On Attacks on Shia in Pashtun Area of Pakistan in Baluchistan and Pakhtunkhwa FATA and in Afghanistan.

    Lashkar Jhangavi is Based in Faisalabad Punjab and Also South Punjab and Lahore , Lashkar Jhangavi , Sipah Sahaba ( SsP or AWSJ one and the Same ) forms Major Part of Taliban TTP.

    This Organization is famous for its Hate of Shia and Christians and is involved in Murders and terrorism on these People in Mainly Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan and it Rarely Operates in Punjab.

    While the Leaders are Mostly Punjabi and their families and children lives there and often Protected by Pakistan state and Government and some of Leaders under a Deobandi and Wahabi Government of Nawaz Sharif Gives money and Bursaries to families of These Taliban leaders like Malik Ishaq of Lashkar Jhangavi and also Mullah Ludhanavi and they he in Turn help select Leaders of Punjab like Mr. Nawaz Sharif and Shabaz Sharif or Imran Khan or who ever is Authorized by Punjabi Establishment to rule a Fake Majority province of Punjab .

    Nawaz Sharif Punjabi Nationalist Belonging to Amritsar India ( Who calls himself Lion of Punjab bases on his grand Parents the Sikhs of Punjab Ranjit Singh ) is itself a Creation of Same Punjabi Establishment and Military Establishment as Proven by Yunas Habib case in Supreme Court via Intelligence Bureau Under Lt-General Assad Durrani and General Zia ul Haq both Punjabis and Chief of Army Staff Aslam beg, a Immigrant from India who Happened to also Make another terrorist group MQM of Immigrants to Safe guard the Supply route of Arms and Ammunition from Karachi Port to FATA via Altaf Hussian and its safeguarding of Karachi port from Pashtuns capture in case they Block the Arms supply.

  2. Selective Wahibism and Restriction Policy or Oppression for Pashtuns!!:

Further more why would Captain Tariq Ali Mirza , Hate the Pashtuns and Targets their Education and target small girls like Malalaa and stop education of Women only in Pakhtunkhwa only ??

Why he could not follow this in Islamabad and Punjab with its open Brothels in Lahore and Rawalpindi as hera Maundee or Red Light Districts is OK but even education is not for Pashtuns???

Why only the Women folk be restricted in Pashtun lands and not in Punjab ???

Captain Tariq Mirza becomes Leaders of a Group called Jamaat Ahrar Part of TTP / Taliban Wing comprising of as facts that only do murder of Pashtuns in Pakhtunkhwa , Baluchistan and FATA and does not operate in Punjab from where he Belongs and Why would he not join Lashkar Jhangavi directly who’s member he already was while in Pakistan Army and while serving as a doctor?

These are new startling facts are Emerging and quite Disturbing !!!

  1. Targeting only Pashtun Education??

Why it would Target Education of Pashtuns only and blow 5000 Schools in Area of Pashtun of Pakistan in Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Baluchistan ( 90% Pashtuns ) and also in Afghanistan in Pashtun Belt of Pashtuns areas ???

Why the Leaders of Taliban who are ethnically Punjabi murder children of Pashtuns and not Army officers in Peshawar army Public Schools which has 95% civilian People as Student and since last decade the Punjabi Army officers ( Majority of Army Officer and generals more then 80% are Punjabi ) serving in Peshawar Garrison and cantonment are Keeping their Families in Punjab and Live like Bachelors in Peshawar ???. aa

Why would Jamaat Ahrar Part of TTP Taliban Punjab Make a Lal Masjid in Mohmand Agency ??? Changing the Name of Mosque Named after a Anti Colonial Ghazi of times of British Rule before Pakistan creation and Mask the Pashtun Resistance Against British but changing the Name of Historic Mosque?

Why would Captain Tariq Ali Mirza Served as its Mid Level Leader of Jamaat Ahrar / TTP and Appear in Promotional Videos of Taliban and its media Omar wing?? Follow its Leader called

This Story is Fascinating and Mind Boggling why he became of tool in Hands of People (Punjabi Establishment ) who Played him even when he was a Doctor and intellectual Person and had Above Average Back ground and he could Understand the Geo Politics ??



  1. Fear of Pashtuns by Punjabi Establishment and Duping the World ??

Does Pakistan and Pakistan Army Fear the Pashtuns??? and would resort to Target a Small School Girl Malalaa Yousafzai who is Education Activist in Swat part of Same Group Jamaat Ahrar to which this Punjabi captain of Pakistan Army Belonged and it Explains the Media and Social media campaign Against Malalaa Yousafzai .

Taliban and Jamaat Ahrar segment of it is Made by Another Punjabi Maulana Qasmi by breaking away from Lashkar Jhangavi and Sipah Sahaba / Taliban Punjab Wing based in Central Punjab and South Punjab.

They duped the whole World that it is Pashtun Rebellion or Pashtun Movement called Taliban Movement while it was purely working for Punjab and Punjabi Establishment of Pakistan.

They have Protected Punjab and Punjabi from harm and less then 1% Terrorism occurs in last 4 Decades in Punjab and Majority of deaths are of Pashtuns and 5.5 Millions of Pashtuns have died so far in this Adventurism of Punjabi Establishment and their Quest of US Dollars and Saudi Dollars .

Recently the Brother of Deobandi / Wahabi Aligned and Saudi and USA Supported PM Pakistan Mr Shahbaz Sharif letter to Osama Bin Laden has come to Surface that indicated that Taliban and Punjabi are one and same and their Objectives are same as discovered by USA Elite team that’s shot and Killed that Terrorist in Abbotabad ( A Non Pashtun Area Near Punjab) a few yards from Officers training Academy of Pakistan Army in Kakul.


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10 . Punjabis Role in Producing Terrorist theology :

Why Pakistan army person and student of an Army Institution is producing Taliban leaders and why such People are Duping and Defrauding People of the World that it is Pashtun Resistance and its is Pashtun that are Fighting the War with USA and not Punjabi , while almost Majority of Theologists like Deobandi /Wahabi School of thought and Movement has Originated in Punjab ( Indian Punjab at City of Deoband under a British Rule of Lord Curzon in 1864) and even most of Sect has roots in Punjab like Qadiani ( 23 March 1889) from City of Qadian Punjab and Barelevi (1940) from City of Barela in East Punjab .

Deobandi Madrissah was Made in 1864 under Lord Curzon after British Ruled the Indian Sub continent and Deobandi was a city of Punjab and its Leader were mostly Punjabis and were ex –Sikh Converts by Pashtuns who Invaded India , Like Obaid Ullah Sindhi ( who was a Punjabi belonging to Sialkot and all his family never converted to Islam and were Hindu and only he was So called Muslim and also ex – Employee of East India company as a Teacher of Elite Ruling class in Farsi and Arabic )

Same was case of its other founders like , Qasim Naintaawi and others who also Happened to be Teachers in East India company and were Mysteriously Spared by British in 1857 Rebellion and allowed to Operate under Lord Curzon Guidence to Missguide Islam on Pattern of Wahabi,ism another Creation of British Lord Mempher a Spy of Queen of Britain and from Ministry of Colonies who groomed and Made Mullah Wahab the Father of Wahabi,ism in Nejd Saudia Arabia .

  1. Shia Hate or Money Making Schemes by Punjabi Establishment !!:

The Corner Stone of Wahabi Ism is hate of Shia Islam and Also Shai all over the world as they have corrupted the Sunni Sect as Wahabi,s but were unsuccessful to Pollute the Shia sect because of their Rigid and very Strict Beliefs and Strong Iranian Kingdom that they failed to conquer under Shah of Persia known as Shah Qajar .

In Pakistan Captain Tariq Mirza being member of these Shia Hating Organizations like Sipah Sahaba and Lashkar Jhangavi that are Parent units from which TTP came into being .

Rest of name and aliases and sub Organizations are just Mambo Jumbo to confuse the people the real deal is actually Lashkar Jhangavi and Sipah Sahaba.

Was he a Tool in this Geo –Strategies that are being woven as Great Game of USA versus Russia and with Iran , China and Pakistan as accessory and coalition Partner of USA made moves that made what Captain Tariq Ali Mirza did .

Why he had hate of Pashtuns and Why had so much hate of Shia,s, as this is like hating two Different communities that have no Link with Each other ?

Was he a Punjabi Nationalist fighting for his Punjab survival or was he tool in hands of Punjabi Establishment who have deep rooted hate of Pashtuns and their Past history of Ruling them as Durrani Empire of India 1747-1857 or Afghan Mughals 1550-1747 or the Delhi’s Afghan Sultanate 800 AD to 1550 AD.

There is a lot in this Un Told story then being Told in Media and Continently hidden from General pubic and not reported Pakistani Controlled Media and TV channels.

Or this is Money Making schemes of Punjab to follow Wahabi Agenda and use this money to spend on Punjab and its people while conveniently making Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan as battle grounds and also sabotaging Afghanistan a Muslim country from Developing attacking its Education institutions and those that lie in Pashtuns Areas of Both countries.


Research Sources:




























  1. Tool in Hand of Punjabi Establishment and British MI6 at same time !!:



While he had tarnished Back Ground How come he could to go to UK and join its National health Service belonging to British Government and become a Doctor there while he claims he ran away from Pakistan Army as a Absconder?


Why the Britain and its National health Service Accepted his Medical Degree and his Status was verified by Pakistan Army and its medical College called Army medical college , as he was Graduate of Army medical College Rawalpindi and he was also serving Doctor in Pakistan Army , how his degrees was checked and who has verified by Both Pakistan Army and Britain ?


Is Pakistan Government and Pakistan Army Accomplice in Sending him to UK as Health Ministry verifies the documents and so did the GHQ in Rawalpindi , as if he was Absconder how this was done and Apparently he has not changed his Name from Captain Tariq Ali Mirza and his Degree had the same name??


Was he operating as Intelligence Operative of Pakistan Army or British MI6 ?? because he cannot operate and have a medical License with him in UK if he has not gone through this verification checks .



  1. Common Goal Lashkar Jhangavi / Taliban Al-Qaeda and Syria based ISIS !! with common factor of Shia Hate and that of Iran:



From the Above Mentioned Facts its is clear that Captain Tariq Ali Mirza was having one thing in common that is hate of Shia and Iran and Pashtuns and this is official Policy of Taliban , ISIS , Al-Qaeda and also Saudia Arabia and Deobandi,s ( Paki version not Indian ) , which is one and same thing .


While in UK he was Associate of another Punjabi Terrorist Mr. Anjum Chaudhry Member of Lashkar Jhangavi and close Associate of Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal ( Red Mosque a Few feet from ISI Head Quarter in Islamabad ) who is also while Heading the Lashkar Jhangavi has recently Announced to be leader of ISIS in Pakistan ???


Mr. Anjum Chaudhry based in UK , is a free man and he is Given a Free hand both by Pakistan and UK in was recently Involved in Hate Speeches and also Harassing people of Britain in forming a Shriat state a Laughable Task .


He was member of Lashkar Jhangavi made in 1992 by Lt-General Javaid Ashraf Qazi head of ISI .


Anjum Chaudhry frequented the Lal Masjid and was Mostly Guest Speaker with Maulana Abdul Aziz , Head of Lashkar Jhangavi and Now ISIS ( made from Same Punjabi Taliban ) .


Captain Tariq Ali Mirza was Great Friend of Mr Anjum and Chaudhry and also wanted to go to Syria with him.


And He did along with some friends of Mr Anjum Chuadhry and Captian Dr Tariq Ali Anjum went to Syria but while crossing Europe he was Arrested by Croation Authorities and sent to Jail in Croatia and when he was Released he was sent Back to Pakistan and


During his time in Pakistan, Ali edited an online English-language jihadist magazine, called ‘Ihya-e-Khilafat’ (Revival of the Islamic Caliphate) aimed at recruiting Muslim youths from the west to fight the shia,s



  1. Family of All terrorist live in Punjab under Safety and Protections of Pakistan :



Captain Pakistan Army Mr. Tariq Ali Mirza who have big Families in Punjab and are Living comfortably without Police Knocking on their Doors , or their Kith and Kin not Disappearing like those hundreds and thousands in Baluchistan , FATA and Pakhtunkhwa ??? Exposes the Hand on our Punjabi Establishment in one way or Another .


These so called Commanders of Taliban Ethnically Punjab Groomed and made from Taliban Punjab wing like LEJ, ( Lashkar Jhangavi ) and SSP ( Sipah Sahaba now known as ( ASWJ Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ) are Comfortably sitting in their comfy homes in Punjab while two provinces are Burned because of their Misdeeds and they are Invading Afghanistan and Indian Via Kashmir exposes their Game .


These Punjabi Commanders of Taliban their families and with their Glowing Links with Pakistan Army hide in Plane Sight and use multiple Aliases and Like Captain Dr Tariq Ali Mirza ( Sur Name of Qadianis or Mughals Punjabis ) used many Aliases like Dr Abu Obadiah Al-Islamabadi or



  1. Punjabi Generals Role in Making TTP / Punjabi Taliban:



Captain Dr Tariq Ali Mirza from Army Medical college Rawalpindi and From Pakistan Army as a Doctor , made himself a Leader of Lashkar Jhangavi a Punjab Based Terrorist organization made in 1992, during time of General Javaid Ashraf Qazi , the same Man who was education Minister under General Mushraff a Military Dictator that ruled Pakistan for more then a Decade and put Pakistan on Fake War on terror via its own created Taliban and such Jihad’s they wanted to use Against India in Kashmir .


This Same general Lt- General Javaid Ashraff Qazi Ex ISI head in 1992 was one who made Lashkar Jhangavi when he was Head of ISI and Afghan War had finished and the funding from USA had finished and yet Pakistan carried out the Making of new Jihad and terrorist so that they can use them in Kashmir and Later Afghanistan as Taliban and that was reason that immediately the Taliban came into being under Army rule of general Mushraff when MMA rule was Establishment by General Mushraff and the MMA ( Mutihada Majlis Amal made from Jamaat Islam and JUI ) under Fake Ballot and Election under Military Punjabi Establishment .


These partners of Punjabi Establishment which is Practically the Political Front of Taliban worked for Punjabi Establishment inte3retss Back in 1970 in East Pakistan and previously Kashmir since 1990,s were now made to conquer Afghanistan in 1979 fighting the Charlie Wilson war as US calls the Afghan Jihad , and later the Taliban Movement after 9/11 in 1999.


Taliban were made to Provide the Bassis of invading Afghanistan by USA although Afghanistan had never any Intention of Attacking or Invading USA and Niether it has Attacked USA in Past ever .


These Taliban provided the “” Reason””, Badly needed by USA for Invasion of and Iraq and Syria and later half a Dozen Muslim countries like Somalia , Libya and Lebanon China (Xinagiang , Ugyrs near Gilgit Pakistan ) and Iran in future as well , via a Basis of Islamic terrorism which was Made in USA and , while theses same Group are “””Made by USA””” and funded by USA itself and Saudia and Trained and Kept by Pakistanis.


After the War in Afghanistan was won by so called Taliban , the Punjabi Establishment thought then can , make use of same Taliban in Kashmir and they made Lashkar Jhangavi and Sipah Sahaba , and also USA wanted to Use them againt Shia Iran and Syria back in 1990,s they devised of Shia Hating Wahabi Patterned Taliban theologically Trained from Deoband Madrissah on Punjab land of Deoband city Punjab India and Pakistani Lahore from Raiwind and countless Madrissah,s in Pakistan all over Punjab which harbor 75% of these Madrissah in Punjab .



  1. Immunity from Corruption and VIP Status:



Although same Lt- General Javaid Ashraff Qazi Ex ISI head in 1992, and was later also Implicated in Massive Corruption of Property Deals worth Billions when he made himself owner of State Land of Pakistan Railway.


The General made a Golf course and wedding halls on these State Lands of Pakistan Railway, he was one who also made Massive Money in deals of Chinese and Sub Standard Railway Engines in collaboration with Sheikh Rasheed another Minister in General Mushraff Cabinet with Lt- General Javaid Ashraff Qazi and his


Practically he started the War on terror by Lodged an FIR on Maulana Abdul Aziz and his Brother the Mullah Killed in Army Operation Later of Capturing State land and Library in Islamabad by building Lal Masjid on it , this was start of Military


Operation on Jihadi Groups like Lashkar Jhangavi and Sipah he had made Himself ????



  1. Protection by GHQ of these Corrupt Generals :



Recently when this Ex-ISI chief of 1992 Year was caught by Anti-corruption Department , he was besieged by Media and he gave shut Up calls to media when they asked his role in corruption and some Pinching Questions , and they the Supreme court asked them to appear before it and then immediately the Army chief General Kiyani chief of Army Staff , Intervened and declared that they are officers of Pakistan Army and they are immune of Superior courts a Lie and not established fact .


He made a Sham inquiry in order to Protect them and its results are still unknown and not made public to this day and he is free man now worth Billions and smiling and enjoying his life.


Why would Serving in Uniform army chief protect a general who is retired more then two decades ago and declare him a Serving Officer of Army and stop prosecution of him . ?? and with his role in Making Taliban and also Shia Hating parts of it called Lashkar Jhangavi and Sipah Sahaba ( Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat now ) .



  1. Conclusion:


It is clear now that these People of Pakistani Establishment would never Leave the Pashtuns Lands alone and will continue to Destabilize Afghanistan and also Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Baluchistan ( Ethnically 90% Pashtun) .


They will continue to Ignite one fire or another and afford Killing of Pashtun Pakistani in both west of Indus River that is in Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Baluchistan ( Ethnically 90% Pashtun) .


This fire is money Earner for Punjab and they Have Benefited a lot from this and earned a lot of money from it and will continue to do so with Blood and tears for Pashtuns who are not Equal Citizens of Pakistan and their Genocide will continue and not stop.


Research Sources:






















Pakistan and the Saudi Dominance

saudi-pakistanPakistan and the Saudi attack on Yemen

in defense of marxism

Written by Lal Khan 

The Pakistani masses have reacted very negatively to the prospects of becoming an accomplice in the Saudi Monarchy’s brutal aggression against Yemen. This response has shocked Pakistan’s ruling elite, the state’s bosses, the media and the intelligentsia. Even some in the media have dared to reveal the vicious character of the despotic Saudi regime and its atrocious treatment of more than 2.5 million Pakistani immigrant workers banished into slavery and drudgery by these tyrannical monarchs

The hesitation, lack of any confidence, and hypocrisy of the rulers is pathetic. An official Press report stated that, “Pakistan called upon the United Nations, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the international community to play a constructive role in finding a political solution to the crisis in Yemen. An official statement from the PM House (Prime Minister’s Office) had said the meeting concluded that Pakistan remains firmly committed to supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Pakistan. It was also emphasised in the meeting that Pakistan is committed to playing a meaningful role in resolving the deteriorating situation in the Middle East.”

What a laughable, pathetic and spineless response! What is said about consulting the ‘parliament’ and informing the people is a reeking cynical farce. These rulers themselves are mere timid puppets. Usually they are only informed about military operations and crucial foreign policy decisions after the fact by the top bosses of the state and their imperialist masters. These are the real people calling the shots.

Saudi Arabia’s influence in Pakistan

The influence of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan should not be underestimated. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was granted amnesty under pressure from the Saudi Monarchs and spent his years in exile after Musharraf’s coup in 1999 in Saudi Arabia. During Sharif’s time in Saudi Arabia he was a guest of the Royal family who were also his business partners. His return to the country and his road to power was paved by the Saudi Royals. On his coming to power in 2013 he was doled out a gift of $1.5 billion by the Saudi government. Despite his frequent visits and business deals with China, Turkey and Qatar, and his bondage with his American masters, he is still most indebted to the Saudi monarchy. At the same time, Saudi Arabia regularly provides free oil for Pakistan’s military and other ‘gifts’ on regular basis. With tanks, fighter planes and naval ships running on Saudi oil, it is not an option for the Pakistani ruling class to disobey their masters orders. Pakistan’s Mullahs and religious parties from Wahhabi sects also regularly receive large donations to run their madrassas and terrorist outfits. Saudi Arabia was the first country in the whole world to recognize the Taliban government in Afghanistan back in 1996.

Saudi Arabia has always been a bossy key player in Pakistani politics for a long time. Along with doling out large sums of money for the Army and the clerics, they have been instrumental in toppling unwanted governments and bringing their favourites to power. All of this was being done in cooperation with US Imperialism. But since the US-Saudi alliance has begun to crack, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Pakistani ruling class to serve two masters at the same time.

For the working masses, this Saudi patronage for the right wing parties and the ruling class of Pakistan has always been presented as a kindness from their religious brothers in the “holy land”. But those Pakistanis who work in this “holy land” know the disgusting truth; that for the Saudi rulers they are merely considered slaves and untouchables. They can never attain a Saudi nationality and always need a Saudi citizen’s approval to live or do any business in the country. The Saudi regime’s contemptuous attitude towards Pakistanis is laid bare by the fact that no Pakistani under the age of 40 is allowed to perform Umra – a form of pilgrimage of the holy Kaaba – in all other months than the the month of the Hajj. Only Pakistani Muslims are subjected to this prohibition.  Millions of Pakistanis, mainly from the petit bourgeoisie, visit Mecca and Medina for Hajj every year. This is a huge source of income for the Saudi regime.

Why is Saudi Arabia attacking Yemen?

On the other hand the Saudi Army, which is the fourth most costly in the world, has never gone to war. When the Saudis moved to crush the revolution in Bahrain in 2011, they relied heavily on Pakistani soldiers and mercenaries. The Saudis have also, allegedly, recently called for the Pakistani army to deploy 30,000 troops on the border between Saudi Arabia and Iraq and Syria to defend the House of Saud against an impending attack by the ISIL. It is clear that the kingdom does not trust its own forces that could just as well turn their expensive arms against the Royalty itself.  It shows the intrinsic weakness of this despotic regime and the fears of the ruling elite.

sanaa yemen rebels rallySaudi Arabian fighter aircraft have been ferociously bombing targets across Yemen, killing hundreds if not thousands of civilians, including children. It is clear that this figure will dramatically rise as the targets of the attack are moving into the civilian populated areas in Sana’a and in the northern Houthi villages which are expected to be heavily bombed.  Refugee camps, factories and congested populated civilian areas are being bombed. The infrastructure, whole towns and cities are being destroyed and turned into ruins.  Along with the ‘holy’ alliance of the Arab states, Israel has also supported the bombings. This reveals the decline of the system. These events are now exposing the farce of Saudi foreign policy towards Israel, the disingenuous anti-Israel rhetoric, and the hollow slogans of Palestinian freedom. It shows the class unity of the rulers of repressive regimes and why workers from all religions and nationalities should come together and fight against this cruel system.

Yet again, Yemen, which is the poorest Arab country, has become a target for savage attacks by the Saudi regime and its Arab and non-Arab allies.

The burgeoning domestic crisis, Saudi Arabia’s waning hegemony in the region and the rising desperation of the reactionary Al Saud family, with its growing internal conflicts, has brought desperation to the present clique that came to power along with the new King, Salman. His thirty-year-old son, Mohammad, who has been appointed the new defence minister, is a bully gone berserk. In reality they are trying to protect the Saudi ruling class and its imperialist designs in the Middle East. The Saudis could not accept the disintegration of Yemen and it falling into the hands of Iranian backed forces on its southern borders. Since the Iraq war, Iran and to a minor extent Qatar have developed into the biggest threat to the supremacy of Saudi Arabia in the region. Turkey is also expanding its influence by supporting IS in Iraq and Syria and other proxies in the region.

This conflict has exacerbated tensions and bloody conflicts between Saudi and Iranian proxies in the region in which sectarian hatred is being imposed by the warring mercenaries. The Iranian regime has not only been supporting clerics and sectarian terrorist outfits in Pakistan, but in many other countries in the region as well. Reactionary Shia clerics and religious parties are heavily funded across the Middle East by the Iranian regime. The Iranian regime also attempted to divert the revolutionary movement in Bahrain on sectarian lines. This movement was a threat to both Saudi and Iranian interests, and both regimes tried to crush it in their own way. Similarly, the Iranian regime tried to intervene in other movements of the Arab revolution and impose their own narrow agenda. The collapse of Mubarak in Egypt and the temporary retreat of the Arab revolutionary upheaval provided them with an opportunity to step up their intervention in the region. Because of the internal crisis of the Iranian State and decaying economy, they use the threat of external enemies to prop up their rule at home.

In these circumstances, the Iranian mullah regime used the rise of the IS to rally sectarian support. Similarly, Saudi aggression in Yemen will provide them with more excuses for spreading their influence. The regional proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran has been used by both regimes for this purpose. But the sectarianism they have spawned has not been able to find fertile ground to spread on a mass scale. In fact, the masses are becoming wary of the situation of which they are the victims. Although the Arab revolution has receded without achieving its ultimate goals, the possibility of sharp swings in public opinion is implicit in the situation.

The Pakistani army for hire

The intervention of Pakistan’s military in the Middle East is not a new phenomenon. They have been used as mercenaries by the reactionary and despotic regimes of the Middle East for decades. One of the most gruesome episodes was the massacre of the Palestinians in Jordan in 1970 to protect the monarchy there. From 1967 to 1970, Brigadier Muhammad Zia ul Haq was stationed in Jordan in Official Military Capacity to protect the Hashemite Kingdom. On September 15, 1970, King Hussein declared martial law in Jordan to crush a revolutionary uprising of the Palestinians. The next day, Jordanian tanks of the 60th Armoured Brigade attacked the headquarters of Palestinian organizations in Amman while the army also attacked camps in Irbid, Salt, Sweileh, Baq’aa, Wehdat and Zarqa. Then the head of the Pakistani training mission to Jordan, Brigadier Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (later Chief of Army Staff and President of Pakistan), took command of the 2nd division. King Hussain took this extraordinary step because he was terrified that the Jordanian generals would refuse to massacre fellow Palestinians and could turn their guns against him. The American backed Jordanian army shelled the PLO headquarters in Amman and battled with Palestinian guerrillas in the narrow streets of the capital. Yasir Arafat had later claimed that the Jordanian and Pakistani troops killed between 10,000 and 25,000 Palestinians.

The intensity of the bloodletting by Zia ul Haq and King Hussain was such that one of the founder fathers of Israel, Moshe Dayan, cynically remarked:“King Hussein, with help from Zia-ul-Haq of the Pakistani army, sent in his Bedouin army on 27 September to clear out the Palestinian bases in Jordan. Hussein killed more Palestinians in eleven days than Israel could kill in twenty years.” Also, a year later, they participated in the bloody civil war and massacres in East Bengal. Again, in the 1980’s, Zia ul Haq, who was now the head of state, rented the Pakistani military institutions to American Imperialism and forged the “dollar jihad” to overthrow the Afghan revolution of 1978.

A state of crisis

However, any direct intervention of the Pakistani troops in this Saudi aggression against Yemen will be much more dangerous. This intervention would come back to bite the ruling classes and the state. It could severely harm Pakistan’s relationship with Iran and incite protest by the masses. The indecisiveness of the ruling elite exposes their fear and cowardice. Currently, the Pakistani State is quite different to what it was in the 1970s or 1980s. It is now at war with itself. A cruel operation is being carried out in Baluchistan on a vast scale in which hundreds of Baluchi militants have been killed and their mutilated bodies thrown in streets. Helicopter gunships are used to annihilate whole villages and towns in which women and children are mercilessly killed.

A so called operation against the Taliban is also being carried out in tribal regions along the Afghan border. In this fake operation, many ordinary Pashtoons are killed on the pretext of killing Taliban while real terrorists are protected by the State and its army. In Karachi, the Army is also involved in a mutually destructive conflict between the neo-fascist MQM, and Taliban terrorists and other reactionary forces.

On the eastern border, skirmishes with the Indian army are a regular occurrence. Continuous attempts are made to smuggle terrorists into Indian held Kashmir and other parts of India. The ruling class on both sides never wants to give anything up. They whip up hatred against each other in order to continue their oppressive rule at home and to justify the buildup of expensive nuclear arsenals at the expense of endless poverty and misery.

Suicide bombs, lynching by mobs and other terrorist activities in which the warring factions of the Pakistani state is involved have become a normality. The Pakistani State always relies on sectarian hatred to continue its oppression of the working masses. Saudi and Iranian Riyals for clerics and terrorist outfits are considered as donations from holy lands by the ruling class. This sectarian hatred found fertile ground amongst some layers of the middle-class in the 1980s after the defeat of the revolution. The Neo-fascist MQM in Karachi was also built in those times to divide the proletarians of Karachi on communal lines. But now, it is becoming increasingly difficult for reactionary outfits to appeal to these layers and find mass following. All attempts to organize mass marches by religious alliances, supported by secret agencies and the bourgeois media, end up as a gathering of a few hundred people. Most of these people are paid to attend or are promised benefits and perks.

The state, the army and the various secret agencies are all in a state of crisis, and the different factions within them are in open war with each other. The army has its hands in everything from real estate development to the drug trade. The distribution of heroin and other drugs from Afghanistan’s opium fields to the Arabian Sea and from there to parts of Europe and Africa is making an estimated 100 billion dollars per year. This is the main source of income for many in the ruling circles including Parliamentarians, Generals, Judges and top bureaucrats.

All of this leads to is more bloodletting as the warring factions of the state clash. At the same time, sectarianism is destabilising the army itself. If Pakistan is thrown into the Yemeni conflict this problem will get worse. A sectarian conflict can have a devastating effect on the already decaying and demoralised army. It could lead to the destabilisation of the state itself.

Pakistani society is at an impasse. Unemployment exists on a massive scale. Street crimes, prostitution, drug addiction and general decay is on the rise. All of this provides breeding ground for reactionary and terrorist outfits. Although reactionary state sponsored groups have not been able to gain mass support, lynch mobs killing people on religious grounds are normal occurrences. A conflict in Yemen could lead to further disintegration and chaos.

Class struggle

However, the Pakistani working class has a long history of struggle. Pakistani workers also have a strong bond to Yemeni workers and workers in other gulf states. However much the ruling class tries to divide the working class, class solidarity will always emerge eventually.

In the past, Baluchi student leaders defied the attempts by the Pakistani state to send Baluchis to Oman and Bahrain as mercenaries. Those student leaders had to pay for this with their lives. The reactionary acts of ruling classes of the Middle East and Pakistan can lead to a revolutionary response from the working class and revolutionary youth. Class solidarity is the only way out of this mayhem.

From the shores of the Mediterranean to the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East is descending into bloody chaos and barbarism. This is the only outcome under capitalism. However, the Arab revolution proved that once the masses move all the reactionaries can be easily swept aside. Without the overthrow of the reactionary regimes, from the Israeli Zionists to the Saudi despotic monarchy, and from the Mullahcracy in Iran to the rotten Pakistani ruling elite, no way out is possible. Without a socialist revolution, the crisis in the middle east will not be resolved. Such is the intensity of the capitalist crisis that a revolutionary transformation in any one country can, and must, quickly spread throughout the entire region.

What Was The True Mission In Iraq, To Create Chaos Or To Contain It?

Accusations Emerge That the U.S. Is Aiding ISIS – The Latest “Conspiracy Theory” Circulating in Iraq

liberty blitzkreig

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.31.35 AM

My belief is, we will, in fact be greeted as liberators.

– Dick Cheney on NBC’s Meet the Press, March 16, 2003

But that enmity for the United States circulates beyond the militias that once fought U.S. soldiers, surfacing also in parliamentary debates and Iraqi media reports and even at the highest ranks of the national armed forces that the United States is aiding.

“Everybody knows that the Americans are dropping supplies to Daesh,” said Brig. Gen. Abed al-Maliki, a senior Iraqi army commander based in the city of Samarra, about 80 miles north of Baghdad, using another term for the Islamic State.

What’s more, he said, during some of the fiercest fighting around Samarra last year, U.S. Special Operations forces dropped behind enemy lines to assist Islamic State militants.

“They came in with parachutes, and they were helping to bomb the city,” he said.

U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State, he contended, are probably just a cover for efforts to support the group.

“It’s just a show,” he said, sitting in the city’s army command headquarters. “If the Americans want to finish something, they will finish it. If they wanted to liberate Iraq, they could.”

– From the Washington Post article, In Fight for Tikrit, U.S. Finds Enemies on Both Sides of the Battle Lines, March 27, 2015

How do you know your foreign policy is a complete and total destructive nightmare? When the country you supposedly “liberated” not only turns into a horrific war zone, but all sides fighting accuse you of helping the enemy. This seems to be precisely what is happening in Iraq at the moment.

Just last week, I was shocked to read in the Wall Street Journal that the U.S. military was preparing to coordinate action against ISIS in Tikrit, alongside Iranian backed militias. I highlighted this in the post, Can’t Make This Up – U.S. Providing Aid in Fight Against ISIS in Iraq Alongside Iranian Troops. Here’s the key excerpt:

The U.S. has started providing Iraq with aerial intelligence in the stalled battle to oust Islamic State from Tikrit, drawing the American military into closer coordination with Iranian-backed militias spearheading the offensive. 

Military officials said they aren’t working directly with Iran. But the intelligence will be used to help some 20,000 Iranian-backed Shiite militia fighters who make up the bulk of the force that has been struggling for weeks to retake the strategic city.

Incredibly, only a few days later, we learn from the Washington Post that one of the most popular “conspiracy theories” circulating in Iraq at the moment is that the U.S. is directly supplying and aiding ISIS in Iraq. Significantly, these accusations aren’t just emerging from random corners of the internet, but from senior military figures within the Iraqi army. Can’t make this up indeed.

From the Washington Post:

 As American forces open another front of battle in Iraq, they find themselves on the same side as an array of armed groups that not only consider the United States an enemy but also accuse it of actively supporting Islamic State militants.

Since the U.S.-led coalition planes launched their first airstrikes in the Islamic State-held city of Tikrit on Wednesday night, threats and accusations from ­Shiite militias who were leading the battle there have grown. Several of the Iranian-backed groups accused coalition aircraft of bombing a headquarters for pro-government fighters in the city on Friday, promising retribution.

The claim was the latest in a long string of accusations leveled at the United States since its first airstrikes against the Islamic State in August. Rumors of coalition planes dropping weapons supplies to Islamic State militants and attacking pro-government fighters are now widely held beliefs in a country where conspiracy theories are rife.

But that enmity for the United States circulates beyond the militias that once fought U.S. soldiers, surfacing also in parliamentary debates and Iraqi media reports and even at the highest ranks of the national armed forces that the United States is aiding.

“Everybody knows that the Americans are dropping supplies to Daesh,” said Brig. Gen. Abed al-Maliki, a senior Iraqi army commander based in the city of Samarra, about 80 miles north of Baghdad, using another term for the Islamic State. 

What’s more, he said, during some of the fiercest fighting around Samarra last year, U.S. Special Operations forces dropped behind enemy lines to assist Islamic State militants.

“They came in with parachutes, and they were helping to bomb the city,” he said.

U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State, he contended, are probably just a cover for efforts to support the group.

“It’s just a show,” he said, sitting in the city’s army command headquarters. “If the Americans want to finish something, they will finish it. If they wanted to liberate Iraq, they could.”

When such accusations appear in the Iraqi media, they are normally accompanied by an image from an Islamic State video from Kobane in Syria last year, showing the militants displaying a load of weapons accidently dropped from a U.S. plane — an incident the United States acknowledged.

Whoops, sorry, our mistake! At this point, who doesn’t have access to hundreds of millions of U.S. weaponry?

Visiting U.S. officials are left to fend off questions about whether they support the group. The topic was the first to be broached in questions when Gen. John Allen, special envoy for the coalition to counter the Islamic State, met with Iraqi journalists in January.

The theories are stoked by U.S. involvement in the wider region, where Sunni states such as Saudi Arabia are battling for influence against Shiite Iran. While the United States has backed the same side as Saudi Arabia in conflicts in Syria and Yemen, in Iraq it finds itself on the other side of the battle.

A wildly popular trailer for an Iraqi TV program launched last year that mocked the Islamic State played off that speculation. It showed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi hatching out of an egg after a marriage between characters representing Israel and America.

If this is how Iraqis greet their liberators, I don’t want to be invited to the party they throw for enemies.

Seriously though, it doesn’t even matter if these accusations are true or not. What matter is that Iraq is a total disaster zone, and everyone suffering from the chaos knows full well the U.S. government is responsible. Over the past decade, the clowns running American foreign policy have gone from promising the world that the Iraqis would greet U.S. soldiers as liberators, to all sides accusing the USA of aiding the enemy; whether that enemy be the Iraqi army, Iranian backed militias, or ISIS.

This is not a recipe for success. Unless of course, success is determined by the ability to create as much chaos and death overseas as possible via a divide and conquer strategy in which all combatants attempt to slay each other using weapons purchased from American defense companies. In that case, the Iraq war can be defined as a resounding success.

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